Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life Lately

Please will not notice "blog" on this list as I have totally abandoned this little chunk of internet for a few days.


Reality TV
Giuliana & Bill and The Bachelorette. Yes, the G&B obsession continues with the new season. And you guys....the bachelorette. I mean, are these guys for real? Luxury-brand-Kalon, the weirdo with the egg and the guy with six kids? I mean, I think the bachelorette is just pure proof that there are way more hotter girls in this world than spicy guys.

Honey O's
Best.cereal.ever. Unfortunately, this is going on my "not allowed to purchase" list because, after two boxes, in four days.....that is unacceptable portion control in the Krieger household. Dear Honey O's....maybe one day I'll know how to make your deliciousness last for more than a day, and you will be welcomed back into the house!

I am living and breathing for neon. I feel happier when my outfit contains some short of shocking color that will let you find me on the darkest night.
neon neon neon

The Beach
I wish this was part of my daily life. Seriously, if Atlanta had a beach, it would be nirvana. I had a one-day taste of the beach and I miss it sooooooo much! Pools and lakes just don't cut it for this girl. I would die in the ozarks, I'm quite certain.
Hilton Head Island

And.....tons of work I think goes without saying.

BUT I am getting caught up for real life this weekend you guys and will be back with some super exciting posts next week (and I'm not ruling tomorrow out yet either).

Happy Thursday! 


Jenna said...

Oh Honey Ohs, what I would give to dive into a box of them right now! Loving neon these days too... it's too much fun not to!


Angel said...

okay so i still haven't had the chance to ration out two hours of my day to watch the bachelorette because this weekend is craaaazy busy! but i'm hoping i will be able to before tuesday when episode two hits the internet! i can't wait!!
i'm really not a cereal person, but honey o's sound delicious for some reason......and the beach misses you too! we're beckoning together for a loonnnggg visit from ashley:)

Katie said...

i just watched the bachlorette - there are some crazies on there. And all I want to do is watch giulianna and bill but don't have cable!!! I would LOVE to live near a beach!

Ashley said...

ah, you and me both girl with the beach. I love it so much and need it in my life - Ohio is just not cutting it!!!

P!nky said...

Welcome back love, I've missed you!!!

Love neon and the beach!!!!


Sarah said...

When Emily said she feels like the luckiest girl in the world I just felt bad for her. Really? With that group they gave you? Ha, maybe it's just me but I would've been disappointed. But Ryan, the Georgia boy had my vote the second I saw him. Gaaaaah :)

I've never had Honey O's before but they sound good. ha 2 boxes in 4 days? get it girl! bahaha

Amber said...

I completely agree with you on the Bachelorette this season! Aaaand that neon blazer is adorable!!

Erin said...

I love that neon outfit! And feel the same way about Bachelorette...out of every man in America THESE are the best guys they could come up with?!

J and A said...

I totally agree on the first episode. And that neon outfit is amazing. I need to add more into my life. :) Maybe some Honey O's too.

Ashley said...

Multigrain Cheerios are on my do not buy list...they aren't eaten - they are inhaled!!

I think you need to post some pictures of your neon outfits, I'm loving this neon thing too lately!!

Faith said...

loving the neon!

i never could get into the Bachelor/ette ... there is so much hype around Emily so i have been curious but not enough to watch it. i'm sure i'll get all the updates in blog land :)

welcome back missy!

Rebecca said...

haha that egg guy !

Katie said...

Girl, I don't get it. I want to be like all the cool kids and like the Bachelor/ette, but I just can't get on that train. But G&B...omg. Big things happening for them :)

Hope your weekend is fabulous and filled with neon and beaches!!!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

DUDE. i love emily. love her.

Ashley said...

i miss living sooo close to the beach! :( i'm all about some neon and color blocking too right now!!

Alex said...

Honey O's is one of my faaaaaaaavorite cereals!! I have some in my pantry at all times :)

Sara Louise said...

I haven't watched the new Bachelor yet... I've been saving it for this afternoon and I can't wait! :)

Sara Louise said...

um, yeah, I meant the Bachelorette.