Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Essentials - Southeast

She's the queen of birthdays and even half birthdays, she's my REAL LIFE Friend, she's girlfriend of stone, she's my fellow Atlanta-ite....

and she's here today to share why southern summers are the best. (I get all tingly just reading this)

and in case you were wondering....yes, it's true. Chelsea does survive solely off sunshine, sprinkles and puppy-dog kisses. 

Love her! And so will you! 

hi! i'm Chelsea from Choose to be Happy
sweet Ashley's bloggie friend, turned real lifey friend, turned call me maybe dream team friend
i am quite deeelighted to share with yall some of my summer favorites because really, 
i'm a summer girl to my core, it warms my soul right up. my favorite summer activity: traveling to my family's beach house in manomet, ma i've spent summers on this beach since i was a little girl  its special place and really sparkles in the summer and plus, once i'm there, i get to indulge in many more summer favorites likeee: soaking up vitamin d, reading by the water, porch meals, outside showers,  driving with the windows down... it makes life quite beautiful
and so!  in order to keep summer Chelsea happy,
the top five summer essentials that i'm currently loving super amounts are....
yay for southern summers!
and wearing white guilt free [coooome on memorial day]
thanks so much for having me ash!

You all want to come visit us now right?! That's what I thought. Swear-sies we'll have so much fun!

If you missed the past two days, check them here:

And tomorrow we travel to the sunny West Coast for more summer Must-Haves!


Katie said...

love these posts!! it makes me think the next few weeks until summer break are going to go TOOOO slow!!

Marian said...

Oh yeah, good book (beach) reads are essential for the summer!

FourJedis said...

I LOVE how wearing white is not a bad thing even when not in season! Can't wait to bring on whites. Her beach pictures look amazing. Love that she does summers with her family in the house. My bff spends summers (even as an adult) with her family in Shelter Island, NY and I'm hoping to get up there this year. Love the series!

Eloquent English said...

Love her! xoxo

danielle p. said...

loving your summer essentials :]

Sami said...

I need to invest in a friend/boyfriend who has one of these so called "beach houses" they look like so much fun! Colorado doesn't have any :)

Rissy said...

ooo I LOVE white clothing for summer!

and you guys got me... I am finally going to purchase 50 shades


Lindsay said...

This makes me long for a vacay asap!! And I'm in love with those wedges!

Angel said...

love this! especially since i totally know why these are essentials... southern summers are definitely the best!!

arianapia said...

that white dress is gorg! love this series

Tabitha Mahoney said...

I need a beach house too. And maybe the sun could relocate too. Just an idea


Young and Fabulous said...

loooove these choices chels!!! esp the white and summery scarves and wedges!! all perfectly going together!!

i want to experience a southern summa! SIPPIN SWEET TEAAA and chillin with you beautiful girlies!! I need a pair of cowboy boots

i just need to visit


love you both!


les jolies said...

all these pics are amazing.

From Paris with love!
Kristina recently posted... Mac Hey, Sailor!.

Brooke said...

I HAVE to have those wedges. I die.

Holly said...

A girl after my own heart. I can't live without light summer scarves! They are my go-to accessory all year long :)