Monday, November 7, 2011

The T's of November

I was officially ready to participate in some fall when…..freaking Winter hit Atlanta. Thank goodness it has simmered down because seriously two weeks ago I was packing my Patagonia and gloves! Brrrrr
So I’m back to being excited about fall…and specifically all the fun things November holds:

After a couple year of feeling so-so towards them, I'm really excited for the  holidays this year. The words “vacation” haven’t existed in my vocabulary for nearly two years and I haven’t been home since the beginning of June. So I’m excited for a little 4-day getaway to my hometown to see my family and friends still there. And let’s be honest….food that requires longer than 6 minutes to cook.

Turkey Trot
It has become an annual traditionfor Shannon and I to run the Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving morning. The turnout is HUGE and it’s so much fun. You absolutely feel less guilty for eating 10X your daily caloric intake when you do a little pre-Turkey-dinner exercise.

 Ok technically it’s Breaking Dawn but I was trying to keep with the theme. In just a few short weeks Breaking Dawn will hit theatres and I couldn’t be more excited. It's been an incredulously long time since we've all seen Edward Cullen's face and Jacob's 6-pack on a 30 x 90 foot screen.....I think that's something we can all be thankful for! ;)
I'm headed to Nashy this month to celebrate my friend Lacey's 30th bday! Time to bust out the cowboy booots! Will you all do me a favor and cross your fingers I run into T-Sweezy? That would be THE BEST!
What are you looking forward to this month?  

(hi hi hi to all my new followers! i sooo need to make the rounds and check out all your blogs soon!)


Rorie said...

Yay!! I love thanksgiving now too. I wasn't as huge a fan when I was in college! Also I run a turkey trot. Only mine is 8 miles!! Eep!

Lindsey said...

I have my ticket preordered and in my posession for Breaking Dawn, I can't wait. I wish we would get Fall! Waah! Yesterday it was humid and semi-hot. I NEED A FALL!!

Angel said...

can't wait to see you for thanksgiving!!! and please snap an amazing picture with t swift when you see her ;)

Rissy said...

I can find out where Carrie Underwood lives for ya... my friend's mom apparently sees her around town a lot ; )

Turkey trot sounds soo fun, and I really wish I lived close so I could join you-- uh oh, awkward friend who invites herself places ; )

Maybe I should start fasting now in prep for Thanksgiving...

Hope you have an awesome week girl!

Jenna said...

I looove Turkey Trots and miss them dearly in SA! Still, I'm planning on trying to cook a mini thanksgiving meal for me and the boy to try and re-create a bit of the American spirit in SA :)


Lauren said...

I can't wait for Breaking Dawn! :) or Thanksgiving! I'm just excited for the entire holiday season! Happy Monday! :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

those socks and boots look soo comfy cozy!!

Fit With Flash said...

I've got another one to add to your list...
T minus 3.5 weeks until we get to hang out in the ATL!!! : )

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

So so so so so so excited for Breaking Dawn. Every time a preview comes on for it, I stop everything I'm doing and just stare. haha I cannot wait!!

Young and Fabulous said...

i dont know why...but when i saw your post say 'The T's of November' the first word i thought of was tits #AwkwardNaughtyRandom

i have always wanted to do a turkey trot! we have those around here too...i just wish i could run ERR! and yes mainly because if i did that, i could eat a whole turkey PLUS a turducken

T is also for T...which is the nickname for the Boston MBTA...which means u could come visit and we could take the T!

im looking forward to the holidays...though its going to be so hard without my 2 grandparents there...itll be the first holiday we celebrate without both of them! but i think we'll all be okay! though my grandmothers pies will be missed for sure..and lord knows noone can re-create lol

i hope you run into t-swizzy in nashy!


Sarah said...

I wish they had a turkey trot here! I would feel so much better about the large amount of food I'd be consuming later that day. Haha! Hope you had a great weekend girl :)

Alex said...

I am SO EXCITED for Breaking Dawn. A day without Edward Cullen in my life is a dark, sad one.

Shannon said...

I'm looking forward to sleep. Yup. Sleep. It'll come eventually, right?

agroeper said...

I've felt the same way about the holiday's the past few years and I'm sort of getting back into them this year. I'm so glad!

this free bird said...

I am so with you on Breaking Dawn!! My bf says yesterday, 'It's really too bad my schedule is back to back until you see Breaking Dawn'. I say: Well I don't have to see it opening night. He says: 'My schedule is back to back until you've FINISHED seeing it'



Married...with a Pup said...

Definitely looking forward to Breaking Dawn!!! I feel so incredibly silly saying that but I'm glad other women share my excitement!

She Speaks said...

Yep...ticket is ordered. Though I am not team Jacob in the least bit, I am excited! Poor hub is getting drug to another one. :)

Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

Thanksgiving! I can hardly wait for all the yumminess :)

Ashley said...

i'm sooo looking forward to Breaking Dawn! one of my besties back home is gonna wait till i get into town so we can watch together :) have fun in the race! i ran in our annual turkey day race last year - prob not gonna do it this year :( ummmm, i soooo want those boots! i really gotta invest in some good snow boots living up north anyways :)

Karolyn Tracy said...

I want those duck boots! Are they LL bean? Where did you find that picture? I cannot find them anywhere in that color selection. Thanks!