Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I started thinking over the weekend that there are a lot of new faces around here and we don’t know that much about each other. So, I figured we'd play this new game that’s been going around the blog world and that I was tagged in by my little Kentucky butternut.

-11 FunFacts
-Answering 11 Questions
-Asking YOU 11 questions…..hey, it’s only fair I get to know you too!
1.       I have lost two fingernails and two toe nails in my lifetime….thank God those suckers grow back! 
2.       I can function off very little sleep. While I love sleep, I function best on 5 hours.
3.       I say “good news" and “Yeahhhh buddy” probably way more than is appropriate (and apparently, according to my sister “balls to the wall”…who knew) 
4.       I hate being indoors hot but I love nothing more than laying out on the beach
5.       I could eat sushi every day for the rest of my life

6.   I’m 5’ 7.5” and heard “you should be a model” or “do you play basketball?” more times than I can count growing up. B-cups don’t get you to the runway….and piano hands don’t get you to the court…..let it go people.
7.       I believe in love at first sight. I don’t care if that’s lame or “impossible.” I still do.
8.      I’m a terrible relaxer. If I’m watching TV I’m also working, working out  or blogging. Queen Multitasker
9.       I collect bangles. Actually I just have way too many so I decided to turn it into “a hobby” instead of “a problem.”
10.   I hate smoking! I tend to be obnoxiously overdramatic when I’m around smokers….i.e. fake coughing, gagging motions, “wow, you look so cool” or “put out the cancer stick” comments. My mom is super fond of this behavior
11.    I have a creepily good memory

Answering Jayme’s Q’s:
1. What is your all time favorite movie? Has to be The Proposal. It has Ryan Reynolds. Romance. Ryan Reynolds. Comedy. Ryan Reynolds….you get the picture
The Proposal    (2009)  funny...
2. If you could have any super power what would it be and why? My dad and I have discussed this before and we’re convinced the power of persuasion is the best superpower ever. Imagine being able to talk anyone into anything! Is that even a superpower? Can we make it one? I do much better with multiple choice!
3. If you could be besties with any celebrity, who would it be? Giulianna Rancic hands down. I adore her! We’re both tall brunettes who love fashion and working out and are insanely attracted to Bill Rancic ;)
4. If you could take any trip in the world where would you go? Bora Bora. I plan to plant my sweet little honeymooning butt there for at least a week one day.  
5. What's one piece of make up you can't live without ? bronzer! Lip gloss is a close second – I have a pretty needy relationship with them both.
6. What's one accessory (jewelry, scarf, handbag, etc) that you don't leave the house without? An armful of bangles. I’m obsessed – they are the way to my heart!
Bangles. Bangles. Bangles ♡
7. What is your dream job? Outside of what I do (because we’ve all heard that 9oo times), I would die to work for E! news doing what Guilianna  Rancic does or hosting Live with Kelly. I love to talk and I love celebrities…..see what a perfect fit this is?
8. Sausage or bacon? Sausage….patties only….and preferably turkey or chicken….and super crispy
9. What's the best advice you've ever received and who gave it to you? I can't pick just one! I have very wise family, friends and coworkers!
10. What's your guilty pleasure? (tv show, movie, food, etc) Raisenettes and red bull….I’m a real wild thing I know.
11. What's your typical Starbucks order? Love the iced chai tea lattes! So yummy!

11 Questions for YOU

1.       Which Website do you visit the most? I mean, besides this one obviously? ;)
2.       If you couldn't shave your legs or wax your eyebrows for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
3.       Name a talent you have
4.       If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be?
5.       If you had to go on a reality TV or game show, which one would you choose?
6.       If you were president, what's one law you would make?
7.       What's your favorite smell? 
8.       You have a spicy piece of gossip,  who's the first person you tell? 
9.       What's your favorite thing about yourself?
10.  what's your favorite holiday?
11. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Play Along! 
Happy Wednesday Muffins!


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

I already knew a lot of that. ;)

I could eat sushi every day also ... guess we'll have to have a sushi blate! :) oh, and I am totally the same about smokers. And so are my cats, lol. My little brother smokes, and he is the only person that has ever been to my house that my cats will not go near. :)

Faith said...

I loved reading this!!!

1. I could eat sushi everyday for the rest of my life too!
2. I do the same with smokers, hahaha.
3. Yeah buddy is a normal phrase for me too!
4. And I love that you turned owning too many bangles into a hobby and not a problem!! Hehe, same with me and shoes!!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!!

Jenna said...

I wish I could function on 5 hours of sleep - unfortunately I need about 8 otherwise I'm not a nice person... and the terrible thing is that I only get about 6 usually! Poor boyfriend, ha!

I could also eat sushi everyday, cannot stand smokers, and have to be multitasking at all times... we're practically twins :)


Monica's Notebook said...

You are GORGEOUSSS! For real though. I am the complete opposite! I am so worthless if I dont get enough sleep! haha Yay for getting to know more about youuu! I just may hafta join on in this one!

Katie said...

5 hours of sleep? not enough for me. :) I also could eat sushi every day. LOVE giulianna and bill too! and those pics of you are beautiful! happy wednesday!

What She Wore said...

Lol, ok, I am joining too. Your questions are the same I would ask... :)

FourJedis said...

What great questions and answers. I fell in love at first sight with my husband, till I looked him down from head to toe and saw his geeky shoes. Then I fell back in love with him about an hour later when mutual friends introduced us. 5 hours of sleep? You will make a great mom one day. 5 hours is a good night, 6 a great night. I know nothing beyond that.

Jen said...

