Wednesday, October 3, 2012

If You Really Knew Me....

Better late to the party than never right? 
I know this post has been going around for awhile but, to be honest, it frightens me. It just feels like you should be divulging deep dark secrets and insecurities no? 

But here I am today..maybe not divulging anything deep, complex or mystifying. But joining in the fun.
 (Link your IYRKM me post in the comments section if you've done one! I love to read these!) 

Soooo.If you really knew me..

You'd know that despite growing up on the beach, I don't like deep water. I'm a total feet-dangler-life-vest-wearer on the boat. 

You'd know that I have a terrible scar on my left elbow from a three-legged race when I was 10. Always the athlete! 

You'd know that I'm a Christian and my relationship with Jesus is the most important one to me 

You'd know that I want three kids

You'd know that I already have all three of their names picked out (and my mom has alternative names she will call them already picked out) :)

You'd know that I love animals and have daily thoughts of stealing pets that are small enough to fit in my purse.

You'd know that I was homeschooled all 12 years before college (Necessary disclaimer: we never made our own soap or detergent, I don't have 10 siblings and I've only worn a jumper once....Ok maybe a whole summer  twice in my life..I did however rock the Topsy Tail for most of elementary school). 

You'd know that I am shy at first..and then not at all.

You'd know that I used to cry when I'd get a bad grade..which to me was anything less than an A. I know.I was "that kid" #sorrytoruinyourcurve 

You'd know that I think chocolate milk, a 7-mile run and the Price is Right from the Bob Barker days are some of the greatest things ever 

You'd know I'm very competitive.even though I've never played an organized sport. I'm practically a monster when it comes to board games 

You'd know that I don't like talking about myself..I will ask you 10 questions to every 1 you ask me (which makes this post a little ironic) 

You'd know that I've only had two relationships in my whole life. Essentially they were the exact opposites of each other but I'm so thankful for both. 

You'd know that I write people letters all the time that I never send..just because I want to tell them something in that moment..not because I'm lacking stamps 

You'd know that I smile in really awkward moments. Let me tell you..not the best quality to have when someone's telling you they got dumped. 

You'd know I'm a very private person (hence the reason this blog is 57% about Jessica Simpson and Miley Cyrus) 

You'd know I'm a terrible relaxer..but I wish I wasn't.  

You'd know that I'm rarely without a bangle or 12 on my wrist 

You'd know that I have a creepily good memory. 

You'd know that I believe in "love at first sight"...even if that's lame or "impossible" or silly..I still do 

You'd know that I have humongous teeth. Like I think these chompers belong on a pony somewhere. 

You would know that my family are my best friends...but I have some awesome BFF's too

So now you reallllllly know me! What don't I know about you?! 



Jenna said...

Love that you already have names picked out for your future children :) I (think) I want two kids and then maybe a third adopted child. I have one favorite girls name and one favorite boys name so far... Jurgen on the other hand, has different favorite names so we'll see what happens with that one ;)

I'm also shy at first and then not at all :)


Katie said...

love this post! I too have my kids names picked out and have for a long time! and I didn't know you were homeschooled! and your good day of chocolate milk, a long run and the old price is right sounds like a great day!

Ashley said...

Thats so funny that your mom already has the nicknames pick out of your future children :) I loved this post girlie! I share some of the same things as you too! :))

jayme said...

i have a creepily good memory too. it gets me in trouble a lot because people mistake my talents for stalkerish-qualities. xo

Erin said...

Loved this! I can relate on so many levels. Especially the competitive yet never played sports and the shy until you're not and the only two relationships thing. But thank you for clarifying about being homeschooled, totally would have judged you if you hadn't given us the background haha.

P!nky said...

Great post, I love all the new information you shared. I smile all the time too, smilings my favorite! ;)

Here's my post!

Erin said...

Ok- I feel like this might be the longest comment I've ever needed to leave ;) LOL

I love that you have your kids names picked out. I think we want 3, but I keep falling in love with names, so in order to use them all I might need to have like 5-6 kids ;)

I miss Bob Barker and PIR!!! He's the man!

Board games bring out the worst in me, haha. We LOVE game nights at our house and we are ALL so competitive, there have been some fights over the rules- not going to lie, lol!

I'm not good at relaxing either. Jared is always like, just relax for awhile and I don't last like 2 minutes of sitting on a couch!

I have the biggest teeth known to mankind. Someone teased me about my "chicklet" teeth one time, never gotten over it ;)


J and A said...

Loved reading this. You always have the best posts.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

Wow! I didn't know you were home schooled - that is so interesting! Did you enjoy it?

We are so alike...
I also had my boys and girls names picked out (and also want 3!)
I also believe in love at first sight (and it happened to me!)
I love chocolate milk

shannon said...

I also have a scar in my left eyebrow! We're eybrow scar buddies! Except mine is from my sister hitting me in the face with a softball (or perhaps my inability to catch said softball..there's always two sides to every story). That's why my eyebrow always looks like i f'ed up the plucking and I don't like playing sports with balls.

shannon v. said...

so I went through all the sign in stuff to leave my first comment on your blog, and now I look like totally anonymous creeper. i promie you know me and you don't have to worry about a random weirdo being obsessed with your eyebrow scar :)

Heidi said...

Loved getting to know you!

laura loves.. said...

i loved this post! and totally stole it - i credited you though :)

Angel said...

and this is why we're sisters. :)

love you! phone date soon!

Shannon said...

We have somuchincommon.

It's creepy.

And probably worst enemies when playing monopoly!

Sami said...

I had no idea you were homeschooled! Never would have guessed :)

Katie said...

The homeschool thing totally got me!! That is crazy! And no, your teeth are beautifulllll :)

Katie said...

Bob Barker is kind of one of my heros :) And homeschooled! Who knew?!

Elise said...

So many similarities here- three kids, names for them already, huge teeth (I got mine shaved down a little at the dentist last time haha), and super competitive. Oh, and a relationship with Jesus.

I did this post about a month or so ago. It was so fun!

Anonymous said...

love this post!! and I wish I had big chompers. I have little ones. :(

Sara Louise said...

I too am a terrible relaxer, total monster when it comes to playing board games (I'm normally forbidden by my family) and I know that the one and only Price is Right, is the Bob Barker Price is Right.
And there you go :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oooh so much in common that I didn't realize! Definitely the Jesus thing! Love that about you! And that you already have names picked out for your kids (me too! Since high school, haha!). And I love animals and was home schooled (so was my husband!). I definitely got upset about anything less than an A+ all through school. I definitely used to be terrible at relaxing, but my husband has taught me how to "just chill" sometimes. :) Loved learning more about you! :)

shay said...

Love this! You're too cute!

Megan said...

LOVE this!! I actually did a post like this yesterday! haha

Young and Fabulous said...


i am sooo a feet dangler with you in the deep ocean. i get so nervy!!

your description of homeschooling LOL i love it! you never made your own soap or wore a jumper haha youre so amaze

your 7 mile bob barker days sound awesome

i LOVE this stuff and learning more about you!!!

and no you do not have pony chompers!!! your smile is GAWGEOUS!


Jo said...

This is a really cute post. :)

My-cliffnotes said...

Love your list! We have a lot in common! Ie ginormous teeth

Alex said...

Right there with you on the bad grade thing. We should not be ashamed!

Katie said...

Ash, I adore this post. I want up to 4 kids(no more!) and I already have all names picked out plus a bit extra haha.

high five for homeschooled kids! Me and my sister were both homeschooled all our lives and trust me we know a lot of those kids who wore the jumpers and had the 10 siblings. But there are some normal ones too of course haha