Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In the Elevator

I spend a lot of time in elevators....well, and parking garages, but that's a whole other topic. 

Pretty much most of the places I go require using an elevator......and in my time in these up and down boxes, I've come to observe a lot of patterned behaviors. Naturally, I've nicknamed them.......

The Bull-Rusher - This is the person that stands right in front of the elevator and charges as soon as the doors open up....and eventually has to back up because, there are actually people in the elevator that have to come off

The Gasser - Oh you know who this person is. This is the person that lets it all out in the elevator right before they exit....leaving you to face the judgmental eyes of the people who enter

The Space Invader - This is the person that has no concept of personal space. Even if the elevator is empty or as it empties out, they will continue to stand as close to you as when it was packed. 
Funny Workplace Ecard: Your sense of personal space makes me question your knowledge of this country's social norms. 

The Chatterbox - I'm typically on my phone emailing as I walk from my car, up the elevator and to my desk....but have on numerous times encountered the "chatterbox".... that person that wants to just chat it up on the elevator.....talk about the weather, if whatever you have in your hand is for lunch or the always controversial Atlanta traffic! 

The Button-Presser - This is often a child accompanied by a preoccupied adult who runs into the elevator and pushes all the buttons so the passengers get to stop on each floor ....more often than not, this child and adult live on the first floor. 

The Impatient - This guy or gal stands next to the up/down button and presses it over and over.....you know, because that makes the elevator come faster

The Rude Rider - You can hear my footsteps....sometimes my "Oh hey, can you hold the elevator?" yet you hit the "close doors" button as fast as possible....I imagine this is the same person that bypasses the long line of cars waiting behind the "merge now" signs only to shoot over at the last possible minute. 
Funny Workplace Ecard: I really enjoyed our awkward elevator ride after you ran for the door while I was trying to accidentally let it close. 

However, when I was writing this post, I did some "research" and found an article on "annoying things to do in an elevator"......and I have to confess, the mischievous side of me totally wants to try some of these:
-Meow occasionally
-When there's only one other person in the elevator, tap them on the shoulder and then pretend it wasn't you.
-Say "ding" at each floor
-When the doors close, announce to the others, "It's okay. Don't panic, they open up again."
-Pretend you are a flight attendant and review emergency procedures and exits with the passengers.

What's the craziest thing you've done in an elevator....PG-style ;)
What are your elevator pet peeves?! 



Jess said...

well, I don't have much life experience in elevators, since I live in a house and my work doesn't have an elevator (my office is on the 2nd floor, and there aren't enough offices up here to require one). However, we did have one in the science building in college, and the Physics department was on the top floor. We used to get so mad at the Biologists (2nd floor) that would prevent the Physicists from getting in the elevator because they were so lazy and couldn't walk up one flight of steps. People were always late to class because a) they couldn't get on the elevator or b) they had to run up 6 flights of steps.

MonicaLeeBlog said...

Hahahha I love this post SO much!!! Love your definitions of all the different riders! They are SO dang true!

Jenna said...

hahaha I LOVE the idea of turning to everyone and reassuring them that the doors will open again, can't even imagine what the look of their faces would be!

My least favorite elevator riders are the ones who invade your personal space! They drive me nuts!


loser said...

"The Chatterbox" is what I thought of when I saw Taylor Swift's song "Ours" for the first time.
I've grabbed the hand rail and told everyone to brace for impact...

megan said...

I totally had this bitchy girl from high school let the elevator door close in my face at USC one day. Ughhhh still makes me mad. haha

P!nky said...

I LOVE the idea of going DING on each floor!!!

We don't have an elly at my work, but agree with you, people need to learn to take hints.


Kyndi said...

My kids fight over pushing the elevator buttons in our building EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

jayme said...

dang, do we have to keep it PG style?? i'm out. ;) i kid, i kid.

Katie said...

haha I died reading those annoying things to try! Especially the mewing and shoulder tapping. {Super Troopers, anyone?!} Pleeeeease try one.

Unknown said...

hmmm...i must leave you with my best elevator story. (loved this post).

i had to take a theater class in college that was on the 3rd floor. i hated my professor. his rule was this: if you are late, you must sing a song in front of the entire class-his choice. talk about embarassing.

well, one day i was late. very late. and i walked in, knowing that i was about to provide everyone with some entertainment. then he asked my why i was late and a lightblub went off. i said, "the elevator broke and i was stuck inside of it." he immediately felt bad for me. then i felt bad. so i said, "ok. that's not true. i just woke up late."

and in true "theater teacher" fashion, he let me off the hook for "improvising" so well.

so...moral of the story? it's ok to lie, if you immediately fess up. ? i don't know.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

this def reminds me of the days i worked at my old job. way too many truths to this post. kinda scary!

Sarah said...

hahaha you have pretty much nailed it on the head! I remember talking about this in a sociology class and the teacher challenged us to walk into an elevator and face the back the entire time. Talk about awkward.

FourJedis said...

That's hilarious! My husband is a "Gasser" and my kids push all the buttons. I'm a perfect rider of the elevator, of course, trying to offset all of their penalties. :)

You should totally do one of your freaky list ideas.

Young and Fabulous said...

bull rusher. YES YES YES

hahaha i love your description for each of these people. Can i express my hatred for the child who presses every button?

OR...Im on the 1st floor at work. the staircase is right in front of the elevator. People get on the elevator to go to teh 2nd floor. DRIVES.ME.BONKERS!!

craziest thing ive done in an elevator is probably send you guys videos and or pics when I work in a global bank that most likely has cameras in it. WOops? hahah


Alyssa said...

Oh my gosh, that is all so true! I'd definitely love to use some of those "annoying things to do in an elevator" some time!

Alex said...

hahaha I love the meowing one. I would probably do that one day [with enough alcohol in me].

Angel said...

hahah loooved this post! i totally think you should try those obnoxious things in the elevator. and the kid who pushes all the buttons? he must be somewhere deep down related to buddy the elf.. because who doesn't love a good lit-up christmas tree every day on the way to your office?
and the space invader? yeah, those people better be glad i have some self-control because it's SO annoying when they constantly think they're your BFF and try to stand as close as possible without yelling at them.

Ketrin Jones said...

bahahaha I'm dying. Just read this entire post to Tiel. Please please try some of those and video it. The tap on the shoulder is great. I definitely plan on doing that!

Carly Ann said...

This post makes me laugh a lot.
The one about the guy who pushes the button repeatedly makes me think of people who do that same thing at a crosswalk...
And parents who let children push buttons make me want to become violent.

Emily said...

OMG this post is hilarious!! All of these are soo true! Excited to be a new follower!

Cori H. said...

These are hilarious! I'm rarely ever in an elevator, but it would be so funny to try some of those!

Britt said...

I swear each one of these characters lives in my apartment complex! There is one guy who sings at the top of his lungs with or without people in there with him. I try and take the stairs as much as possible!

Sara Louise said...

So funny!
I used to always do that jump up in the air thing. Thinking about it, I haven't done it in years, next time I'm in an elevator, I think I'll do it again for old times sake :)

Nuha said...

oh my god...these are too funny! and i've always wanted to do those ridiculous things...i would so do it if we ever met up one day haha


Ashley said...

I'm SO glad I don't have to take an elevator on a daily basis, I really am not a fan of them!

The people who stand thisclose to you really irk me - not just elevators, but at work too! There are two people at work who are space invaders - and it drives me bonkers haha.