Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random things I feel you should know about today

My love for Taylor Swift runs deeeeeep.....and I may or may not definitely have already memorized every word of her new single that came out yesterday. It's a really great love ballad. ;)

I hate pasta....but I want to love it. It's cheap and I can actually cook it....but I think it tastes totally gross.

Recent revelation....surfing is sexy (Example provided below):

Neon is the best trend ever....we're talking right up there with scrunchy socks...layered of course
Neon trend inspiring

Miley Cyrus' new hair is gross.....I don't care if you DO like her....that hair is disgust!

I have had about 3 failed cooking attempts this month. Nothing blew up or happened that was blog-worthy but thank God I live in the PME (post-microwave-era)....or I think I'd be stoned for being "completely unmarry-able" or something

i don't know why...this cracks me up

I think they should make you work four years after high school and THEN go to college.....seriously, I would enjoy afternoon naps and a fully paid for meal plan way more than I did when I was 19.

I think air bags should automatically deploy when people fail to turn off their turn signal after 10 miles #areyoublind

And that's all.


Jamie said...

Oh my god. I just snorted imagining people's air bags deploying on the freeway put of no where.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I still LOVE Taylor Swift and LOVE her new single. I absolutely HATE Miley Cyrus's new haircut. It's gross. I don't know why she would do that. Her hair was way pretty long.

Unknown said...

You should try dreamfields pasta! Has a smooth texture. For some reason I find all other pasta gritty.

Agreed on Miley... so sad.

megan said...

Ha, the last one is definitely my fave. How do those people not hear that annoying noise of the blinker?!?!

Maggie said...

I used to borderline hate Taylor Swift and now I'm sure we could be best friends. looove the new song :)

And seriously, what's up with Miley Cyrus?

Ashley Slater said...

the last one made me LOL---- and the poem with microwave. awesome :) miss you-- I am coming to the A so lets talk about getting together! I am going to be down in Peachtree City and might not have a car so not sure if you could come down? If not we will work it out because I have to see you!

P!nky said...

HAHAH you are so funny! That microwave poem = amazeballs.

I miss college nap time so much.


Unknown said...

hehe! Love the microwave poem reminds me of the Office!

Shannon said...

Your distaste for pasta is a good thing for your body. I love pasta. My butt and thighs do too!

Surfing is hot, but I think you're on the wrong coast. ;)

Brooke said...

I LOVE these. Hilarious. I need more random posts in my life : )

Kaileigh said...

I wish I hated pasta! But I could eat it every meal if it wouldn't make me a chunky monkey.
I doubt there is one person on the planet that would disagree that Miley's hair is disgusting.

Jenna said...

Haha, I love that poem too! The last line totally makes it "Microwave" ha!

And I WISH I hated pasta... trust me, it's a blessing in disguise ;)


Anonymous said...

Love Taylor Swift and cannot wait for the album release! And I completely agree with you about working 4 years before you go to college. I would really appreciate the naps more now too :)What a fun post, thanks!

Erin said...

LOL, I freaking loooooove pasta. Like would eat it every single meal of the day if I could. However, hubby made me realize the importance of low-carbs and I neverrr eat it anymore. Sads ;)

Also- Miley's hair is awful. I'm all for CUTE short do's if someone wants to, but that looks like she cut it in her sleep with a nail file.

Katie said...

that last one made me laugh. I can't believe you hate pasta! this may be the first time i've disagreed with you on something - thankfully it's not important! and I completely agree with you about miley's hair!

Young and Fabulous said...

Ahhhh I AM OBSESSED with her new single :-) Video you singing it....sound good!?!

mileys hair really is atrocious. gag-worthy. i think shes pretty cute with her normal hair so she should go back to THAT!

COMPLETELY agree about the work/nap thing. When I have kids, everytime they fight me about napping, I'm gonna be like YOU JUST WAIT. You will WANT to nap at all hours of the day!


Fit With Flash said...

this post made me LOL. twice. nicely done, buddy. : )
love the poem too

jayme said...

dave rhymes like me.
but it's fun, as you see.
i love your posts & you,
and miley looks like a foo!
one more invite to atlanta and i may cave.

Ashley said...

I agree with almost everything here! Although I haven't heard T Swift's new single, and I LOVE pasta. I think I could eat it for every meal...if I wanted to be a carb filled whale. No thanks.

Miley's hair...ummm what was she thinking?? I loved her hair before! So sad.

shay said...

Miley's hair is DISGUST. no ifs ands or buts about it. that half shaved head look looks good on no one!

and that was the best poem. i just busted out laughing in my office and got some weird looks :P

meghan said...

I hate when people forget to turn off their blinker. It's such a pet peeve of mine. And I agree with you on having four years to work after high school then going to college. Not only would it give us nap time but it would also help us decide what we want to do. I hate mornings where the first thing I tell myself when I get up is that I will let myself take a nap later because I can tell it's going to be one of those kinds of days.

Alyssa said...

It took me yeeears before I could stomach pasta! I used to hate it but now I don't mind it so much.

Katie Did What said...

t. swift is my homegirl, i need to listen to her new song!!!

agreed on the whole enjoying college more now thing. if only.

miley looks awful. WHAT was she thinking?!

and how do you not like pasta?! you crazy, crazy girl.

Erin said...

I don't like the taste of pasta either! It's so boring. I thought I was the only one. I think air bags should deploy if you DON'T turn your turn signal on.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

ha! this one was fabulous list of random-nicity! (is that a word? if not, it should be!) my thoughts:

- i'm obsessed with taylor's new song. it's been on repeat all day.
- you know that i dig miley but i have to agree, not digging the hair and it might have tainted my love for her
- total agreement with the whole airbags and turn signal ordeal. dealt with that the whole way up to TN last week
- neon is da bomb diggity.

and not on your list, but i miss you and hope to your pretty face one day soon!

J and A said...

I love love Taylor with a capital L. And neon!! I hope it never leaves! I do not know what Miley was thinking. Awful.

Bre said...

I just posted about Tay-Tay yesterday! I totally downloaded her single as soon as it was availalbe :)

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

i go through phases with taylor swift ... that pic of her is gorgeous though! and miley? bless. her. HEART. wtf?

Cori H. said...

Taylor's new song made my day yesterday! Love it! So excited for her new CD to come out. Miley's hair.... there are no words! How can she possibly think that looks good?

Jessie said...

Couldn't agree more about the neon trend. Obsessed

Katie said...

Ugh, really. What was Miley thinking?!?!

Katie said...

How can you hate pasta?! It is my favorite thing in this whole world. No joke.

Sara Louise said...

The roses are red poem is hysterical!
And you don't like pasta... WHAT?! That's plain wrong. I think we need to further explore your pasta horizons. Is it the sauce? Because heavens knows, tomato sauce can get really boring.
And finally... I hate Miley's hair. Is she in the middle of a bi-polar attack or something?

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I feel like there has to be some "endangerment to other motorist" clause that should allow people who don't turn their blinker off to be ticketed.