Wednesday, January 25, 2012


One of my weekly splurges has to be all-day-Real-Housewives-Marathons Last Man Standing. It's Tim Allen's return to TV only this time instead of three sons, he has three daughters which I think is so much better. Being one of two girls, I can attest to the amazingness of sisters. Someone to talk about everything with. A built-in best friend if you will. So many of the seemingly silly things these girls do, are definitely
things Shannon and I have done.

Last night's episode (though a rerun) was one of my favs. The middle sister "Mandy" finds out through Twitter that her boyfriend is cheating on her....and decides to take some REVENGE through a little harmless cyber-music video.

Which got me thinking.....

Have you ever taken revenge on someone?

Had a crazy girl moment?

I can totally see my sister and I doing something silly like this......So take a minute to enjoy this amazing video (trust me, it will MAKE your day) while you ponder your past...

then spill the beans.... cause I want to know the juicy details.....have you ever taken revenge on anyone in a silly or funny way?


Just done something silly with a sibling?

I know....this is sooooo catty! I promise we'll go back to sunshine and puppy dogs tomorrow! :)

Happy Wednesday Dolls! This week is flying by!


P!nky said...

I sure have! After my college bf cheated/broke up with me I was so upset. I found out he was at a party in the apt next to mine one day and decided to punk him. Since I knew his number I called the local pizza place and ordered 10 pizzas in his name. When they showed up he was so confused and looked like an idiot. He would pay for all of them though (jerk) and the pizza guy left with extra pizzas. I did feel bad so later that night I stopped by and gave the pizza guy $30. It was my one and only punking. Sorry pizza place!


P!nky said...


Jenna said...

Ha that you tube video is so amazing!

I've never punked a bf that I can remember - at least not yet ;)


Samantha said...

Ha! I love that episode and the show! You can't get enough of Tim Allen :)

Ashley said...

I am soo glad Tim Allan is back!! Love that show!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i already told you my little story at mckormicks, my friend, and a certain male. hahaha - though it wasn't planned - i couldn't have planned it better! ;)

Sarah said...

I saw that episode and that video was awesome! I wish I could say I've gotten revenge on someone buuuuuut I haven't. Maybe one day :)

jayme said...

haha that video is hilarious. as for me, no revenge. i don't have the balls to pull that type of thing off. plus, i believe in karma :) as for silly things with siblings... everyday!

Raven said...

truth? I totally believe in revenge. and not always the funny/silly kind. Some say revenge is just something that hurts the person who is doing it, but I would disagree. I believe people have to be responsible for their actions (and even though God will judge them one day) if someone does something to hurt MY family? They will be sorry and I will make them wish they were dead.

How's that for Wednesday morning sunshine and puppies? ha!!

Rissy said...

my one act of Revenge is a little much to be sharing on the internet... so duh I'm going to group text it ; )

I loved this episode too and could hear my mom laughing boisterously at it last night. (boom! I used a big word)


Courtney said...

I have never gotten "revenge on someone" but boy have i gone "crazy bitch" on an ex boyfriend. I didnt DO anything. But you know, screaming fights, late night drive bys of his house. Just the normal....right?

Alyssa said...

I loved that episode! The music video had me laughing out loud!

Elle Sees said...

i haven't! I know, so lame. i believe in karma and it sooo works.

Sara Louise said...

I honestly don't think I ever have. I'm so lame.
But I'm so happy that you posted about this TV show, l never know what new shows are good enough since I don't have any American commercials to watch. I'm going to treat myself to a couple of episodes of this today :-)

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

omg, crazy girl moments! Yes, unfortunately, far too many. I'm working on it :)