Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Essentials - Northwest

Today we are traveling to a part of the country I've never been remotely close to. So I was so excited to see what those Northwestern-ers do all season.

I mean, it snows 10 months out of the year right?!

Here today to enlighten me us is Sabrina from Sabrina Says 
Sabrina sings, she dances, she's a fashionista, she's gorgeous, she's got jokes....she's basically amazingness all in one petite little package.

Get to know her....you will love her. Promise.  
I never know what to say in my introductions!! So I came up with a list of interesting facts about myself... I hope you find them.... well, interesting.

I have been on a Camel twice in my life. I HATE chocolate. My eyes change color. I like to rap when I do karaoke. I rarely get embarrased. I like to dance in public places. I have the most loyal friends. I have a BIG OL' FAT CRUSH on Channing Tatum. My left foot is a whole size larger. I have a massive shoe collection. I LOVE ASHLEY!!!

How about that.

Let's face it. Ashley is awesome. I talk to this girl every day. She is one of my go-to girls for ANYTHING. Advice, support, a good laugh... you name it! Plus she is absolutely beautiful. Bombshell.

I am loving this Summer Essential Series! And I am so thrilled to be apart of it! 
Okay, Let's get down to business!

My Favorite Summer Activity: Riding my bike! 

Lately I have been riding everywhere! To the lake, to work, to the grocery store, to bars.....
I just LOVE it!

My Top 5 Summer Essentials:

1. A Great Fitting Bathing Suit!
I swear.. it seems like every bathing suit is now PACKED with padding. I have always had a larger chest... and trust me.. I'm not trying to display the goods any more than they need to be!!


2. The Perfect Nail Color
Here are some of my favorites!


3. Pretty Bedding
When the nights get hot I dream about slipping into cool crisp sheets. This duvet cover is my most favorite purchase of summer. It's light, breathable and SUPER cute. Thanks Target! You always do me right.


4. Maxis and Minis
I am always torn between maxis and minis! Both are fun/flirty no matter what the occasion! Here are some of my faves from LuLus!


5. A Pop of Color
Summer time is the best time to go out with a bare face! Your skin already has a natural glow from the sun, but I always love to amp it up just a little bit more! Focus on one feature. I picked the eyes or the lips. Do something unexpected like turquoise liner or a bright coral lip! I promise you will turn heads!
For the Lips

For the Eyes

I tried out a mermaid look HERE

Thank you for reading Run With Me lovers!! I hope you enjoyed my summer essentials list all the way from the Northwest! Please feel free to stop by and check out my blog Sabrina Says.

I hope your summer is filled with laughter, cold drinks and plenty of adventure!!


Who knew the Northwest was so much fun?! I certainly didn't! Thanks Sabby-Fresh. You rock! 
If you missed Katie's SE List yesterday, click here

Stay tuned for more summer essentials and great bloggers tomorrow! 
XO, A 


Marian said...

Ah- bike riding is my favorite in the summer! I need to get a basket so I can hit up the grocery store...or liquor store...with my bicycle!

Shannon said...

Her mermaid eyes rock. I need to try that look.

Young and Fabulous said...

BABY LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!! omg I could eat baby lips

love that retro anthro bathing suit. Sabs would look adoooorable in that!

love this linky up ashley! but now its making me want to shop and makes me wish for summer right this SECOND


Chelsea Coleen said...

i LOVE sab and her bike. she is the cutest little ray of light! confession i always picture the nw super cold, i forget that it actually gets warm every once in a while. although my matra will forever be: say no to snow and yes to sun. gooooooo atl.

Katie said...

Love the bike Sabrina! so adorable and fun!! :) I have been hearing all about this baby lips stuff..think I need to purchase!

Erin said...

Come on it snows for 9.5 months not 10...I wish I was skilled enough to ride a pretty bike like hers.

Ashley Slater said...

love sabbys list!!!!!!!! so cute, gosh love you girls sooo much!!!!

Sami said...

Love this list too! Flip Flop Fantasy is currently on my nails and I am obsessed! Those swimmies are so adorable and I agree with her about the Duvet cover :)

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

lately my summer essential has been an umbrella.

have i complained about the rain yet? oh, i did yesterday?

too bad. i'm still mad about it.

Sienna said...

you look adorable on the bike

MandaJ said...

Obsessed with babylips!!
It's literally the smoothest lip balm I've ever tried....and I've tried a few!Eat Cake

Fash Boulevard said...

obsessed with this. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post for LaurenConrad.com. xo


Ashley said...

Sabrina is so cute. Her bike - I'm jealous!!!
Annd that Betsey Johnson bathing suit is just adorable.

Katie said...

There's Sabrina being her cute charming sassy self. I wish I had even just half the personality and charm that she does!