Monday, October 1, 2012

Open Forum....

So I've been slowly making some updates around here....toying with the idea of a real life blog design when, a few days ago, I clicked on my FAQ page.

And to my horror, saw this as the header photo:

....someone put the unleashed 14 year old back in her pin.

Why Ashley..why?!

After seeing this, I immediately disabled the page back into draft mode. 

So clearly...CLEEEAAARRLLLY..this page needs an overhaul. Complete with new questions and no giant lips in your face. 

But I want this page to truly be a FAQ..Frequently asked questions.not just things I feel you should know about me. Because let's be twice-a-day chocolate milk habit and Jessica Simpson infatuation is not exactly what I'd call gripping material. 

So open forum.ask anything...
tell me what you did this weekend!



Katie said...

I'll think of a question and come back - it's too early for that! :) Hope you had a good weekend! We had a mostly home weekend and it was great!

Ericka said...

Any tips for someone who wants to start running? I really want to get back in shape and start running...

Rissy said...

Favorite work out you've done thus far.... ??

Oh and do you still love J Simps even though she is no longer a umm picture of health? lol

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Hahaha Ashley, you really make me laugh! This pic is hysterical!! :)

I have a few questions:
Where do you stay?
Who do you live with?
Did you go to university, and where?
What do you currently do now?
Why did you start blogging?
What is the one thing you know about South Africa?

Heidi said...

Your hair rocks. How do you make it look so awesome....

is that an acceptable question? because it's true.

Life's Tails said...

I need tips on running and shin splints (sp). I use to run alot and got out of it and so badly want to start but everytime I do it hurts so bad I end up not following through ;(

Catie said...

This is hysterical! I would like to start running and need some suggestions on good running shoes to start out with.

Sara Louise said...

Ashley, I just have to say, I adore you. Seriously. You are awesome and make me smile with each of your posts.
I don't have a question right at this very moment, but as soon as I do, I'll give you a shout xo

meme-and-he said... do you balance blogging/work/exercise/social life?

Unknown said...

I would also like some tips on beginner running. So far alternating C25K app with spin classes. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated :)
Also more outfit pics (with tags of where to buy)

Whitney Alison said...

Ok...the pic is to die for. My daughter would kill to be a part of your twice a day chocolate milk club, and hmmm....I'm gonna have to think on a question...

Katie said...

Why are you so awesome?

No? That's too general?


how do you find motivation to run? Especially with a busy schedule...

Jess said...

When are you going to come visit me?

But seriously ... what is your normal beauty routine like (on a work day and on a weekend day, if they're different)?

What are your favorite beauty products?

Ashley said...

Hahh!!! I love it :-)

Ok...what is your biggest goal for the next 5 years?

My-cliffnotes said...

Ooh umm besides running what other excercise do you do!

Young and Fabulous said...

that pic is HAWTT!!! lucious lipppps!!

my questions!
whats a good plan for learning/teaching yourself how to run long distances?!

whats your fav cocktail!

can't wait to see the new FAQ page! i always say it like FACK when i say FAQ ahahah


choose to be happy blog said...

do you want to be real life friends? what are you going to be for halloween? what are your fav stores to shop at? how do you get your hair so straight so i can be like you? That's all for now

Katie said...

Ok I've thought up a whole series of random questions. Hopefully you are okay with random questions. Otherwise ignore me. Because that is how I spend my tuesday nights.

1. When is your birthday?
2. Favorite food?
3. Dream job?
4. Do you want children some day?
5. Favorite fashion designer?
6. What is your makeup routine?
7. Do you have any pen pals?
8. Did you ever play any sports while growing up?
9. Favorite tv show?
10. Will you please move to Indiana? muhahaha selfish reasons but I want awesome blogger friends to move here! It will never happen, I know. sadlittleface