Friday, April 6, 2012

Blowing Candles. Making Wishes

Sometimes posts are easy to write.

and sometimes they're not so easy. 

Today is one of those not so easy days because.....

How do you write about your best friend and truly capture all her amazingness? 

Tomorrow is Shannon's birthday! 
And I've been thinking about this post for days now but never came up with the perfect way 
No perfect way to describe how gorgeous she is or funny. 
Or how she's among the most giving people I know.
How she defends what is right.....always. 
How she has a heart for autistic children or
how I'm 9,000 shades jealous she can eat like a sumo wrestler and still remain a tiny tot (unfair gene distribution mom!!!)

or how truly thankful I am for her!
I hope all your birthday dreams come true 
Happy Birthday Mooks! 


we are gonna have an AMAZEBALLS time celebrating in ATL this weekend!!!

In other news....Shannon has become a pageant mom and I've become a pageant aunt....SOOO would you "like" my little muffin's pic on the Effingham Animal Hospital Page? 
O'malley says please, thank you, and Happy Friday




FourJedis said...

So sweet! Did you tear up writing this post? Makes me tear up reading it. Love that you and your sis are best friends. What a great bond. Your parents kick ass at creating gorgeous gals!

P!nky said...

AWWWW happy happy birthday to your sissy! That is soo soo sweet!!!

I got bad gene distribution too, drat!

Hope yall have a fabulous day of celebrating!!!


Jenna said...

Happy Birthday to your sister and best friend! This post makes me wish I had a sister :)


Ashley said...

you too are so cute! have a great weekend dollface!!

Shauna said...

How fun to have such a amazeball friend ;) Hope you both have a great weekend! Happy Birthday.

Erin said...

Awww- sweet , sweet friendship! I hope you guys have a blast celebrating :)

Can I steal that puppy?!?!

MonicaLeeBlog said...

Awwww happy birthday to your BFF!!! Yall are wayyyyy too pretty! :]

Whit said...

Loved this entry! You all are stunning (inside and out!) XO

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw, like i've told you before, you guys are on my list of favorite sisters in the world. hope this weekend is amazing for both of you. happy birthday, shannon!

and since it's shannon's bday, i feel the need to share my shannon memories:
- Shannon freaking Ashley out with "the rapture"
- Ashley freaking Shannon out with the ET fingers (or was that vice versa?)

either way, good times - and you guys both continue to make me laugh and encourage me that there are still real people in this world. :)

Angel said...

whoohoo! the furbaby is winning so far with 33 likes!!

and i LOVED this post. shannon's amazingness is definitely indescribably and beyond words. :) i totally agree with the eating everything yet not gain a pound part - it's so unfair.
i hope ya'll have the BEST weekend! i love you both!!!!

Sami said...

This is the sweetest! She is gorgeous btw and so are you :)

Megan said...

Y'all are BOTH stunning and tiny! Totally unfair! Hahaha! Happy birthday!

Megan said...

And by happy birthday I obviously meant Happy Birthday to your sister! Haha.

Heidi said...

I love how much you love your bestie! So special! Have a blast! And from the looks of your pics together, that's a given!

rkjalernpan said...

What a sweet post! Love the puppy pic. too

natasha {schue love} said...

You two are the CUTEST best friends that I ever did see! Hope your sister has a great birthday! :)

Sara Louise said...

Happy birthday to your bestie! Hope you have an absolute blast celebrating! (although I'm sure you will)
Love your knee high boots by the way :)

Katie said...

you girls are so beautiful! I'm jealous about her ability to eat and stay so tiny too. i want some of those genes!