Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Words I'm going to need my iphone to recognize

I text a LOT.....In the words of the Verizon man, I'm a "text hog."

It's true.

I text all day long
(mostly to many of you....yeah you....you know who you are)

And in doing so, I battle with my iphone.....Sometimes I have an interesting vocabulary, I realize this but I'm going to need my phone to grow with me and stop auto-correcting my intensely cool convos!

"OK"- Dear iPhone...I am not French. Please stop changing all my "oks" to "oui's." Thanks, your American owner

"Nugget" - I don't know why, but I use this word almost daily. It's so applicable in so many instances. Plus it's just intensely funny

"Amazeballs" - You knew this one was coming I hope. This is like my word and I do not appreciate the red squiggle line of confusion every time I type it.
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"Sweezy," "Rizzle" or "-Mac" -In case you didnt' know, I nickname almost everyone...and many of said nicknames involve these extensions.

"boo" - So I like to call people "boo" and I'm not Beyonce....sue me. However often times it comes out "BOO"...it's Halloween year-round in my phone.
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"too" - It's a simple phrase...however on more than one occassion I've told someone "I love you tool" instead of expressing my immense love in return of "I love you tooooooooooooooooo"

What words stump your phone?!

Happy Hump Day Lovelies


Jess said...

hmmm ... my phone now recognizes amazeballs. it took forever for my phone to recognize the town i live in and my e-mail address. it kept changing them. I almost got packages sent to the wrong address because I almost forgot to double-check before I submitted orders!

it makes me chuckle that your phone needs to learn nugget. does it know BNL? oh, and btw, i'm pretty sure I don't have a nickname that ends in sweezy, rizzle, or mac. at least not that i know. :)

Rorie said...

I can't even think of the ridiculous things it changes in my phone. I elongate words alot though so I know that is messed up and i end up saying things like i'm on my walrus instead of I'm on my wayyyy.

Really i phone!?

Shannon said...

I love that you text the word nugget so often. That word has special meaning to me.

Autocorrect changes my friends name Alyssa to Alaska. It can be funny at times.

jayme said...

amazeballs is now a non-red-squiggle word in my phone. other than that, i usually text & send too quickly to even realize what i've done wrong.... whoops.

Ashley said...

ash, you are tooooooo darn cute! (i use the whole "toooooo" also) lol :) seriously, whenever i see you comment or use the word amazeballs, it makes me smile. i love that word!

my iphone just makes me look dumb sometimes when it corrects my spelling! darn auto-correct! lol

Ashley Slater said...

I tried to say "heyyyyyy girl" and my phone sent "Getty girl" which sounded wildly inappropriate.... Lol

T minus 3 days!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

I hate when it changes "toooo" or "soooo." My Iphone 3g used to change "shit" every.single.time...but I just got the iphone4 and luckily it doesn't do that. It's so annoying but it can create some pretty funny things sometimes when you don't realize what you said!

Allison said...

Luckily, I've trained my iPhone to recognize "amazeballs." However, I do have the BOO problem.

My best friend texted me and said "hahahahaha" and it autocorrected it to say "Haitians." I could not stop laughing.

P!nky said...

Hahahah I love you tool! That's so funny!!!

I have gotten the oui from ok before and it baffles me. I also say amaze balls and man, that red squiggle is annoying!!!!

Dear autocorrect, grow up!


Alex said...

I'm surprised my phone hasn't died due to over-texting. It's my life.
I like to add lots of extra letters to the end of words for extra emphasis. Like "come hereeeeee" or "I'm hungryyyyy." Thankfully my phone has started recognizing this. But sometimes it comes up with ridiculous replacements. Get on the ball, phone!

Raven said...

hahahaha love is Ashley! Especially since I know the little inside joke on "nugget." also, my iphone has totally recognized when I type DDHP and now it autocorrects words to THAT hahaha!!!

Sam W. said...

haha, love it!! my phone loves to guess "bahahaha" - which is helpful :)

Megan said...

Totally with you on some of these!! My phone is always changing something in my texts...even normal words...just for the fun of it to mess with me. Haha.

Taylor said...

Now I know I am one of those people...today my phone changed "butt naked" to "but raked" I was not happy! and umm so now i have a nickname...we need others!
This is hilarious though!!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

ha! all of this happens to me all the time! the "tooooooooo" to "tool"' happens all the time. hilarious!

Sarah said...

My phone changes Brice to Bruce. I'm pretty sure I know my own boyfriend's name... Haha that's the price we pay for having phones that know everything...

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I'm baAaaaAccck! Well, I can't really top those, but my phone has started putting itself into spanish mode all on it's on. So ANY word I text, it tries to put it in spanish. How's that for weird... and it always like the turn the world "girl" into "dork" which has gotten me in trouble quite a few times...