Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Join Me Won't You?

We're having a pretend snow day here today
See...around this time last year Atlanta had a crazy ice storm
and everyone got to work from home

And this year all we have is buckets full of rain and hail
apparently nothing violent enough to keep me away from work

Which is where today's pretend snow day comes in

I think this is a good start.....

followed by a skype date with friends

a little hairdo experimentation

and some DIY
Pinned Image

Give ourselves a fun manicure
Pinned Image

and fit in an indoor workout

We'd watch a good great movie

While we planned our summer vacation somewhere warm and breathtakingly sunny

Have breakfast for dinnner

And Stovetop Smores for dessert.....
Pinned Image

mmmmmm perfection!

What's  your perfect snow day? 


Jess said...

My perfect snow day pretty much consists of staying in my PJs all day, and curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. Unless you want to come hang out ... then we'll have lots of food and talk and watch movies, etc. :)

Jenna said...

I've never had a snow day before! - but used to always beg my parents to move somewhere with lots and lots of snow for that very reason :)

If I did ever have a snow day I would sleep in late, stay in my pjs all day, blog, and watch trashy reality tv. Perfection!


Rorie said...

I live in New York so I get lots of snow all the time, but my work never closes ever. But My perfect snowday would be out playing in the snow, either sledding or going snowboarding!

Sarah said...

I am so sick of this rain! It's miserable.

My snow day sounds a lot like your, but add it reading a great book!

Unknown said...

i was a child BORN into snowdays in the blustery state of indiana. i remember being out of school for a month when i was in 7th grade! the perfect snow day? a hot bubble bath, with an US Weekly to read. warm pj's and furry slippers (furry enough to look like small puppies on my feet). and a very romantic date with my sofa...to watch "love comedies" that the hub won't watch with me.

i am now sad that i live in south carolina. never thought i would have said that.

Katie said...

coffee - reading blogs - and making a new craft!

megan said...

I used to love "snow" days in college! Everyone's excuse to throw another party. These days, my "snow" day would consist of sleeping in as late as possible and laying on the couch all day in my pj's. :)

Shannon said...

You always find the best pictures (of Ryan Reynolds) to put on your blog. :)

Sarah said...

okkkkk so, when I move there and it snows, I know where to go. Your place! :)

jayme said...

ummm...nailed it! all of that sounds so so so perfect!

J and A said...

That sounds PERFECT!!!! Seriously. If only we got snow days here. Every day is a snowy day.

shay said...

we got snow this weekend, fri night to saturday, so it wasn't a good snow day... but yours sounds perfect!

Unknown said...

I am going to have to say jammies all day for myself as well. Then some serious snuggle time with the hubbies and making up way to fatty meals for breakfast lunch and dinner. I wish So.Tex had snow days more than 1 every ten years that would be awesome.

Young and Fabulous said...

ooo this sounds like PERFECTION!! specifically the PJ part and manicures and planning vacations

i miss snowdays!! we never really get work snowdays unless the roads are UN-PASSABLE!! at that point im crying in my living room because of power outages aka no blogging or facebook creeping

my perf snowday would be cooking and baking and making cocktails hahah IN pjs...and doing all the stuff you said! maybe jamming to weezy...

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

if we ever get the chance to do an old school sleepover, please please please tell me we'll have a Ryan Reynolds marathon. starting with proposal, of course! i love definitely, maybe, too! i cannot get over his yumminess.

btw this sounds like the perfect day. i need one soon - snow or now snow.

Fit With Flash said...

um. i'm on skype.
ami.mcmullen. let's do this. : )

Sami said...

Love this! I agree with most of yours but my perfect snow day is staying in my PJ's, facetiming with my loves, write some blog posts, bake some yummy treats, and watch episodes of The O.C. :)

Brianna said...

Yesterday when it was POURING rain here in California, I was dying to be back in the mountains for a snow day!! Those things sound PERFECT! espesh watching some Ryan Reynolds... (:

Rach said...

This looks like SUCH a great day! Really everything about it looks wonderful. :)

P!nky said...

We would have so much fun together! bring on the snow days! xoxo

Sara Louise said...

That snow day looks pretty close to perfect!
I'm loving that mani :-)

jessica said...

I LOVE this day!! PJs all day, yes please!!!