I have a creepily good memory too. Sometimes I have to pretend I don't remember things when people are telling me them again because it's something so specific it would be awkward if they knew how well I remembered it.
Red bull=my guilty pleasure too. basically every single morning. ha.

Ashley said...

do you ever read other girl's blogs and think...i could totally be friends with them in real life?!? seriously, everytime i read a post of yours, that's what i think! lol.

i believe in love in first sight too! just in love with the idea of love...cornball, i know ;)

i love The Proposal! Ryan Reynolds has the best sense of humor and is pretty nice to look at! he's all yours girlfran! haha

i could totally see you working for E! for sho!!

ummm....raisenettes happen to be my choice of chocolate candy! all of my friends and family hate 'em, but i love those lil' suckers!

Young and Fabulous said...

OMG half of one of my toenails is like about to come off. And the half just came off about a month ago but it must not have grown back right because its coming off again AGH!! ok this is gross


I also believe in love at first site :-)

and Bora Bora yes please!!! this was so fun!! i am going to do this!!


Shannon said...

I don't know if this constitutes love at first sight, but the first time I saw my husband I thought "whoa." And not whoa he is hot or whoa he is cool or whoa he is nice.

It was just an overwhelming feeling of "whoa."

jayme said...

we should stalk guiliana until we meet her and become best friends with her. agree??

love all your facts. love your face.

Ketrin Jones said...

love learning more about you.. Think you might be my long lost twin--minus the whole 5'7" thing.. I'm almost 5'4" :)

Courtney said...

I love Guiliana and Bill. I love their show! And I could eat sushi 24/7. I have a phobia about being pregnant one day because i dont think you are supposed to eat it. Ridiculous yes??

Erin said...

HOW in the world do you function on 5 hours of sleep?! I wish I was able to do that, but I forreal need 8 to feel good in the mornings!

Alex said...

I'm really digging this power of persuasion business. It could really come in handy right now, in fact. And girl, I'm just as bad about being around smokers. It just disgusts me!!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

6, 10 and 11 my answers are the same as yours. Same height, I've heard all of those "tall" girl things. We really aren't that tall, most models are like 5'10".

Love these.

Whitney said...

i decided to play along with your survey :) ps- i could eat sushi everyday for every meal for the rest of my life!

J and A said...

Loved this. You seriously crack me up. The smoking thing, love it. Hilarious! And that first picture of you. Seriously model material and who cares about the cups! said...

I swear you could be my twin - I love Bill Rancic! I am praying for a husband just like him!! And I think I could be Giuliana - ha! I am going to play along! Thanks for sharing and it was fun getting to know you more! :)

Katie said...

If I didn't stink at checking my google/reader consistently, I would remember more often how awesome you are. I mean, seriously, raisinettes and red bull?! get it girl :)

Britt said...

Having a good memory is awesome! You never forget:) I would also love to work for E! News-behind the scenes though. I hate being on camera.

Katy said...

My least favorite is when I'm out running and I have to run through people standing outside smoking. Ugh! Fun post! I answered your questions on my blog :o)

Sarah said...

Where do I even begin?
How about The Proposal has recently made it's way to becoming one of my favorite movies. I watched it numerous times last summer while getting over a breakup and let me tell you....ryan reynolds works wonders :)

I would definitely wax my legs over my brows any day. But why make me choose??

I would love to be out with you while you make a scene around a smoker! Can we just go ahead and agree to make that happen sometime? :)

And your red bull raisinette gp is like my poptarts & amp. yum!

Shayla Y.F.F. said...

Loves this...doing it now just for you!

Sara Louise said...

I'm 5'7.5" too and could definitely eat sushi every single day of my life :)
And I think I'm going to answer your questions in a post xo

Angel said...

i'll come eat sushi with you and watch the proposal everyday until Jesus returns... while eating girl-scout cookies. #rebel
and i'm the same way about relaxing! i always have to be doing something.
love you! i hope you have an awesome day! xoxo

Major Gal said...

okay, i've been MIA from the blog world for a while. How do I do this? Your shaving legs or waxing eyebrows question is AMAZING. i can't wait to blog about it. so like, do i take your 11 questions and write about them on my blog? and then write out 11 new ones for my readers? and then what? forgive me, i'm slow these days xoxo

Nuha said...

are we twins?! i think so. bronzer is my #1 make-up, seriously cannot live without it..the tall thing was so me growing up...i knew i loved you for a reason! xo

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I'm 5'8 and if I had a penny for every time someone asked me about playing basketball I'd be a wealthy woman... okay, not really. Maybe if I had a dollar for every time, haha! My little sister is 5'11 and she is completely uncoordinated so it cracks us up every time someone assumes she plays basketball or volleyball. ;)

1. Hmmm... maybe Facebook/Gmail/Google.Reader/Pinterest/Hulu... not really sure which I visit the most of those, haha!

2. I am going to assume that I am still allowed to pluck my eyebrows. So I'm going to say that I'd give up waxing my eyebrows. ;)

This is going to end up really long 'cause I'm awfully chatty tonight. So I'm going to pick and choose a few more questions...

5. Definitely a game show. I couldn't handle all the drama of a reality tv show. Plus the editing can be brutal.

9. My easy ability to adapt. :)


Sami said...

I filled this out yesterday on my blog :)
Be sure to check it out!

Sevan said...

haha i completely support ryan reynolds being mentioned multiple times. he is absolutely gorgeous and hilarious

love your blog! i'm your newest follower xx

Jamie said...

You're so so pretty :)

I function off about 5 hours of sleep during the week but as soon as the weekend rolls around I definitely love sleeping in!

Kristin said...

Loving your blog...just came across it!