Monday, August 20, 2012

What blogging is to you..

This summer I faced an interesting challenge when it came to blogging. I was challenged that I was obsessed with blogging. That it was my life. And that, on days, I was consumed by it.  

And to be honest at first (well after being totally offended), I brushed it off. I thought those were big words for such a tiny virtual space. But after a change of heart, I decided to really think about it..and think about what blogging was to me...

I considered not blogging anymore. 
I considered taking a few months off altogether. 
I considered  the reasons I spend time on this little site every week. 

And I would indeed go on without blogging. Life would be just fine without blogging. But.I decided, it would be less fun.

It's easy to sometimes get caught up in the numbers in that box to the left. Or to get overwhelmed in answering the emails that flood your inbox. 

But when I removed all that and thought about the WHY behind why I came down to the fact that I like to write..I've always liked to write. I'll occasionally come across little-girl-scribbled stories (well let's be honest.the handwriting hasn't gotten much better over the years)..or leaf through the pages of journals I've kept since I was a newly-minted 13-year-old. But most days every day..I'm just shocked that there are any of you that read the mostly nonsense I post here. 

So I'm thankful for the challenge. It taught me that If there's nothing to say one day, it doesn't have to be a rat-race to whip out a post at night. 
If there's life to be done, the blogging can wait until tomorrow.or maybe even tomorrow's tomorrow. 

But it also showed me that, while blogging isn't my life, it's a good part of it. It's a place where I've met fun girlfriends I otherwise would have never met and made great friendships. It's a place to be completely silly, sometimes thoughtful or put my pretend Carrie-Bradshaw hat on and expound on things like love, relationships and shoes. So thanks for reading my silliness! 

Why do you blog? 



Angel said...

i LOVE this post.
i don't love to write, but i love to have my blog as an escape from the world for when i'm stressed. i love reading other people's blogs and i love seeing the genuine care people have for each other.
love you and i hope you have the best week! :)

Katie said...

great post Ashley!! I started blogging just for my sister and sister in law and it is crazy how it can turn into so many other things! I've loved the relationships I've made through blogging, but also need to work on not putting so much energy/pressure on it.

Rach said...

I started blogging in high school to keep in touch with my friends while I was overseas. Then I just never really stopped, haha!

Chelsea said...

I feel this same way a lot and have really been trying to not let that blogging guilt get to me, ha. Like last night, I just didn't have the time to write a post for today. Not only that, but I just didn't *feel* like it. What's the point in just throwing something together because you feel like you *have* to? So, I loved this post :)

P!nky said...

Great great post.

Sometimes I get so caught up in blogging and I"m small time, that I wonder is it worth it?

But then I think about all the fun friends I've made and that's you Smashtastic!

Do you no matter what, but I'm glad you are staying around :)!


Shannon said...

Great post!!! I originally started blogging to document my thoughts and life. It turned into a place, or community, of great people that I look forward to reading about on a daily basis.

Blogging is a hobby. One that I totally adore. :)

jayme said...

touche my friend. i blog because i love it. and because i know i'll look back one day and love this virtual scrapbook i've created with the added extra bonus of making amazing friendships with awesome girls, err women?

but i'm certainly not afraid to take some time off when needed. and i definitely don't apologize for it. after all, i need to live my life to get my blogging material! :)

Erin said...

You go girl! I love to write, and even studied journalism in my undergrad years. However, I felt like I got away from writing for awhile and I was definitely missing that creative outlet. Like you said, even if it's just journaling a quick update about a weekend, or discussing a new movie, or just putting my heart out there.... it's a way to write! I have goals of publishing a book one day, and I personally think that every little bit of writing helps you develop at a writer! :)

Jenna said...

I'm glad you've decided to keep on blogging because the blogosphere wouldn't be the same without you :) And, I think blogging is a great passion so long as (like you said) you recogize that it isn't everything in life and as long as it continues to bring you joy :)


Unknown said...

I blog because it's my hobby! I don't do much else with my life.. lame I know but I needed something to do in such a small town! And I love connecting with people!

Sarah said...

