Monday, July 2, 2012

On Being a Sloth

For the most part, I like to seem like I have it together. Who doesn't right? I have "to-do" lists for home and one for work, all neatly printed out on excel sheets. I never have clutter anywhere in my house and if a food in my fridge is so much as a few days out from an expiration date, it's in the trash. 

But to be honest...lately, I just can't get it together. 

I have two major light bulbs out in my kitchen right now. I'm about to resort to just leaving the refrigerator door open permanently as a light source when I'm in there.  

I have had things such as "learn how to work the house alarm" on my to-do list for OVER a year. (However, if you are reading this, please don't plan on breaking into my place...I sleep with a mean can of expired mace and the Walmart-version of the Ginsu next to my bed). 

I have 19 days of unused vacation that I should probably figure out something to do with.

I needed my foundation re-matched for summer like 3 weeks ago. As a substitue I've just been layering on the bronzer over my geisha base. (Don't worry I'll be doing a vlog tutorial on how to achieve that perfect caked on makeup look.)

I can't remember the last time I had a dinner that didn't involve "1/2 a bagel" or "cereal" as its main course

And ya'll my suitcase from Vegas may or may not still be lingering in the living room.....Ok it's definitely in the living room. 

I could blame it on business because yes, work is busy but that is my normal. THAT I am used to. I'm just having one of those weeks months where I find myself slothing on the couch far more than I should.
FYI - this is a sloth. Isn't it cute?!

BUT.....that ends here!This week is about powering through. Shaking off that sluggish feeling and making some magic happen. And since I started writing this post, my apartment looks way less like Armageddon and more like a home again! 

Just keeping it real ya'll. How did you spend your weekends?!


Rorie said...

I went through this problem a little while ago, where everything can just hold off until a little later because i need to ressst, and then later never comes!!
The caked on makeup tutorial made me laugh though!!

Jenna said...

We all have weeks {and months} like this! It's totally ok to be a sloth every once in awhile, but I know the feeling of needing to snap out of it! Good luck bouncing back :)

ps 19 days is more than enough time for a trip to South Africa :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Definitely use up your vacation days!!

Courtney said...

Ugh I fall into that pattern too sometimes. Like you are too busy and too tired to do anything! You will get out of it though:)

Katie said...

first of all that sloth is kind of cute. did you ever see the kristen bell video with the sloth? so funny! secondly everyone has to go through seasons of life - one being taking a break from having it all together. let yourself take a break!!! (without feeling guilty!) and take those vacation days!! you're welcome to come visit me in chicago. ; )

Anonymous said...

It happens to the best of us! It's okay to take a break from the regular you :) I had starting projects and not finishing them, yet I looked around my apartment yesterday and have probably 4 unfinished projects. I'm just gonna roll with it ;)

NINETEEN! You have 19 unused vacation days?! Girl, I am so jealous that you have so many. You should totally enjoy planning a vacation of some kind... or even a staycation!

Unknown said...

Oh this stuff happens to me too all the time! But you know, I always figure if you are living in the moment it doesn't hurt ya! Now I got to go do some overdue laundry! ha!

Heidi said...

sometimes life just happens, and it's kind of nice to let it happen and then be able to get it all back together.

i would eat cereal for dinner all the time if my husband would let me. jealous.

and i agree... matching your summer foundation. blah. i hate it. it should be on my to-do list but who has time for that!

Jenny said...

I've been feeling the exact same way. I blame it on the heat :)
Use up those vacation days and take yourself a vacation, that way you don't have to feel bad about lounging around!

Shannon said...


I'm back to counting calories today. I let myself go a few weeks back and found the scale up TWO pounds from last week.

Time to take life by the butt and spank a sexy food calorie counting way!

jayme said...


Whitney Alison said...

19 DAYS?!?!?! Girl give me some!
I spend my weekend without power (its still off) and then fleeing to my mothers. The whole time I was at my mother's I was looking at her nicely organized home and thinking if her power was off she'd have no trouble packing a bag to leave. I always say I'll do stuff tomorrow. So when the powers back on, I'm going through my apt, one room at a time, and I WILL establish order. But there is nothing wrong with cereal for dinner babe. Nothing at all.

Sarah said...

