Wednesday, November 9, 2011


For the past two December’s I’ve had a Christmas celebration with my two friends Kristin and Ashley. We’d pick a day in December and all bring baking supplies (yes, I do actually own these things) and do holiday baking together. We’d exchange gifts, watch movies and last year we made gingerbread houses.

And when I was in college, every year, all  my roomies would gather together to watch the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show. It was sort of our Thanksgiving send-off party.

No matter what the holiday, somehow traditions seem to seep into our lives.

But now that I’m in a new city and have met new friends, I have no set celebrations or traditions…..yet!

What are some of your holiday traditions you share with family and friends?

Is there something special just you and your lover bun do together?

What about you single ladies? Anything special you do just for you to make the holidays come alive?

What’s the most creative holiday tradition you’ve seen?



Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

The weekend after Thanksgiving (no matter how much earlier I try to push it, hubby won't cave!), we put up the tree and all of the Christmas decorations, and hang ornaments together. I absolutely love taking that time to reminisce about memories and our history. I usually make cocoa and bake some cookies and we Christmas-ify the house.

Rebecca said...

I love baking cookies! It gets me in the xmas spirit!

Rorie said...

I love love love traditions!!! We decorate for Christmas on Black friday every year! It is a must!! We bake cookies on christmas eve. On christmas eve you get to open one present and its always new pajamas to wear to bed!! My fiances family had like to traditions so I am trying to get him into all of mine!!

megan said...

Some girls and I get together before Christmas and do a cookie & ornament exchange! Traditions are my fave and always give me something to look forward to!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I still havent gotten use to being single during the holidays. Last year was rough. I am really trying to make the best of it this year though!!! :)

maggie_rane said...

We always shop til we drop on Black Friday--- no matter what time the stores open and if we are looking for something specific or not.
Two Christmases ago Reed started having a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party and we always hit up Goodwill and other trift stores with them to find our "gems" for the party.
And of course Jenna and I always come up with some crafting and baking ideas!!!

Young and Fabulous said...

eee this makes me so happy!! :-) I love traditions

i think i actually saw your baking tradition night on a facebook album of yours....i could have made that up or maybe i saw it on your blog last christmas but i think ive seen pics and now i sound creepy

my roomies and i totally did the Runway viewing party haha!

each year my friends and i go out for a christmas dinner to a new restaurant...just get together and talk and laugh and catch-up on everything!

kurt and i just started this tradition last year since we have our own apt but we are going to cut-down our own christmas tree each year! so much fun to actually go saw it down (ok or in my case, watch kurt saw it down)

looove <3...aww now u have me dying for christmas!


P!nky said...


I always decorated my apartment the weekend after Thanksgiving so I get all the CHRISTMAS I CAN!

My old roommate and I had a FRIEND thanksgiving potluck the Sunday before thanksgiving. She cooked turkey and I made a signature dish then everyone else brought a side dish. We sent out paper invitations and everything, it was fun.

We also had a RED&GREEN party in December where we would dress up in Christmas costume and everyone had to wear red or green. We made jello shots, punch, and snacks, it was a blasty!

My honey and I don't have any traditions but I think we need to start one. :)

Great post now I can't WAIT!!!!!


Rissy said...

oh no!!! I can't think of one holiday tradition I have... except opening 1 gift on christmas eve with my parents hhmmm

Love the get together tradition with your friends!

oh time out... thought of something... every year in December, my best friend's family gets together to bake fruit cakes for a whole day (yes they give these things as gifts). I went once before and am invited again this year hehe

Lauren said...

This is so cute! I love holiday traditions! I love the runway show! We go black Friday shopping no matter what and always go out to breakfast after!

We always make thankful lists to and read them at dinner!

I'm following you on twitter now too! :)

Alex said...

Whenever I go home for Christmas, my three best friends from high school and I have a lunch or dinner somewhere followed by a photo shoot. We always call it "Fab Four Christmas." This year we will no doubt be doing the same thing, but they're also coming to see me in Houston at the beginning of December. I'm so excited!!

elena said...

love getting together with friends to hate to love the VS fashion show!

love your blog!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I love the baking/movie day you have with your friends! My friends and I used to do secret santa every year, but now that I live across the country, I'm in the same position you are! Time to make some new traditions!

Superficial Sanctuary said...

Such a cute post, it has me all excited now for the holidays! My roommates & I would watch the VS show, too, which was terrible timing considering it was so close to us all stuffing ourselves for Thanksgiving!

The boyfriend and I always do dinner downtown followed by ice skating (NOT my favorite part, obviously, unless we've had enough to drink) every December because it's always the half-way point to our yearly anniversary.

Now I have to go listen to Christmas music and plan to bake things that I'll most likely burn in the oven, awesome! hah

Sam {} said...

eating to the point of feeling stuffed and then passing out for at least 3 hours. this happens every year on thanksgiving and it's a tradition, right?!

Sabrina Says said...

Most of my traditions involve family and sugar cookies :)

My mom and I always decorate the tree together and listen to rockin around the christmas tree... it's probably my favorite thing ever :)

I need to start a tradition this year.... I'm thinking a dinner/gift exchange/ movie night... I'm not sure... I'll have to get back to you :)

Whatever I decide you better be there!!

Sabrina Says

Shannon said...

We always put up the christmas trees (plural) on the day after Thanksgiving while watching old James Bond movies.

We also always watch the movie Love Actually each year around Christmas. That movie is the absolute best.

Adelyn said...

this single lady sings her heart. Favorite genre? Christmas music.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love your traditions, friend - esp. that baking one!!!

you remember my family's christmas one, right? where we camp out in the living room on christmas eve and stay up all night. it still hasn't changed. we STILL do that to this day. crazy, i know, but we love it. hehe.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Aww, I love holidays and the traditions! So glad you guys are keeping up with your traditions! :)

Ashley Slater said...

I love that you just said "lover bun"

I am going to say that ALL WEEKEND!

Bon Bon said...

Baking day, for sure! And lots of peppermint mochas/Christmas shopping:-) Love this time of year! xoxo

She Speaks said...

I now officially cannot wait for Christmas. Every year lover bun and myself build a Gingerbread house. No- we do not bake, just the kit kind from the store. But every year, we make it happen.

We are also going to start going the 2 hr trek up into the NC mountains to cut down our we decorate for Christmas every year the day after Thanksgiving.

I wish that I had some great girlfriend traditions...

Tabitha Lynn said...

I'm so lame I have no traditions, and I want oh a million. ;)

This year I'll make one I promise!

Daniela said...

I think the tree and decorations are our tradition. This year I can't wait to get our tree and make things Christmas-y around here

Julip Made said...

The Boy and I decided it was too much to try and do both families for both holidays. So this year, one location per holiday. We also have the tradition of drinking bloody mary's while cooking the Thanksgiving meal.

PS. Check out my holiday essentials GIVEAWAY to help with some of these holiday traditions!