Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Me This. Oscar Me That.

I will be so sad to see Award Season go. Who doesn't love spending their Sunday nights watching glamorous fashion and gorgeous celebrities?! 

The Good
Michelle Williams 
So in love with this. Its' quirky and charming and fits her personality perfectly. Could have done without the bow brooch but everything else?.....Flawless.

Octavia Spencer 
This is a woman who knows how to dress her body. She looks stunning. Total star in this!

Sarah Hyland
Gah I love her. She has never missed a fashion step in my book. It doesn't hurt that she's stunning!

I'm not a J-Lo fan but girl has some of the best curves ever AND knows how to rock them. Her stylist however does need to be WAY more prepared with some double-sided tape next award show 

Maria Menounos
Dying to see the back of this but loving the architecture of the front and sides. And a surprising standout color from all the white!

Rose Byrnes 
Obsessed! Love this "Ode to Scarface"/60s-inspired look. Amazing!

Kate Mara
Top 3 for SURE.....LOVE her dress. Simple, feminine and elegant. Total win.
2012 Oscar Arrivals Kate Mara

Kelly Ripa
Ok, I know I'm obsessed with her but....She looks amaze right?! Love the cut of this dress and the contrasting belt and sheer front panel
2012 Oscar Arrivals Kelly Ripa

Jessica Chastain
THIS is a movie star. This is how you dress for the Oscars. Amazeballs. 

Cameron Diaz
I did not like this dress until she walked across the stage and then I fell in love with the flow and structure of it.....beautiful!

The Bad
Oh look....Staci Kiebler came dressed as an Oscar award. How original. #onlynotreally 

Sandra Bullock
I adore Sandra probably more than any other actress but she is WAY too young for this Mother of the Bride number. This is more fitting for Meryl Streep or Susan Sarandon right? 

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth thought she was rocking it 'til she looked down to her right and left and realized Froto and Samwise were not by her side. 

In all was GORGEOUS without the cape...but I couldnt' resist 

Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour is shocked to learn that this is not the 1989 Oscars nor is there an afterparty on a Carnival Cruiseship 

Brad & Angie
No....they didn't land here because I'm still not over homewrecker Angie... #JENNFOREVER. Brad's hair landed them in this category. I imagine this is what bad karma in hair version look like....Angie's velvet frock wasn't too unfortunate but the pasty white leg hanging out? We get it...your dress has a giant slit. 

The Downright Ugly 
Rooney Mara
Dear Rooney -  We admire your devotion to really living and breathing your character, but filming has can go back to being a woman....and wearing a bra. And Groucho Marx called....he wants his brows back. 

Emma Stone
If Emma Stone were a football game, she'd be the part where everyone shakes their keys and yells "overrated." She keeps getting hyped up at every award show but I haven't loved any of her picks. I Love you Emma - and I want to love your looks....I really do but I don't get this dress. 

Shailene Woodley...
GIRLFRIEND! I hardly doubt you are having troubles getting designers who want to dress you. WHY do you insist on dressing like a grandma? You are 20 with a fab figure - show some skin!

Who was a hit or miss in your book? 


Ashley said...

I love your picks!!! I love Maria's, Kate, and Kelly's dresses the best. Gorgeous! Also, I'm dying at the Brad and Angelina section because I am the SAME way. #JENFOREVER all the way!

Katie said...

I love Kate Mara's dress too! and cameron diaz, sarah's and maria's. they looked beautiful! I don't understand some of the other choices - like angelina's!

FourJedis said...

Love the loves category. Rose Byrne was my fave. As was Kristen Wiig. I know she was said to be dressed down a bit, but I loved every bit of her get-up. I will never accept Brangelina as a couple.

Marian said...

Ocatvia was my favorite!! I loved that number on her! She looked amazing! I also liked natalie Portman...her dress grew on me!

Jamie said...

Totally agree about Brad and Angelina... bad fashion karma. Boo yah.

Kristina said...

I agree with almost all of your choices. I really loved the girl from the Artist's dress as well! I couldn't stand Angie and her weird leg sticking out so awkwardly!

Chelsea Coleen said...

i thought rooney looked gorgeous! but maybe because she looks so scary in girl with dragon tattoo. i am so disappointed it wasn't up for best picture and that a silent film won.

can someone please explain to me why its called the oscars AND academy awards?!!

Corey @ Learning Patience said...

Ok I MUST disagree with you - Gwyneth Paltrow was AMAZING!!!!!!

I think J Lo needs to remember she is not 21 anymore....the dress was horrible....