Haha I'll come help you figure out an alarm system....or you could just borrow Toby. He growls when he hears the door open so you know, good watch dog ;) And 19 vacation days?! Jealoussss. I'll help you plan something so I can live vicariously through you :)

arianapia said...

do you ever feel like you have all this vacation but you can't get away because you have so much to do at work?

hate that feeling! I have about just as much vacation time as you and I feel like I can't take it when I want because we are seasonal! ugh!!

plan yourself something nice and get away with some girlfriends. or just visit a bunch of bloggy friends. we are fun :)

Erin said...

Uhh, I have 2 major lightbulbs out in our kitchen too hahah! They are a weird size and I keep meaning to see what type I need and never do. Whoops ;)

And 19 days woman?! You better get on that!!! If for any reason you can transfer those to people at other places of employment... say, me?! I'll gladly add them to my vacay days! I've got a measly 2.5 left, loL!!

Ashley Slater said...

If I had to respond to your post in only two words it would be these: Hallelujah, Hollaback. Okay, maybe that is three but the point is, I have lots of days like that, and its okay :) love you ash, thanks for making me laugh this morning!

Whitney said...

girl, i hear ya! i spent 44 or 48 hours in bed this weekend. and dont worry, i wasnt sick! just being lazy. i havent done laundry in WEEKS and my diet consists of pepperjack cheez its and diet coke. literally, thats all i consumed this weekend.

Catie said...

That sloth is too cute! I agree that the heat lately makes doing nothing appealing. And yayyyy for vacation time! :-)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Unfortunately for me, my weekends involve work. I'd kill for paid vacation days!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

what needs to happen is you take some vacation and come have coffee with me here! ;)

p.s. speaking of sloths...i always think of the kristen bell video on ellen. please tell me you've seen that one!

Angel said...

we can solve this vacay issue quite easily!! and it takes me FOREVER to unpack from a trip, too. the only reason my ukraine stuff is out of the suitcase is because i needed it for virginia.

Lacey in the City said...

I was suffering from slothiness too, and I kicked my butt into gear this weekend and cleaned like a madwoman. It felt SO MUCH BETTER waking up this morning having a neat and tidy home again.

Britt said...

You really have 19 days?! That is quite impressive! If you don't want to plan a big trip it is amazing how refreshed you can feel from a long weekend. Sometimes I will use sick time when my boss is traveling to run errands. It is so much easier during the week. Don't tell him that though;)

My-cliffnotes said...

Sloths are soo cute.

Um 19 days eh, come to Oregon. It's gorg here.


Alyssa said...

We aaall have those moments! Some days it's nice to just "be" and then it's always nice to get back into an organized routine again.

Clara Turbay said...

love the last pic!

Lauren // Pink on the Cheek said...

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Keep spreading the word on facebook and twitter, I really appreciate!
Thank you so much for the love & support!!

Brianna said...

I have been feeling the.same.way. TWO Space bags full of my winter clothes? Maybe have been sitting in the middle of my room for the past month. ahem.
and 19 vacation days?!?! I'm so jealous I could die. I get ZERO. You BEST use them girl or I'm coming to ATL and STEALING them! ;)

Sara Louise said...

Last week was my sloth week. Sometimes I just embrace the feeling for a couple of days because I know that I'll get sick of myself and wake up one morning full of energy and raring to go! :)

NaNa said...

It's really hard to get motivated to clean the house, but it's good that you were able to pull yourself together and get it done. It must have been a great feeling afterwards! ^_^

Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

Young and Fabulous said...

BEHIND on blogging. so behind! here I am :-)

i love that you are so organized because I am as well! it totally helps. and i have to agree...lately I've been feeling slothy...not wanting to clean, do dishes (PSH i never do that anyway) but ya know!?!? must be SUMMER!!

19 days of vaca! girrrrrl come visit me!

weeks like this are FINE!! everyone has them!! :-)

love u boo!

Unknown said...

I have a small-- okay big obsession with sloths!! I think they are adorable and I love how they smile! Better yet, I'm responding to your sloth picture over everything else. haha
And I feel you, I feel like I'm in a funk and I can't get out of it. And seriously-- that much vaca is a blessing--use it, enjoy it!