Monday, January 16, 2012


Miss America Saturday night and the Golden Globes Sunday night....Seriously, this was a TV weekend made for women! Well with the exception of some little football game that was on..... ;)


Giuliana Rancic
My Giiiirrrrlllll G kicked it off with AMAZEBALLS fashion! I know I'm biased and G really can wear anything but she also just has amazing taste. Loving the number she wore on the pre-red carpet show. Seriously stunning!

Stacy Kiebler
Possibly one of my favs of the night....perfection from head to toe. Miss Kiebler is certainly taking advantage of her moment in the spotlight (and by that I mean the 12-18 months George will keep her around). DIED over the bow detail in the back!

Zoey Deschanel
Her custom Prada number was SO her personality  and so glamorous. The dress and hair looked like they were straight out from the 60s...and you guys know how I adore! And she walked the carpet with her sister....awwww sisters!

Frieda Pinto
 Loved the simplicity of the lines of this dress and her hairdo. The texture and color of the dress were a perfect contrast to her skin tone. She looked exquisite!

Maura Rooney
Not a fan of simple pony she sported but I love the cutout black number she wore with the balooneed out bottom. It was simple, elegant and I think totally vibed with her dark character in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I'm pre-obsessed with her!

Sarah Hyland
 I have never not liked anything Sarah has worn on the red carpet. She wears dresses that are cut to flatter her petite figure and doesn't try to dress older just to be taken seriously. Loving the lace detail of her vintage Dolce and  Gabbana at her waste and that bangle needs a home on my arm!  

Salma Hayek
If I could have anyone's accent, I would want Salma Hayek's....I think she can make the word "poop" sound sexy. I'm also adding her hair and decotalage to my wish list. And that Gucci dress.....banging!

Michelle Williams
This girl does vintage and hobo to a tee. This is the first (and probably only) time I have ever condoned crushed velvet on my blog but homegirl rocked it out along with her signature pixie and jeweled headband.

Jessica Alba
Perfection. She can do no wrong in the fashion department. STUNNING

Worst Dressed
Adam Levine
This category should belong solely to Adam Levine....not for his tux which I'm sure consisted of some version of too skinny pants on the bottom. He gets "worst" for his man-brat moment with my girl G. She asked him what songs he sang to his girlfriend and he went all ego-tastic and said that was "just for him to know"....Yes Adam, we all know you have ONE plays every other song on the radio...but flame is feeting. You need to get over yourself....all 112 lbs. of you.
Adam Levine at the 2012 Golden Globes.

Kelly Osbourne
WHY in the name of all that is good and holy, would you DYE your hair gray at age 30-something? Please add to it the most ill-fitting, wrinkled dress with nipple seamage....Worst part? She is the one judging everyone else's fashion picks!

Amanda Peete
If you had a slamming body like I know Amanda Peete does, why would you hide under the most unflattering dress shape?! Tiers are for cakes and bedskirts, not the red-carpet my love. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Living proof why you don't let your children dress you. Children's artwork belong on the fridge.....not the red carpet. 

Piper Perabo
It has yet to be confirmed, but I'm 99% sure one of the Golden Globes AfterParties was held under Piper's many people confused it for a tent.  

Jessica Biel
I love Jess....homegirl has come a long way from her 7th Heaven days. But seriously, did she take her mama's wedding dress and cut a slit up the front?! This is so sister wives!

Opinions ladies......
this is important stuff!


Jenna said...

Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba win best dressed for me! Worst dressed Jessica Biel and Kelly Osborne for sure - what were they thinking!?


Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

I loved miss Stacy too! George knows how to pick his eye candy that is for sure. I also thought Reese Witherspoon looked fab in her red dress. I also died over Elle Macpherson. She just gets better and better with age...I have loved her since her Sports illustrated days.

Unknown said...

What in the heck was Sarah Michelle thinking?!! EW! ...and I've never been a Jess fan so I think everything she owns is horrible. LOL!

Shannon said...

I love how you tore into Adam Levine. Hahahaha, all 112lbs of him. :)

Erin said...

My fave was definitely Giuliana too. STUNNING! And I loved Reese Witherspoon too-- I thought she looked incredible!!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

i am 100% with you on the worst dressed ladies.. yikes! but you missed my favorites in your best dressed.. kate winslet, kate beckinsale, emma stone + clare danes. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Unknown said...

I loved Nicole Kidman too :) Sometimes you have to wonder, who dressed you!?! really??? lol

Kate said...

Oddly enough - I agree with EVERYTHING you said!! You hit the nail on the head!

And you are not G's only #1 fan - LOVE HER!!!!

Myself, husband and 2 co-workers put on a party a couple years ago in Aspen for Veuve Clicquot champagne at the Viceroy and she and Bill were our celebrity guests. She even live tweeted from the event. She was amazingly nice -- I asked her to put on branded sunglasses for a picture and she told me "My head is huge. Like HUGE! I can't pull off sunglasses, but Bill will wear them" and he did. She's so self deprecating and hilarious. They just sat in their private area and kissed the whole time. It was awesome! She leaned over to me at one point, like we were girlfriends and all, and said "Isn't this party just amazing? More champagne please!" -- I almost died. Totally felt bff's with her in that moment, hahaha!!!

