Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mommy Blogger Guest Posting

So while I don’t have any mini munchies of my own….and things like stomach sleeping vs. back sleeping, glass or plastic bottles and the argument between the Bugaboo Camelon or the Bumblerride Indie stroller have very little meaning to me at this point in life, I happen to love perusing a few mommy blogs….One of them being Sitting In A Tree, one of my favorite reads for a long, long time. I’ve followed the author, Shannon, from her newlywed adventures through pregnancy and on through all nine months of baby Taylor’s life.

sitting in a tree.

So while she and the whole Sitting-in-a-Tree family are off vacationing at the beach, I’m taking over her blog for today talking about the Dos and Don’ts of Beach Style. Find me here (around 9:30 EST)….I just know you’ll love her blog too!


Jamie said...

In impressed that you know ANYTHING about a Bugaboo vs Bumbleride! (did you google?)

Angel said...

i'm loving the neon suits and sun dresses that can be dressed up or down for beach or dinner! i just can't get over your vocabulary and wording in this one haha. so funny.