Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Essentials: West Coast

SO excited to have Adventures of Newlyweds Ashley here today sharing her favorite Summer Essentials - West Coast Edition!

Ash and I are basically twins
Well most obviously.....her name is Ashley and so is mine
She loves to run and do yoga and I love to sweat it out in the same ways
She loves Jesus and so do I
I live in Atlanta and she used to live in Atlanta
I have  a six pack of red bull in my fridge and Ash has a six pack on her body 
She has a hot husband and I plan on having a hot husband
She has the cutest dog Bella and I want to steal every blonde purse-size dog I see

Ok the similarities have to stop somewhere right? 

Regardless,  this girl's got it going on and seriously has the coolest adventures ever. She moves every 13 weeks - yes you read that right which translates into one of the most exciting blogs ever. I doubt there is one of you that isn't following her already but if you aren't, Go now...Well first read her summer Essentials ....and then go

1. Clinique Sunscreen is my number one summer essential!  I love the bronze look as much as anyone but I don't love skin cancer and wrinkles, so I opt for a faux glow! 
Clinique Sun SPF 50 Face Cream

2. These sweet little flats from Croc.  I know, I know... Crocs are gross but I can't help it. I am in love with them.  A love the leather on them.  I will pair them with skinnies and a vintage tee to channel my inner punk rocker. 

3. Vintage Style Swimwear : As much as I love a sexy VS swimsuit I am loving the adorable vintage swimwear trend.  I have my eye on this bathing suit, and I think I will be ordering one of these this summer!  

4. Greek Frozen Yogurt --after putting in all that work to get in beach body shape I don't want to undo it all in one fell (icecream) scoop. Pun. Intended. I will be reaching for Ben & Jerry's greek frozen yogurts to curb my cravings and keep my waistline in check. 
Greek Yogurt!

5. My last summer essential is something that you don't need money to buy... it is ADVENTURE!  My husband and I try to do new things as much as possible.  Life is short, and it is so full of beauty.  So this summer we are going for a hot air balloon ride, going on hikes, exploring northern California and I am flying to seattle for a road trip with a girlfriend!  Adventure can mean trying a new food, workout or nail polish color.  Just go with it, make some memories and expand your horizons!  I don't care if I sound like an episode of Mr. Rogers-- its true so get off your bum and do something! 



Confession - I totally bought that Ben & Jerry's after reading I just need someone to hold my hand and   a magical hot air balloon and I'll be set for a West Coast summer!

Thanks for sharing your summer picks with us Ash!! If you missed the past few days, here are links:

Join us tomorrow for the Grand Finale of our series!!


Jenna said...

I love Ashley (both of them!) - she's such a sweetie and definitely does lead an exciting life. Love her summer essentials... hot air balloon ride, yes please!


Bethany Scruggs said...

"she has a hott husband and I plan on having a hott husband!" Bahaha!! This one rocked! I love vintage swimwear and B&J!! :)

Katie said...

never tried that ice cream - i need to!!

FourJedis said...

I need to find some friends named "Ashley." They all seem to be fun. Great share! I like her style (therefore yours). Very funny comparison of your similarities!

Shannon said...

Since I'm a new mommy, I couldn't be more pleased that vintage swimwear is in right now. No one needs to see this belly this summer. :)

Ashley Slater said...

um yes we pretty much ARE twins :) haha love you! and I hate nuggets of all kinds. Just had to say that too! gosh, aren't nuggets the worst? all fried and tiny and bitter? :)

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

hahahaha "she has a hot husband and i PLAN on having a hot husband."

Ashley said...

Excuse me while I run out and buy Ben & Jerry's! Great post!

Lindsay said...

I love your idea of sharing different summer essentials based on their region. What fun posts!

J and A said...

Love these!! I need to find that greek yogurt ice cream stat!!

Sienna said...

ben & jerrys greek yogurt--LOVE

Hilary said...

Those drinks look ridic - yum.