Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Words for Wednesday

Life has been so busy lately

(and by “life” I obviously mean work).

Yeah, I know….super cool.
 It’s ok though. Sometimes that just comes with the territory!


Being occupied with all that, has made me forget to blog about some VERY FUN happenings these past few weeks! commence the ramblings!

Bloggy Meet-Up With Julie
I cannot express how sad I am that this girl does not live in Atlanta anymore….and not only does she not live here….she lives on the complete opposite coast.

We met at Café Intermezzo for dinner when she was here near Thanksgiving and had the best time. I connected with Julie instantly….. Seriously, amazing!

I am counting down the days until her blonde self lands back in Atlanta and we get to hang out again!

my one and only picture from our blate got deleted :( you really have to come back!

O’Malley Sees Santa
I’m fairly obsessed with  my fur-baby nephew, O’malley. I mean, How could I not be….look at this face!

He went to see Santa this past weekend and I’m in love with his little picture…..even if Santa is actually restraining him in it and his mom had to apologize for his rowdy behavior.

OMO and Shannon!

Seeing Santa is just too exciting!

Rina Comes to Town
Rina is my college roomie and one of my besties since sophomore year. She was one of the only people I knew in Atlanta when I moved here…..and then she went and left me 3 months later for Augusta. But she comes back and visits every once in awhile. And a few weekends ago, she came and we had a full-blown girls weekend. We’re talking Breaking Dawn, shopping, dining out at fun places, going out, lounging around my place. It was so much fun. Friends just make life better! 

Carol of the Bells Rap Style
This happened at my church on Sunday

Yes this is church. Yes we rap occassionally. Yes it is awesome.
I want these guys to get discovered!

Happy Hump Day Chicas (and any Chicos)!




Michelle said...

I love Julie! She seems like such a sweetheart! O'Malley is adorable! And love the rap! It's such a twist on the classic, Carol of the Bells!

Shannon said...

You def surround yourself with beautiful people!! And I'm a sucker for animal santa pictures too.

Whitney said...

how great was the music on sunday at Buckhead Church?! ive only been a few times, and i'm normally a traditional southern baptist church kind of girl, but after sunday i think i fell in LOVE with buckhead church.

Maggie said...

Loooove that hair girlfriend :) So hot!

The pup is too cute except he does not seem to sold on the Santa thing. Don't blame him on that though I guess.

Also, rapping in Church is pretty awesome in my opionion :)

choose to be happy blog said...

i am SO mad i wasnt at buckhead church this past sunday!!!!! i missed that?!!! i go there ALL the time! last year for christmas the music was AMAZING!

Unknown said...

I love that you have rappers at church! Umm so cool?!

Little O'Malley is SO cute! And a spoiled little thing I am sure :) I mean how many little pups get to see Santa? Too cute.

And I love that you said "Life has been busy, and by life I mean work!" That has def been the story of my life lately. Sleep, Eat, Work. REPEAT.

shay said...

i wanna go to your church!! that is AWESOME!

and o'malley is just the cutest lil thing!

Sarah said...

Precious Puppy! What kind is it?

jayme said...

I've missed rina! And that pic of your sis looks so much like you! Crazyyyy.

megan said...

Haha love the Christmas rapping at church. Brady went to get his pic taken with Santa last year and I can't wait to go again this year!

Ashley said...

That video was amazing, Ash! Wow! And, you sis and O'Malley are too frickin' cute!!! Love the picture of you - did you just workout? Still look hott! :p

Alex said...

I wish my cats would cooperate and take a picture with Santa!

Katie said...


Me and Erica would be great additions...they need our talents I'm 99% sure of it!


Sarah said...

Props to you for keeping record of all your fun adventures! I always forget to take pictures. I'm so jealous of all your blates! I need to find some girls here to get together with. Have a great day! xoxo

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Meeting you made me even sadder that we moved! But you better believe we'll meet up next time I'm there! :) And how crazy is it that we go/went to the same church! Ah I miss that place so much!

Alyssa said...

O'Malley is just precious!

Lindsey said...

i don't know why but sometimes half your pics in your posts don't show up for me. I like your messy pony in the last pic though! HOT!

Ashley said...

Buckhead Church is incredible!! Big fan of Andy Stanley! O'Malley is absolutely adorable!

alicia said...

you're so pretty! animal santa photos are so cute. haha

Sandy a la Mode said...

yayy for bloggy meetups, how fun!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw, o'malley is toooo cute!! two things i wish for right now:

1) that i could rap
2) that we had rap in our worship services (ha!)

Young and Fabulous said...

hahah i love your pic with ya ponytail!!! :-)

i need to watch this church rap as soon as i get freakin GANGSTA is that!! love it!

i need an o'malley in my life. You need a fur-baby! Fur-baby or nugget....i think we know the better choice hahah juss kiiidddding ;-)

lovers you girl!

meme-and-he said...

cutest little pup ever!

Unknown said...

So fun! And O'Malley is SO stinkin' cute!!

Unknown said...

lovely small dog!!! so adorable!!
Take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?

Chelsi Baird said...

The picture of your dog with santa is adorable :) What a cute idea..

P!nky said...

Rapping in church is amazeballs!!!


Yara Simón said...

That dog is sooo cute. I love that the dog was taken to see Santa.

Megan said...

Julie really is amazing!!!! So easy to get along with in real life! I love her...and you!!

Anonymous said...

Café Intermezzo is the best, I make my sister take me every time I visit her there!!