Thursday, December 8, 2011


Even though I clung tight to every last drop of summer, I forget how many wonderful trends and fashions each new season of each new year brings.

Winter has hit Atlanta hard this week (and by that I mean it dropped to 33 degrees)……Here are some things I’m loving to keep me all cozy this season….and a few on my wish list ;)

Boot socks
 Sure 3 feet long socks looks super unsexy just laying in the drawer but when they peek out over the top of your boots….it’s a  fashion match perfection!

Fair Isle Print.
 I think my newfound love for Christmas this year may be the reason behind my obsession with the Fair Isle  print. Nothing says holiday-tastic like snow-flakes and reindeer dancing across your chest

I think it's only appropriate and totally acceptible that you talk in a British Accent when wearing the poncho.

Wedge lace-up booties.
 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put a pair of these in my cart and then out and then back in and back out. I absolutely love them and have so many outfit ideas they would go with…..I think you can even pull them into spring/early-summer wear!

Ok so bangles are not really a winter trend but I'm obsessed with them and I collect them so naturally they must be a part of every seasonal fashion post.


Colored Denim
It rages on from the summer! I love this trend because it’s not just a one-season investment. Match a pair of bright red skinnies with a comfy cowl and sparkly flats for winter and then scale it back with a raceback tank, wedges and an armful of bangles for summer. I’ve been going back and forth between a red hot pair or electric blue. What’s your fav?

Hunter Boots
I am currently trying to find a reason good enough to justify $125 rain boots. 

What are you dying over this season?

I happen to also be dying over the fact that it's Friday. Hallelujah!


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

I'm dying over:

a) the fact that I miss you!

b) the hoodies, skinnies, and uggs combo. So comfy, and so cute, and I love it!

c) that I just got my first pair of TOMS ever, and I'm hopelessly addicted and I'm SO in love with them.

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

im a huge fan of the boot sock thang and the fair isle sweater! happy friday :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Marian said...

Boot socks...hands down!!

Whitney said...

oh girly you hit all the pretty trends right on the head. LOVE LOVE LOVE the boot socks. why did we all not catch on to this sooner? and me loves the lace up wedge booties. gots to get me a pair asap. happy friday!!

maggie_rane said...

I'm also obsessing over the boot socks!!! Just pinned a pair the other day on Pinterest! I have an electric blue pair of skinnies-- I freaking love them with my huge cheetah heels and a huge black sweater!

Awesome post!!!

Chelsea Coleen said...

i love boot socks. and bracelets and well every dang thing on your list!

Ashley said...

love your list, ash!

i could totally go shopping with you! :P

i'm soooo wanting some hunter rain boots - it rains soooo much here in pa! i also need some l.l bean snow boots! :P

P!nky said...


Well, I <3 them all the time!


Kyndi said...

I've definitely been rocking fair isle and boot socks in chilly NYC...and anything with fur!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i want me some hunter green hunters!! i also a huge fan of colored denim and boot wedges. actually i think everything you listed here!

happy weekend!!

Sarah said...

I need to get on that boot sock trend but I guess the first thing I would need are some boots. Those seem pretty crucial-haha! I haven't been brave enough to embrace the colored denim yet but I love how it looks on other people. I usually throw some color in with my shoes. And red Hunter boots are definitely on my Christmas list this year!! Have a great weekend love!! xoxo

Shannon said...

boot socks boot socks boot socks!!!

Oh, and I recently saw someone spray paint an upright paper towel holder and use it as a bangles/bracelet holder. Genius, right?

Sam {} said...

i totally need you to come and style me. love all your fashion ideas! i'm all about boot socks, but my meaty calves barely fit in my boots by themselves. unfair :)

Sarah said...

I'm loving boot socks too! And I rock my bright blue skinnies. I can't find any other color jeans that look right though. :(

Alyssa said...

The the socks with the boots! I actually repinned that picture on Pinterest!

Alex said...

1. I die for Hunter boots ever year. DIE. But it never rains here anymore, sooo no use :(
2. Go for the red jeans!
3. I want to wear boot socks SO BADLY. But my legs are so ridiculously short that the socks would probably look like mid-thigh stockings on me. All I want for Christmas is longer legs.

Megan said...

I need some colored denim!! I love them! And yes, boot socks are totally precious!!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I vote for the red pants! And I had no idea Hunters were that expensive! But those pink ones are ADORABLE. Happy weekend, love!

Maggie said...

I have never seen those boot sock thingies but now I feel like a piece of me is missing since I don't have a pair.

I see that changing in my future :)

Married...with a Pup said...

Ok, I seriously love EVERYTHING(!!) on your list!!! I had no idea that print was called fair isle, but I do love it as well. It makes me think of being cozy in a log cabin!

Arielle said...

Love the socks and pink boots!

Angel said...

love these things!! i think you should get the red skinnies - they'll look dazzling on you! and i'm starting to love hunter boots now that i've seen them a little more. i'll make an excuse for you to get a pair. ;)

happy weekend!

jessica {creative index} said...

i love that fair isle sweater! so cute! and boot socks have become my new obsession!

Young and Fabulous said...

everything on this list i LOVE!! boot socks...colored pants...bracelets...HUNTAS!!!

ill splash in puddles with u in our hunter wellies...we will be fashionista puddle jumpers and talk about how fabulous we are for buying 125$ rainboots haha


She Speaks said...

OMG. Those Huntie boots are on my list this year- but in black. Oh dear- is black boring?? Should I have picked a color? Oh dear.

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

The 2nd photo, expect her blonde hair, I want everything she has!


Carolyn said...

Oh I want Hunter boots SO BADLY! But I love everything you put on this list! :)