Friday, November 18, 2011

A Legend, Vampires, A Pie and a Blate

For as long as I can remember, I've tuned into Regis and Kelly every day. EVERY DAY! I even used to watch it with my mom when I was little and Kathie Lee was the original co-host.

Today is Regis' last show EVER.

And I am BUMMED.
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In addition to countless years on other programs, Regis has been doing this show since 1988 - 23 years!!

He’s interviewed thousands of famous people, hosted more than 17,000 hours of TV, traveled to hundreds of cities and done a gazillion shows.
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He’s truly a TV legend and I’ll miss his witty banter and humor every morning. 

We'll miss you big time Reg!!
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Did anyone go to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn last night? Was it amazeballs? I’m going tomorrow with my girlfriend and I’m SO excited.

 I think the Twilight series gets a bad rap for being some giddy girl teenager fad or some evil, dark subconscious series. I also think most of the criticism comes from people who have never read the books! It’s called imagination and fantasy people. It think everyone just needs to simmer down….and enjoy a good movie! #getyourselfsomepopcorn  #teamedward

We’re having this Thanksgiving Dinner shin-dig at work today….which sounded awesome….until I scanned the invite notice and spotted the words “Please bring a side dish to share.”

Our office manager asked me what I was bringing and after scanning the sign-up sheet and seeing that dinner roll and ice duty were already taken, I spit out “pie.”

Why I picked pie, I’ll never know.
I don’t eat pie.
I’ve never made a pie.
But there it was…my name, next to the word “pie.”

I g-chatted my girlfriend Megan in Charleston and it just so happened that she had made a PUMPKIN PIE the very night before. Oh haii good luck! I was sold on her recipe.

However I did have to go ingredient shopping twice because I forgot both “pumpkin” ingredients for said pumpkin pie. #newbiecooker

Tonight I get to have a bloggy meetup with Julie from the Smitton Mintons and I am EXCITED! She’s coming all the way from California to see me. (Well, her family does live here too which may have something to do with it but…..I can think she’s coming just for me right?) ;)
Eeek blates are so much fun!

…….and a few other fun things planned for this weekend which I’ll share later….maybe ;)

What are you all doing this weekend?

Happiest of Happy Fridays Loves

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Jess said...

so jealous of your blate! You'll have to let me know how your pie turns out ...

Shannon said...

I'm so out of the real tv scene (I'm a DVR/netflix girl) so when I saw a bunch of facebook statuses about Regis, I thought he died and I was devastated. I'm glad it's just retiring, although he will be truly missed.

Ashley said...

i love regis and kelly too! been watching it forever :( i'm sooooo ready to see breaking dawn!!! gotta wait till next week when i go to nc for turkey day - promise my gf i'd wait to see it with her! its killing me waiting lol. have sooo much fun on your blate!! :)

Angel said...

pretty soon you and shannon are just going to have to open up a bakery with all the desserts you'll be making! have a great weekend - can't wait to see you next!! :)

megan said...

Hope everyone enjoys the pie!! Glad we touched base yesterday before your second trip to the gro sto. :) I'm real real sad about Reg leaving! Luckily, I don't have to be at work till later so I can watch his very last episode!

Unknown said...

I am sure the pie will rock! I am trying to get the husband to take me to see twilight, but I don't think that will happen. boo.

Rissy said...

just cried at the Regis final episode. I need a life ugh

I plan to go see Breaking Dawn alone if I have to on one of my days off next week. Let me know what you think!

I'm BEYOND impressed with you for making a pie. Seriously. I would have bought one from a store.


Alex said...

Ahhh can't wait to see Breaking Dawn!! I'll be going Sunday, as a dinner tonight and football tomorrow are in the way. Team Edward for sure!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

YAY! Can't wait for tonight!! And I saw Breaking Dawn last night...honestly, I was a little bit disappointed! There were some really hokey things in it...but it was still good! I'm hoping part 2 is even better!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

YES! i am so with you regarding ppl talking crap about twilight. i even told some ppl at a certain gathering (hehe) that ppl need to stop bashing things they have never watched or seen for themselves. if they've seen it and hate it, then fine - i am OK with that more so than ppl given an opinion without ever reading/watching or experiencing.

IT'S A GOOD STORY, PEOPLE! like you said, grab some popcorn...and i'm totally team edward! :) woohoo!

p.s. i'm gonna miss regis too :(

Young and Fabulous said...

AHHH im jealous of your blate julie is so freakin cute!

i am dying to know how your pie comes out! i would be so nervous trying to make one but yours will be fabbO!!

i missed the last twilight movie so i have to watch that before this one. I mainly wanna watch for the sex scene. ;-) lol


Elizabeth said...

I am going to miss Regis so much! I also just realized that he has been doing this show since I was one year old! Holy moly!

I made my first pumpkin pie last year. I cheated and bought the can pumpkin and just added like 2 ingredients and dumped it into a ready made crust! Haha! Hope yours turns out good!

Have fun on your blate!

Sabrina Says Blog said...

Hahha I love that you signed up to make a pie! Pies are SO tempermental.. seriously you do ONE thing wrong... and BOOM sunken/ cracked pie. It's ridiculous.

I can't wait to see what your turned out like!! and how it tastes!! I want PIE NOWW!!!!

Love ya girl!!

Sabrina Says

Sam W. said...

confession, i signed up to bring pie to our work thanksgiving on tuesday and i'm totally just buying one. oops :)

meme-and-he said...

So sad regis is leaving!!! they are the perfect hosts together :( and LOVE that twilight pic you found...I still need to go see it :)

jayme said...

Confession - I cried like a baby this morning watching regis' last day. I love him!

Fit With Flash said...

did they ever say who was taking over for the Reg? : ) i kind of want mark consuelos to do it...

Megan said...

Ahhhhh, have so much fun with Julie!! She was my first ever blate. Haha.

Marian said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!! My plans are to keep it low...maybe start my Christmas decorating..I'm too weak, I think I'm giving in to the spirit:)

She Speaks said...

Oh girl- I HATE having to bake things for work. I like baking- but don't FORCE me. Now, can I have some of your pie?

Julie said...

Good luck with your first pie! I consider myself a cook/ foodie and I still don't go fully homemade with the crust. I completely agree with your Twilight sentiments... it is just a movie people. Enjoy it! Although I am team Jacob all the way!

Taylor said...

can't wait to see your a non gross lezzy way, of course :)
Have fun on your blate!!! mine very first one was amazing with Sabrina! :) I think I def. have a new bf! hope yours turns out amazing!

Katie said...

LOL, you girl girl with that pumpkin pie! Look at you! And I couldn't agree more about Twilight. AND, I swear, all Team Jacobs out there are just the people who didn't read the books =)

My-cliffnotes said...

I saw it on opening day, but not at midnight. Super good you'll love it!!

Molly said...

Saw Breaking Dawn this weekend and it was AWESOME. Totally agree that it gets a bad rap!