I completely agree with you about Sandra...I love her and that outfit was horrible!

xoxo from Trinidad

Shannon said...

Holy crap!! Emma Stone looks awful. And I miss sexy young Brad Pitt. He didn't age as well as I had hoped.

Sami said...

I'm a Marchesa freak so I cried inside a little when you booed Stacy and Sandra but I can see where you're coming from! Totally agree with you on Emma, Shailene, and Rooney. All pretty girls who just can't figure it out!

I just posted my Oscar's fashion recap if you are dying to know my thoughts ;)

Ketrin Jones said...

totally agree!!
team jennifer for life.
angie needs to gain weight she looks awful. you can be sexy skinny, but she has become entirely too skinny. bad image for women if you ask me!

Courtney B said...

Cameron's dress is amazzzzing! I seriously loved this post :) I think I'm the only girl in blog land who didn't watch the Oscar's last night... I'm crazy :)
But I love that I get to see the gorgeous gowns in this post!

p.s. The brightness of Angie's leg made me go blind in one eye. She needs to get a spray on tan and eat a dozen donuts!

Ashley said...

Maria Menounos and Octavia Spencers' were my favorite!

Shayla Y.F.F. said...

First of all, I died laughing at your commentary...especially about the Carnival Cruise ship afterparty! HA!

I have to agree with you EXCEPT I did like Emma Stone's dress.

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

Michelle Williams for the WIN! I loved her. She always pulls off the most beautiful looks. Ok, I know you said Gwenyth looked crazy--but I actually liked the cape! :) Ha! It was just so different!

Nuha said...

oh no! i kinda like all of these dresses haha - except for jane and sad.but i did NOT like jlo's dress..she's okay, but really? it was too much of everything. but as always your comments made me chuckle :-)

Ashley Slater said...

haha, your commentary is priceless! I actually hated angelinas dress------- maria m was my favorite for sure!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i love all your picks-- expect i would switch jlo and emma stone around. i loved emma stones dress! and i couldnt stand jlo's cut out sleeves! too much going on. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Young and Fabulous said...

i agree with ALL of this. and after seeing Emma Stone i have to agree...that did not look good on her

ok the angie leg WHAT???? WHAT WAS THAT!! so pasty and creamy white..blech! lol

octavia spencer and maria menounos...FLAWLESS


Alex said...

Angelina's leg weirded me out. I could never tell if she was being serious or just joking. AND she needs a tan. Badly. said...

Totally loved Rose, Cameron and Kelly. Im with you on Gwen though...that dress was pretty but the cape? And her hair! It looked like they ran out of time and just threw it into a pony- not cute!

Miranda said...

I LOVE Kelly's, Sarah's, and J Lo's dress but I think Maria has the best. so pretty and flowey! i will miss the awards season. :(

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

I'll be honest, I've never seen the Oscars before. But I do always like seeing the recaps later. :)

meghan said...

I loved Michelle Williams and wanted to slap that Angelina Jolie leg right back up under that dress. And to do it even on the stage? Come on...

Faith said...

Hahaha I agreed with EVERYTHING you wrote!!! The fabs were fab and the horrible just plain horrid!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you!! I loved Maria, Cameron, and Octavia.

Angelina was just redic with that leg hanging out all night!!!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i always seriously love to read your comments regarding any award show. they amuse and crack me up every time!

okay - so i totally agree with you about Jessica Chastain. she was my number #1 pick of the night. but oh, you broke my heart over Emma Stone. loved her look! totally agree with you on Rooney - but i have to say, i am happy she chose something aside from black. and oh, Angelina - she is too much. i love that someone created a twitter account for that leg. too funny!

please tell me you are planning to get a job with E. you could totally replace kelly osbourne.

okay, done with my novel comment. ;)

Brianna said...

Jessica Chastain=AMAZE. agree agree agree.
I loved Nina Dobrev as well.

Emma Stone... love this girl but this red dress just didn't work... girl needs to stick to the colors that she dazzles in. And Sandra? oh Sandra cmonnnn.

Mimi said...
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Mimi said...

i really wish shailene wore something more youthful and fun. as for emma's dress, it's gorgeous but not for her. i feel like she kinda got lost in it. :/ on the bright side, i loved michelle williams' dress!

<3, Mimi

Sara Louise said...

I haven't seen it yet (saving it for Friday night) but I've seen some of the looks on blogs and OMG... Angelina's dress... YES! You nailed it! So annoying how she had to keep reminding everybody that her dress had a big ass slit up the slide. I think she should have picked a dress that she wouldn't have had to work so hard for.