Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekend Things

The good, the bad, the adorable and the incredibly messy!

Big surprise by the name of my blog right? I ran the Atlanta Marathon relay style with two of my coworkers and my friend Whitney last weekend....And besides the three hours of waiting in 36 degree weather wearing basically tights and a sheer tee, it was amazing. Seriously though....the 4am wake up call and the weather had me doubting our race decision ....but it's all worth it crossing that relay line. And our team kicked some relay be-donk! We came in 7th in the corporate teams and 44th (out of 300) overall.....and for a team that trained maybeeeee one week in advance, I'd say that's pretty awesome!

post race & SWEATY!

Emmalyn's Halloween Costume
I'm know this is late but I had to include...Is this not the most precious child you've ever seen?! I'm not one of those people that gushes over babies until I hang out with this little nugget who melts my heart. I've officially decided I'm not having kids...I'm just going to adopt one of Kayla and Caleb's. They've got an amazing gene pool situation going on here....why mess with perfection?

No Cash
One of the first lessons I learned living in Atlanta is to always have cash on you. Anywhere you go here there are typically two parking spots and the rest is valet. But after my card hacking incident, I haven't had a chance to pull out cash.....when I went to dinner Saturday night, I had to pay the parking man in quarters and dimes. I'm just gonna say parking in  Atlanta isn't cheap and leave it at that....#awkward

Birthday Coffee
I got to meet up with Jocelyn on her bday for a little coffee date at the Nordie's Cafe this weekend! So much fun catching up! 

Happy Hour
We have a hard-working team in our office and every once in awhile we'll call it a day early on a Friday and head to Happy Hour. Last Friday was one such day and we had an amazing time talking and joking around for hours.

Shattered makeup
I have an eye shadow pallette with about 30ish shades that is my lifeline....I wear shades out of it every day. And on Saturday I dropped it on  my bathroom floor. You don't even WANT to know how freaking hard it is to clean up 30 shades of smooshed powder on your floor.

Sushi Dates
Sushi dates with girlfriends are the best right? We tried an amazing new spot in South Buckhead Saturday night.

How did you spend your weekend?


Rorie said...

Relay half marathon!! I am really jealous!!! I would love to do one of those!!

megan said...

Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend! Props to you and your team for doing so well in the race! I can barely run around my block. :(

Ashley said...

Yay, for doing so well in the Atlanta Marathon Relay! Thats awesome Ash! You still look even after a run! :( No fair! lol. I love the Buckhead area and yay for Happy Hour - hello thats fab! That stinks about your eyeshadows...boooo!

I spent my weekend shopping and spent way tooo much $$$$ :)

Rissy said...

your weekend was way cooler than mine first of all... sushi-yum, coffee-yum, and happy hr drinks- big yum : )

how could you not just totally love that precious little girl... and that lady bug costume is amazing.

Congrats on the marathon! love the Ashley in real life (as Chelsea would say) pictures!

P!nky said...

Way to go running the relay marathon! I think that is SUPER awesome, although I don't know if I could have done the 4am wake up call eeeeesh!

Sushi dates and birthday coffee sound oh-so-fabulous!!!!

Hope you have a great week!

californiadreamin said...

Your weekend was WAAAAY cooler than mine. I was craving some sushi. But sadly I did laundry

Kyndi said...

I feel ya on the dropped makeup! I busted a bottle of my fave nail polish on the the bathroom floor this weekend...my floor is now glittery gold :)

choose to be happy blog said...

I must know where you went for sushi and where yall went for happy hour!! so i can awkwardly show up when you are there....... just kidding.........

not really.

I am so impressed about the marathon. Seriously. You are my hero. I need to run. Can I borrow your motivation?

Stephanie and Such said...

I love Nordy's cafe!! Their tomato soup is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I hate carrying around cash. But then hate when I need it, and I have to go to an atm.

And Ash that's awesome that you did that relay! You go girl!!! Seriously, super inspirational!

Katie said...

Relay half marathon..so fun and that is an amazing finish!! Good job girl :) you look caaaaaauteeeee.

natasha {schue love} said...

I just shattered my eye makeup recently...HATE that! And props to you on the marathon!

Shannon said...

CONGRATS on the half marathon. What a great way to let yourself eat all the sushi you want, right?

I guess breastfeeding does that for me. At least I hope so as I put this cookie in my mouth.

My-cliffnotes said...

Um jealous of all of this! How do you relay a marathon! Because that is something I would like to do!

Jocelyn said...

It was great meeting up for some last minute birthday coffee!!! It's always fun catching up :)

Where did you guys go for Sushi? Need to find a good sushi spot :) We wound up going to the Canoe Club again. Which is the same place we went for my b-day last year too!!

Sarah said...

GIRL, I wish I looked as good as you after running! Congrats on running the race! I wanna start doing some more of those around here.

Alex said...

You are impressive for running that marathon. Just the thought of a marathon makes my legs want to die. So go you!!!
Houston is all valet too, and I hate it. I neverrr have cash and have to mooch off others. Faillll.

Alyssa said...

I cringed when I got the part about the makeup. I can't even imagine! Congrats on the half marathon! So jealous! I wanna do some sort of race eventually!

Katie said...

First, congrats with that marathon! So amazing! And second, yes, that little girl and the costume is seriously adorable!!

She Speaks said...

You look amazing in said running tights though!

Raven said...

so thats how your legs look all amazing. I DESPISE running. I wish I didn't, but I do :( However if you promise I will look like you I will totally start running now stop in a week or two.

and you know I'm a sucker for an adorable child in a halloween costume. SO CUTE!

oh and sushi. yum in my tummy.

Young and Fabulous said...

marathon=awesome...your team did fabbo!

i saw your tweet about the shattered pallette..AGHHHH i would have been super stanky and kept re-using it hahah did you have to throw it out?!?

i totally paid a 20$ parking garage fee in quarters. the guy hated me. i mean i tried flashing my boobies but he was not having it ;-)

my weekend was spent wishing it wouldnt end and dreading the 4 PM thrust into darkness after this daylight savings thing hahah

xoxox muah!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

All of this Atlanta talk makes me miss it SO MUCH! Except for the freezing weather...not really ready for that!

And that baby/costume is the most precious thing. AH!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

please take me to that sushi place one day! i'm missing me some real good sushi! and major bummer on the shattered make-up...hate when that happens! also congrats on the race - you seriously rock!

Sam W. said...

this weekend we couldn't decide between thai food or sushi for a friday date night, so we did both. it was gloriously sinful :)

Michaela said...

How awesome! Congrats on your run!! Little ladybug girl has my heart (:

Sabrina Says Blog said...

Well it seems like the good out weighed the bad!! Although I would have cried if I broke my make up :( You look all sorts of hot and sexy after JUST running a race!! Teach me your ways.. I'm pretty sure I sweat like a man, it's not attractive.

That lil lady bug is really stinkin cute. I wanna squish her.

You should come to WA we have GREAT sushi and awesome happy hrs. Trust me!!

Sabrina Says

Unknown said...

Congrats on a great job on the relay!!! I'm secretly scared of ladybugs, but this one I can approve of! And, parking in Atlanta is a night-mare for sure!

Michelle said...

I need a sushi date with my friends bad!

Suzie Q said...

WHERE was the amazing Sushi!?!?! I must know!! I'm forever on a quest for the best sushi in the ATL!