Samantha said...

Michelle Williams and G were most definitely my favorites of last night! What the heck was Jessica Biel thinking with that get up!? Not cute, Jessica, not cute. (But I may just be slightly upset that she's engaged to JT...)


The Southland Life said...

hello stranger!!! salma was amaze - as was kate b and charlize! couldnt agree more with your worst list. so bad, soooo sooo bad!

C Mae said...

I'm not sure I've recovered from seeing Kelly Osbourne age herself by 40 years with her gray hair...hideous......

Carolyn said...

I didn't watch it last night (I KNOW!!) but from what you just showed... I COMPLETELY agree with all your opinions. Sarah Hiland's is my favorite (GORGEOUS!!!) and some of those worst dressed... JEEZE. Just not ok. Not even a little bit. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Jessica Alba, and she looked stunning!

new follower

jayme said...

OBSESSED WITH G!!!!!! seriously, she can do no wrong. and as for jessica alba, she's pretty much perfection as well.

Sami said...

Ok so I didn't really like Zooey I have to admit and you left my girl Charlize Theron off the best list! I loved the pink and the bow, it was stunning!

Check out my blog for my Golden Globes recap :)

J and A said...

Your girl certainly did rock it, beautiful. Some of those ladies....what were they thinking? ha Loved Reese and Charlize for sure. Happy Monday pretty lady.

Bekah @ Love is Pink said...

Loved Sarah Hyland's dress! She looked her age without going over board. I need that dress in my closet even though it would never get worn haha

Courtney said...

I loved everything aboue the Golden Globes. Even though my favorite parts were the E before and after shows! I love Giuliana and Ross:)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

loved tweeting with you and shannon through this whole things. award shows are so much better with twitter!

agreeing with ALMOST everything here. ;) and there was a purpose for me leaving the room when adam levine was jerk - i don't think my heart could have handled it. i love him so much.

my top faves - Kate Beckinsale, Zoey Desh, and Paula (?) Patton!

natasha {schue love} said...

Ha! So all your critiques!! Simply cannot wait for the Oscars!! :)

natasha {schue love} said...

Ha! So all your critiques!! Simply cannot wait for the Oscars!! :)

Sarah said...

haha I was actually one of the girls that watched the games all weekend! But I was able to catch everyone's tweets and pics of the Golden Globes. Sarah Hyland looks stunning! I wish I had all of their bodies...and style.

Alex said...

Jessica Biel totally had a third boob in the middle of her chest when she was presenting. I can't stand her, so I loved it. mwahaha

Miranda said...

Love Sarah Hylands (and the 2 you didn't feature - Reese Witherspoon, Mila Kunis) and I hated Angelina Jolie's and Kelly Osbourne. I so agree...why is she fashion police when she can't dress? and the gray hair...yuck!

Ashley said...

I agree with you on Stacy ...loved the red and Selma .. LOVE the gucci dress !! Jessica Alba always looks good! and I thought that Reese Witherspoon looked great too :) love your recap, girl!

Ashley Slater said...

hahah I LOVE your commentary on worse dressed! you are hilarious! j. biel looked like she had a zombie bride halloween costume on!


Alyssa said...

Stacy Kiebler is seriously gorgeous!! I totally agree with on all of it! Everything about Kelly was so wrong. And I totally forgot that she's the one to judge best and worst! UGH! Is she able to be in the running too haha?

Rissy said...

selma hyak SHUT. IT. DOWN! I was obsessed... I was borderline attracted to her

The dragon tattoo girl I thought was awesome too! but it looked way better on video than pic I think

love it!

Lindsey said...
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Lindsey said...

hahaha the commentary was the best part. I love all your picks (minus the crushed velvet. I can't.) and agree with all the flops. SICK. I mean, these women have stylists right?

Adam Levine can do no wrong in my book!!!! So take it back.

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I agree with everything! I love Giuliana so much! And WHY did Kelly Osborne dye her hair gray!? I just don't get it!

Shayla said...

Sophia Vegera was my fave by far. She has an awesome curvy shape. I would kill for her body. I'll have to disagree with you about Michelle Williams, the crushed velvet reminded me of an 80's homecoming dress. And haha about Adam Levine weighing 112 lbs!

And yes I'm blogging now...trying to follow in your footsteps!! I hope you liked!

Anonymous said...

I am still left wondering today about Kelly Osbourne's hair. WTF?? My fave of the night was def Kate Beckinsale. I love her.

Sara Louise said...

I've got the Golden Globes already to watch on my laptop (because that's how us saddo expats have to watch it) and that's what I'm doing on Friday night!
And talking about Ms Kiebler... I always picture George Clonney sending his latest lady through some sort of 'My Fair Lady' like school to get her up to snuff. I mean, Stacey is rocking the red carpet like never before... don't you think?