Thursday, December 1, 2011

We Can Agree

If there’s one thing I think most men and women can agree on, it’s that the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is amazing. I don’t think I could even get mad if my boy-toy-honey-lover wanted to watch with me. I mean these girls are like pretend people.

Freaks of Nature.


They’re like an attraction in a museum.

(my favorite.....can I wear this everyday?)

However, as I told Stephanie I think we could all look just as sassy if thigh-high leg warmers and stilettos were appropriate to wear out of the house and if we slathered ourselves in shade 98 spray tan and three bottles of baby oil and sparkles. Add in some porn-star curls and some oversized wings and there you have it. Insta-Angel. It’s a totally feasible dream…..slippery, but totally feasible.
Besides being completely motivated for the next 10 months to work my booty off in the gym, I love watching the show for the fashion and the musical performances. I mean Kanye and Jay-Z and Nikki Minaj plus an audience sprinkled with celebs.  It’s like Life & Style Magazine come to life.

The outfits are wild, the colors exquisite and the imagination and creativity that  goes into the whole show is out-of-this-world...

The 2 million dollar bra

The intricate trains and embellishments

And who doesn’t love the part where they interview the angels and they all say things like “I just love chocolate. I can’t get enough.” Or “I don’t really diet.”

The show left me realizing I need to marry someone Brazilian….I imagine Brazilian babies just bust out of the womb with a head full of perfect curls and skin that looks as if its toasted in the sun all summer…, I seriously love some foreign accent (Dear Brazilian Doctor who models in his spare time…..I’m in Atlanta. Come find me. We’d have beautiful children.)

SO big question…..did you grab a bowl of ice cream and watch? Or, did you forego for another show?


Rorie said...

I watched half! The other half is on the dvr waiting to re-motivate me another day!
BUT if my job was to go to the gym for 8 hours a day and just workout and get skinny I would look like that too!!!
Minus 8 inches because I am only 5'2".
Someone needs to pay be top dollar to look awesome!!!

Jess said...

I did not watch. It makes me feel inadequate because I'm 5'1" and as a former gymnast, I have a very athletic build - so basically about as far from a super model as you can possibly get ... you know, without looking like Sloth from The Goonies. ;)

Young and Fabulous said...

hahah YES YES YES to wanting to wear these outfits out of the house!

um can u imagine me sitting at my desk with 10 foot angel wings? i would be a freakin goddess...hahah ;-)

I didn't get to watch it but of course it is DVRd!

and ugh...adriana lima...i want to be her. SO HOT! haha


Maggie said...

I agree...they ARE freaks of nature. So incredibly not fair. But I like food to much to ever have enough motivation to look like that.

But they are stunning that's fo sho.

If I hear of any Brazilian doctors on the market, I'll send them your way :)

P!nky said...

I watched and this was the first time I watched the whole thing. It was fun, I loved the sparkles but honestly I was expecting so much more....don't know if they just grown on you? I also miss Heidi, Gisele and Tyra too.

But, I LOVE Miranda and when they showed Orlando Bloom cheering for her the first times he walked out I died. They are so cute and she is gorgie!

While everyone is using them as motivation to get to the gym, I'm saying, hey, I'm NEVER gonna look that (#smallchestedsistah), so I'm gonna eat ice cream ;)

You would totally rock the runway!

Nikki said...

My self confidence is really low right now so I couldn't bare to make myself feel even worse. But they sure are amazing.

Sarah said...

I honestly forgot to watch it, and by the time I realized it was one, it was almost over. I keep seeing all the pictures though and I wish I would've seen it!!
Oh, and one year for a halloween party I dressed as a VS angel...definitely didn't look like any of those girls but I still felt like I rocked it out. You're right, all it took was a tan, some heels, and some wings :)

Chelsea Finn said...

I didnt watch it! I usually do though, those models are too pretty. And i will never believe that they dont diet

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Stephanie said...

haha love this! You ALREADY know I was tuned in and documenting every second of it via Twitter (oops!)

They are seriously FREAKS of nature but hey...we could be, uh, our sweatpants and heels, ya know. DUH!

I hired myself for you to help find the Brazilian Model Doctor guy...just so I can look at him and live vicariously through you. Deal? Yes.

Katie said...

They are freaks of nature and I seriously wonder all the time if they have to diet or not. I guarantee some of the youngens don't...they are just naturally thin with long perfect locks. that is slit your wrists material.


I LOVED the superwoman cape too!!

Shannon said...

I couldn't watch this year. I still have baby weight that needs to come off. The show would have destroyed me. Ha.

Elizabeth said...

I fell asleep while watching Rudolph! Haha! I'm so sad I missed it but I'm sure it will come on again. I recently read an article and these girls pretty much starve themselves 2 weeks before the show. They have a crazy training schedule 3 months prior to the show and don't drink any liquids like 12 hours before the show. So I guess if we had their training schedule/diet, we could all look like them!

But those outfits, AMAZING!

Sam W. said...

talk about motivation. i did not watch as i prefer the hubs to keep his lusty eyes for me (and we were out of the house!). but daaaang, these girls are smokin!

Rebecca said...

I watched a show on them and they said they go on a liquid diet 2 weeks before the show and a hardcore diet 6 months before! hah I hate when they say "i love chocolate" girl I know you didnt get a banging bod like that by eating candy bars! =]

Alyssa said...

This is so weird but my old neighbor is brazillian and his first daughter has the gorgeous skin, the curls, everything! She's stunning! His second child is beautiful but paler than pale with stick straight blonde hair haha.

Raquel said...

The VS fashion show never disappoints. Adriana Lima...what a babbbeeeeee! Girl crush right there

Rach said...

Haha! I love your note to the Brazilian doctor at the end. ;) I married an Italian accountant so we should have some pretty gorgeous curly-headed, olive-skinned babies. :D

Alex said...

I can't watch because it makes me feel hooooorrible about myself.
Plus, let's talk about how Miranda Kerr had a BABY this year. With Orlando Bloom, nonetheless. HOW DOES SHE LOOK LIKE THAT?!

Nuha said...

i turned it on half way and watched with my husband- while turning to him occasionally and saying" you should be closing your eyes" and then getting sucked back in to the show. and can i be shallow for a minute and say that it made me excited when their legs jiggled as they walked?

Yelena Starikova said...

I watched it online!! Its AMAZING! Wow! No ice cream after show like that!) I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. I've got a new post where I give some tips on how to save money on some fashion items. Love to hear what you think.

Xo ,

jessica // union shore said...

i missed it this year!! i was so bummed!!

Brandi Curtis said...

It's probably best I missed it because just from seeing pictures/bits & pieces of the show it makes me want to vomit.

Outfits were amazing and their bodies/hair/make up makes me one jealous B.