Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meeting Daydreams ....

So I was in an all-day meeting yesterday at work. Like ALL FREAKING DAY. And though we got a TON accomplished, when you're meeting for that long....sometimes your mind can some really random

-Why is it that I can make the best mental grocery list at work but when I walk into the store I can't remember a single thing I need? I may or may not be currently rationing 10 squares of toilet paper. 

-My lunch box came with chips and soda which I've decided is the equivalent to crack or cupcakes since I only have chips and soda when I go to my parents.....and they live 5 hours away.  

- I own possibly THE most uncomfortable pair of black heels EVER made. #blistersby10am #ouch

-I wonder what everyone would do if I just got up and started dancing on the table?

-I am so jealous of people that fit two-a-day workouts in when I can't even fit a one-a-day in #I'llbethewhiteblobbythepool 
Great blog for exercises, daily tips and motivation
yeah, yeah....I know slightly sweaty but perfectly fit pinterest girl. 

-Do not forget One Tree Hill Finale tonight. Do not forget One Tree Hill Finale tonight. Do not forget One Tree Hill Finale tonight. 

-I seriously hope my coworker isn't trying to copy any of my notes and notice my horrible boy hand-writing. It's bad guys...I really do. You can ask my "real-life" friends and they will definitely agree. 

-I really wish someone in this meeting had a British would make talking about incremental lift THAT.MUCH.BETTER. 

-I really need to make room to have a life so I have things to blog about....(clearly my priorities are right where they should be) :)

What are you guilty of daydreaming about at work?! 


Jess said...

Oh, I am SO guilty about daydreaming at work. Especially when my least favorite co-worker talks. I swear, when he talks, all I hear is "Whaaa waa whaa" (you know, the teacher from Peanuts).

So you're so right about British accents. When I was in the UK, I loved being in all of those meetings because everyone sounded so SEXY!

P!nky said...

I day dream ALL THE TIME! Ooops!

Been there with the TP...too funny! GET SOME TODAY!

I like what you blog about sweeteeepiiieeee!!!


Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I kept thinking about what I would do when I got home. I would start counting the hours lol

Shannon said...


(Yes, that needed to be in all caps.)

Whitney said...

yesterday i spent the majority of my work day planning out how i want to re-do my bedroom. and when i say planning i mean window shopping for comforters, pictures, flowers, mirrors, sheets, paint colors and new headboards via the internet. i obviously cant afford to do this right now, but it was fun none the less :)

Shauna said...

fun post!

Ashley said...

I'm guilty of plenty of online shopping at work...sometimes we have lots of downtime, so I shop away. Why not right? My boss is a shoe fanatic, so I figure it's justified.

I think you need to show us this boy hand-writing!

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

What a great idea for a post. I sit there and doodle all kinds of random shit and make faces at people near me trying to make them laugh so they look ridiculous. Last meeting we had, the convo at our table turned to 50 Shades of Gray.

Katie said...

Oh girl I know!! I'm struggling lately to get one workout in a day! I just can't get up early enough to work out before and after. AHH! You are tiny though so you have NO worries!!!

Alex said...

I day dream about really specific scenarios and then get really sad when I snap out of it and remember none of it is real. Usually Ryan Gosling or Rob Pattinson are involved.

Alyssa said...

I always daydream when I'm stuck somewhere too long. Like, class haha!

I am so with you on the workout thing. I've really been trying for two a days for my vacation this summer but some days, I can barely get one in. It's tough!

Britt said...

I am constantly daydreaming at work. It allows me to get through my day. I always wonder what people would think if I started dancing randomly. Would they think I'm on crack or funny?! Probably crack;)

Beth said...

the things are daydream about at work are mostly too inapropp for this comment section.

Sara Louise said...

The next time you're in a meeting, I think you should fake a British accent and be sure to tell us all about it after! :)