This is one of the many reasons why I love you. You are so real and that's so important!! I totally get where you're coming from with feeling like it's taken over your life and just needing to take time off. I feel like sometimes we feel so pressured to always come up with new and exciting material that you finally just get burnt out. If you ever stopped blogging I would come down there and smack you! (kidding...I'll already be down there! ha) Your blog is seriously one of my favorites and even if you don't post daily I still love hearing what you have to say. So press on lady....and don't feel pressured. Just write what you want :) xo

Katy said...

I blog because it's a fun way to document my life with the hubs. I haven't been blogging for long, but I love looking back on all of the fun things that we have done together.

Nuha said...

ive had one of those moments lately. Do I want to give up blogging? No, definitely not. But am I definitely still trying to figure my way through this crazy (good!) world!

Katie said...

Such a great post, lady! I blog because it is the one way I am able to be myself. To say what I need to say and write and enjoy. I am not too good at getting out words in person because of really bad anxiety but I've found blogging to help me be better at that. And I absolutely adore all the wonderful ladies I've "met" through blogging. Sometimes I get caught up in the comments and the followers and all the craziness that comes with it but this is a nice reminder to go back to WHY I am blogging.

Katie Did What said...

EXACTLY. exactly exactly. it's a fun, creative outlet. somewhere to put my silly thoughts down for posterity. somewhere to share my photos, my ramblings, my life. i blog so that i don't forget. same reason i kept diaries all my life. it's just a grown-up diary, really.

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

amen, sister! that's just it! your blog is YOUR blog. and it's not hurting you or anyone else? and IT'S FREE! whose business is it to tell you that you're obsessed with your blog? i just posted the other day about why i blog, and a thank you to my readers, whether they show up in my "followers" box or not! good for you!! blog on!

Katie said...

Oh I love this! I started out blogging to keep in touch with friends from a mission trip, then just to journal for myself, then to keep myself doing creative things...and now just for fun. But its good to be a place where you don't feel obligated or tied to it all :)

Young and Fabulous said...

ashley I LOVE this. I truly believe that most, if not all bloggers begin a blog to fuel their passion of writing...and somewhere along the line, lose that passion.

YOU however, never ever ever lost your passion. I love everything you write and can tell you love what you write about too...and you are just a fantastic writer :-) Case in point in why you are clearly one of my fav bloggers

i love blogging for leading me t YOU! :-)

I blog for the same reasons as you; i love to excited to look back one day and see what I did...old photos...what i was doing a random day in March back in my 20s...stuff like that!

im so happy you decided to keep the blog! and even if you didn't, i have your number. MUAHAHA! hahaha but really, so happy i get to read your thoughts!

xoxo love you lovah

Tiffany said...

I'm so glad you decided to keep blogging....because I love your posts! :)

For me, I blog for a couple of reasons. First, I'm not good at expression emotions or feelings---not at all an emotional person. But I can write things that I would never be able to say or process otherwise. Second, I have lots of friends and family all over the country (and world!) and this is a great way for us to stay in touch. Finally, I think that in 20 years it will be completely awesome to look back at this time in my life!


Jessie said...

I love your laptop cover!!

Sara Louise said...

I have made real and true friends from blogging and have made friends with people that I haven't actually met (because yeah Ashley, I consider you my friend as in, "oh, you know my friend Ashley in the ATL"). It's been a huge savior to me and I can't imagine how I would have survived these last three years in France without it. Sometimes being an expat is lonely - even with a husband, and to be able to read about what all of my 'friends' are up to, and to share what I'm up to has made all of the difference :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

great post! i blog to get all my creative juices out but whenim feeling off I def do not blog. it just isnt the same & i dont want to not like it. so i only blog when i actually want too.

Peaches Burlap Sack said...

Hi Ashley - I ran across your blog while visiting another and enjoyed today's post. I personally haven't been doing this very long but like you I have mostly enjoyed getting to know others that share the same interests. I've been so inspired and motivated by some of the ladies. Not to mention a cool creative outlet. Great meeting you!

Ashley said...

I'm glad you're going to keep blogging! Your posts are so refreshing and different than anyone else's I read.

I blog because it's nice to look back on what's happened in my life, what I was thinking at one point...and eventually to keep my family and friends updated once I leave my hometown!