Thursday, June 28, 2012


Though every season has it's lure...

Take fall for instance fall..with its sticky candy apples, pumpkin carving into various faces, animals or school mascots and Thanksgiving feasts.

Or Winter with the crisp air cutting through your scarf while picking out a Christmas tree. The excitement of seeing family. The warm fuzzies that hot chocolate and the old-school version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas brings.

I can't help but have a FULL BLOWN crush on summer. Even with the temperatures tipping thermometers over the 100 line and the humidity here in the south that can take your breath away some days, it's still my favorite. 

It's a season that seems full of possibility. 

Summer Love


Outdoor concerts
Outdoor concert

Short skirts and shorter shorts 
shorts shorts summer

The glorious feeling of the sun beating down on your skin  
Sun on skin

Toes in the sand
toes in the sand

Barbecue party

Coral, turquoise and a rainbow of bright colors

Baseball Games

Gingered Beet Smoothi

We're officially 9 days into summer with 87 more to go. And I plan on relishing in every single one. What's your favorite thing about summer?


Jenna said...

Oooh this makes me crave summer! We are in the dead of winter in SA {our seasons are opposite since were in the southern hemisphere}, the other day I walked out to find my car completely iced over! Short skirts, sand, and sun seem like a thing of the distant past :/


Anonymous said...

This whole post gave me a warm feeling! Even though the south DOES have horrid heat and humidity during the summer, everything you listed overrides it! You also get to have umbrella in your drinks! What's better than that?!

Ginger said...


meghan said...

I agree with Ginger. My favorite is being out of school for summer. I just become so lazy, though. I need to get my butt in gear...

Angel said...

these make me beyond happy! love, love pictures like these.

i love smoothies and cooling down by the pool. i'd have to say my favorite
"summer activity" is probably going on the river.. i love going on the boat!

Katie said...

i'm so glad we have the seasons! otherwise I don't think we'd look forward to them very much! I love summer! but those glimpses of fall make me excited too!!

Shannon said...

I swear you find the most beautiful pictures.

Cheers to summer!

Whitney Alison said...

Summer is AWESOME. It does seem full of endless possibilities...aaaaand Boomer's birthday....aaaand mine. Woot! Yay for summer!

arianapia said...

summer is my one true love! what's not to enjoy about it? i can't think of one thing!

i always feel 100% myself in the summer.

let's soak up the rays while we can!

Erin said...

I meannnn- everything you said was my favorite ;) I love the feeling of sun on your face at a baseball game with a cold drink in hand!!!

Come take a vacay to Ohio !!!

Sarah said...

And here I was getting all sad cause it's almost July 4th. This post made me so happy and reminded me of all the fun things I still have left to do! Oh, and we can add to the list MOVING! Ha, cause I will be making that happen by labor day :)

Anonymous said...

ive always said summer is my FAV! everyone thinks i am cray cray bc its so hot here in the A. whatever, i love it for all the reasons you listed, plus july 4th!! something about watching fireworks.. and besides, everyone looks better with a tan!

megan said...

Ahhhh I love summer! Vacations, boating and margaritas are my fave thing about it!

Ashley said...

This is such a perfect post - I'm about to take my summer holidays and this sums it up perfectly, with great pictures! I'm definitely stealing this post idea ;-)

My favorite thing about summer - a night at the racetrack followed by a bonfire. Perfection.

Unknown said...

Oh, I loved everything you said about summer sista :) Soak it up!

Giovanna said...

Cute post! Definitely planning on relishing in the days of summer as well!


Britt said...

Summer in the south is magical, humidity and all!

Lindsay said...

Summer is the best! So many things to do and places to visit! My favorite is beach vacations of course! :)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ahhh I want to live in ever single one of these pictures!

Kasey said...

I LOVE all of these pics, I adore summer but I love when winter/Christmas time rolls around too :)) I think we all just love when the seasons start to change. Great blog :D please check mine out some time!

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the feeling of the sand in my toes and the sun rays on my skin :) Summer definately has its perks

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

so you got me all excited talking about Fall..its my favorite time of the year then i got excited about all the summer pics haha! good selection!


Ashley said...

love love love this post. I love the pool and love wearing flip flops!! :)))

Sara Louise said...

As much as I love the festive feel of Christmas, summer is where it's at! I love being bare legged and outdoors on those long summer nights :)