Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Freakout

I don't know how in the world you girls are keeping up with blogging this summer. I've been taking a semi-break to soak up the laaaaast few droplets of summer.

But let's be real, I live in the south where it will still be blazin' hot for another two months and I think it's safe to say we have more than a few drops of summer left here. (And I love it.) However, as soon as August 1st rolls around, I feel like everyone goes into Full Fall Freakout..anything not cable knit or heavy wool goes on mega sale in the stores, the chalky signs at Starbucks transition from yellow dusty suns to orange viney drawings, the beach chair and towel section at the Target is replaced with rulers and trapper keepers and the pins on Pinterest make a sudden switch from breezy dresses to boot socks and "11 Ways to Wear a Scarf" pins. 

  ..But let's just sloooow it down. The leaves are still looking green to me and the mercury is still topping in the 100s and, as far as I'm concerned...we still have quite a few more weeks to enjoy things like.... 

Way too bright Perfectly on trend neon shorts ;)

Porch dinners
Dinner on the porch

Toes in the water
toes in the water

Pool Parties

Ice Cream

Baseball Games

......and maybe one last vacation

So while I confess I am the teensiest bit excited for Fall things..I'm hanging on to summer still (shocking I know)

How are you spending the last few weeks of summer?

Also, I am guest-posting over at Pinky's today..talking about my "List"...go check it out


Jess said...

I am ready for fall. You can keep your summer "down south" ... but PA is ready for fall ;)

Miss you!

Unknown said...

Ugh, Paris barely even had a summer! its only been nice the past two weeks! I'm not ready for fall!!! But the leaves are already falling...Paris just doesn't like summer time very much. haha enjoy!

Whit said...

Pool party this Sunday just for YOU! I promise not to rush into my favorite season until yours is officially over :) XO

Young and Fabulous said...

Ahh summer is SERIOUSLY leaving us soon :-( Makes me sad sad sad BUT...I feel like you guys get at least one more month of summer down there in GEOORGIA! Not fair! :-(

ok i actually need your advice. I just bought these pinkish neon skinnies. What the heck color goes on top!! I'm wondering if just black or white?! AHH must wear them before summer ends! haha and i suppose all during the fall to make me wish for summer again!

lets make a pact that this fall we will get together!

love u baby G!

Katie said...

i have a week and a half before school starts and then I feel like summer is over! which makes me feel depressed! I am ready for Fall but not for working! :)

Candice said...

I agree! (could be because I live in the south too but..) I'm happy that summer is sticking around for a little while longer..Fall will come soon enough, but for now I'm loving the warmth and the sunshine!

P.S. love your shorts! :)

Unknown said...

Completely agree! Why rush life!??!

Tiffany said...

Those coral shorts are adorable!!


Sarah said...

I kind of freaked out a bit about summer almost being over this morning. I didn't get to do most of the things on my summer list :( however, I'm not too worried about it because I have a good feeling that fall will be good to me ;)

Lindsay said...

I totally agree!! Although the idea of Fall makes me super excited, it's still months away for me.. so ya, I don't wanna see scarfs and boots in the stores!! It's a lil depressing. And I've been so good about my workout routine so I'm a lil worried come cold weather I'm gonna go into hibernation mode or something! ha.

Katie said...

Stop it. I am most definitely already living in Fall...though the drought and 100* keep reminding me its summer! Summer is usually my favorite, but this year has just been tooo long, hot, and heavy. Soak up summer for my while I move on to pumpkin bread and hot teas? K, thanks! :)

Katie Did What said...

THANK YOU. as far as i'm concerned, we've still got a good month and a half left of summer, and i'm planning on soaking up as much of those rays as humanly possible. more bbq's, more pool days, more saturday morning mimosas, you get the drift. more more more. plus, it's about to be 106 the next 3 days here, so all the stores can stop it already with their "back to school" nonsense.
also, love your shorts!! not too neon at all. no such thing.

Angel said...

YES, the stores always seem to do an automatic bipolar shelving switch once august hits. crazy to see all the school uniforms and disney lunchboxes everywhere.

and i went to folly today with kate and totally was wondering how a beach run would be....because as a fellow lowcountrian, i haven't ran on the beach either.

Little Tree Vintage said...

great pictures! enjoy your summer!

Janna Renee said...

This has pretty much been the lamest summer of my life, but I'm ok with it. Things just aren't the same with my hubby gone, so I'm laying low. Next year...it will be all fun, all the time!!

Carly Ann said...

I adore fall, but I feel like summer just started here! I haven't gone camping or floating the river yet... NOT OKAY!

jessica // union shore said...

as much as i love going to the beach, i don't know how much more of this heat i can take! it's killing me!! i'm sort of looking forward to the fall/winter this year, because i won't have to deal with the snow!!

Ashley said...

I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks of summer, but I have to admit...I'm ready for cooler weather!!!

Alex said...

I'm all about keeping summer around for as long as possible. Especially since because I JUST got a tan!

Sara Louise said...

I'm so happy that here in France, they don't consider summer starting until July, so even though it's already August, things are just beginning to warm up here (I don't mean the temps - it's been hot as hell since May - I mean the whole vacay vibe, and it's awesome!)