Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Put a smile on it

I'm not really a self-help-book kinda girl.

However, I do try to stay aware to areas where I need to improve.

These past few weeks at work have been intense, nonstop and one big blur.

Which is ok....some weeks are.
But, I noticed that even though I was still working hard, I wasn't keeping a cheerful disposition
I wasn't as patient with family, friends or coworkers as I should have been

So today I will have more patience
I will put a smile on my face
And I will think about the things that make me happy.....even especially the small things...knowing that this time of insane just a season.  

Smiley Things:

Fishtail Braids599893_2979454343678_1228900576_n_large

Trips to the zoo

Full House Reruns
(we had great tv in the 90s!)

Donuts with Sprinkles
Donuts with sprinkles

Cowboy boots and Girly dresses 
(Can I just wear this outfit every day?!)
Pinned Image

What Makes You Smile?!

Winner of the Pea, Pod, Paper & Gifts Emily Maynard Ring Giveaway is: Kaylyn Cardwell!! 


Katie said...

I need to have that attitude more too! I'm going to the zoo on Saturday and am so excited! :) and I really want cowboy boots!!!

Nhart said...

I'm working on getting my happy back and I'm finally starting to my normal self and it feel AMAZING!!!! P.S. I love the cowboy boots and dresses too and am currently looking for a new pair

Ashley said...

i can def relate, ash. to the work getting to ya part. on the otherhand...i love me some self-help-books. many of the ones i've read have opened my eyes to looking at things in a different way.

anyhoo, now i'm craving some doughnuts! ughhhhh lol

i'm smiling because come friday i'll be down in nc for a week! can't wait to see my family and friends :) yay!!

have a great day!!

Brooke said...

I can so relate. But if I wore that dress with those cowboy boots, I'd be happier, I'd have to be: )

Rissy said...

ok when you get married, and I show up in glitter and cowboy boots, you can't be mad. You asked for it lol

I get SOOO short with people when I'm stressed out. It's awful! Even my thoughts are super negative. But I admire you for working so hard Ash. And I'm sure you are being way more pleasant than you think


Caroline Gant said...

full house. doesn't get better then that. :)

Shannon said...

You really need to stop posting pictures of donuts with sprinkles. It gets me EVERY TIME and then I go and get like a dozen of them and find myself next day a few pounds heavier with sprinkles crusted on my face and an empty donut box on the floor next to the scale.

(I may have been a tad dramatic there. But not by much!)

jayme said...

i'm a million different types of obsessed with that outfit. that dress? those boots? seriously, my day has changed.

have i mentioned i'm wearing my cowboy boots at the reception of our wedding? :) i'm cool like that.

My-cliffnotes said...

I love these!! And your braid!! Have a great Wednesday gorgeous!

Erin said...

Nothing beats TV of the 90s! :)

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I LOVED Full House! Oh man, that was great TV!

Erin said...

Oh man Full House was my favorite! That, Boy Meets World, and Rugrats. You couldn't move me from the couch unless you picked me up.

Katie said...

Seriously, the world would be a better place if 90's tv shows came back. Especially TGIF!!!

Hope today is full of smiles and less stress :)

Morgan said...

Hope things get better for you! I'm smiling now because I'm not cramping like I was the first half of the week, ha!

Young and Fabulous said...

ahhh your weeks have been a blur too?? ME TOO they wont slow down! i wanna soak up as much summer as i can before it flies away! hope the weeks are going slower for you boo bear!!

put a smiiiiile on ya face...make the world a better place! (is that a Vitamin C song!?!? haha)

i love full house reruns and fishtails and i decided i need cowboy boots


Kate said...

Aw so many things to smile about! Love the cowboy boots :) This week my smiles were from going to the farmers market then lunch with friends!

Sarah said...

Those donuts made my mouth water. Omg. I love that dress with the boots. Gorgggg!!! And hang in there chica!! In 3 weeks we will be reunited once again :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

um, yes to everything here - esp. donuts with sprinkles - yes, please. maybe we need to switch up our coffee date locale and make it dunkin donuts. whatdyasay?! ;)

Sara Louise said...

I've been making a conscience effort to smile more because I've realized that smiling actually boosts my mood and makes me happier :)
And today, waking up to a thunder storm is making me smile. It's a nice break from the searing sun that been beating down on us!

Megan said...

Full House is the best show ever!! And Saved by the Bell, of course! Haha!!

Katie said...

Oh man, Full House is kind of a guilty pleasure for me. And I wish I could do fishtail braids but it makes me utterly confused.

Megan Wait said...

Agreed, I'd totally also wear boots and girly dresses all day, especially if I had a bod like that

Michaela said...

Yay for full house. My favorite show when I was a little girl:)