Thursday, December 15, 2011

That Time I Ripped Off a Blog

Ok I have to say that I totally took a page from one of my new favorite blogs....Life & Times of Alison & Justin  (proof that perfect beautiful people do exist....and they marry each other....gah)
to bring you....this:

currently . . .

current book(s)

 ha! i seriously thought about just deleting this one.......195 emails a day have to count for some kind of reading right?

current playlist
Julie Sheer & Jake CoCo Cover - Perfect
The Fray - Hearbeat

current color
bobbing for baubles
Essie - Bobbing for Baubles

current drink

current food
half a bagel (how many of you were surprised I didn't say cereal or a TV dinner?)

current favorite show
Giuliana & BIll...not currently on but I'm loving the reruns

 current needs
new tennis shins are pretty much demanding it.

current triumph(s)
I'm still counting Monday's bootcamp as my current triump.....and probably will for at least 2 more weeks

current bane(s) of my existence
the record-breaking traffic in Atlanta.....I don't mean to complain but uuuuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

current celebrity crush 
have we met? ryan reynolds...duh.

 current #1 blessing
ok, anyone who doesn't put "family and friends" in this one sounds like a major brat goober but i'm gonna go with that as "a given" and say my job.....I never take a day for granted (even the 15 hour ones!)
current indulgence
sleep.....I get this makes me sound 87 years old but I've been living for Saturday mornings lately
(I totally look this pretty too when I sleep on my pink satin sheets with matching sleep mask)

current outfit
Oh haii there!
Hudson jeans, Zara tank, Banana Republic sweater and Purple wedge loafers (which you can't see)

current excitement
Christmas parties out the WAZOO this weekend!

current mood
this was pretty much the scene in my living room this morning
current favorite holiday decoration
a gold sequined 3 feet Christmas tree sitting on my counter....totally makes the kitchen #whoneedsthestove

current #1 item on your wishlist
to meet my blog muffins....I mean, how long does a girl have to wait?!

current new year's resolution
have a freakin amazeballs 2012

Happy Friday!
:* :* :*

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Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

You made me laugh with your current book line. I'm sure the emails (and don't forget magazines!) count for something! I'm with you on the favorite show and the #1 item on your wish list (for real, come visit me, and we'll road trip to see Rissy and Erica). Oh, and your outfit is super cute! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

This is a fun your current celebrity crush...too fun!

Angie said...

I just did this same post yesterday and put Ryan Reynolds as my current club crush too! Love him!!!

meme-and-he said...

cute outfit! love the colors together...and YES. 195 emails counts. totally.

Bethany said...

Love this! I am totally stealing it from you! Don't worry; I will def give you props in my blog! (: Although, it won't really matter because I have 3 followers! Bahahaa!

Michelle P said...

I'm loving all of this!

Anonymous said...

Every time I read your blog I realize we have more and more in common. We must have a get together in our wonderful city of ATL sometime soon. I am so behind on the latest season of Guliana and Bill. Do you know if they are on Hulu or on demand? I must catch up this holiday break. :)

J and A said...

You are so sweet! :) So glad you did this. LOVE your outfit, those colors are awesome. Wow that is a lot of emails girl!

Stephanie and Such said...

Love this post Ash! I watched Giuliana & BIll at the gym the other day, and I actually thought of you! Weird? Yes, I know.

Love the outfit.

Love the triumph. Haha. We all do it :)

And In my book R.Reynolds is a permanent crush!

megan said...

Speaking of sleep, I am a huge fan of naps which lateley I haven't been able to enjoy. Well I got off work yesterday at 1:30 and slept from 2-5pm. It was GLORIOUS.

Katie said...

you need to get the Brooks adrenaline like I have! so lovely they are. you look sexsay in that pic lady and I love how you put #12BG! whoop whooppp

Angel said...

LOVE everything on this list! love that outfit and the fact that your tree is in your kitchen. but most of all, i love ryan. ;)

Tabitha Lynn said...

Love this and your outfit!!

Brianna said...

Bobbing for baubles is my current color too!! Love it! Its especially great with rose gold glitter (:

natasha {schue love} said...

Love learning about all your current loves! Your outfit is super duper cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh ryan reynolds, i love that man!

She Speaks said...

Wait- did you say you were waiting to meet me? Oh, no? My bad. I might just swipe this one for my blogita. Just know its out of love? And PS- please send me your hair. Thanks. XOXO