Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things That Are Lame. Things That Are Happy


Some people's statuses on facebook....take for instance after the gamecocks lost on Saturday when one kid posted the following:
"Being a Gamecock is a test of fortitude and belief. I believe."

Gaaaaayyy. Really guy? I want you to say in your best Atlanta Housewives “i'm-bout-to-take-my-hoops-out voice.”  "We were ROBBED!" But seriously – we had ONE SECOND LEFT!

My license. Apparently the Georgia DMV cannot create a plastic id. My current license for the next two weeks is essentially a receipt with  my picture on it. Good thing I'm not a booze-hound. Don't think I'd have much luck getting into the clubs with that!

My cooking skills. Ya’ll I have been trying – like legit trying to cook. How in the heck do people think this is relaxing?! Since I knew I’d be working crazy hours this week, I decided to make a quiche – one of Bethenny Frankel’s recipes- and a cold pasta salad. After cooking the pasta I realized my miracle whip was expired and after baking for 50 minutes, the egg refused to scramble or do whatever it was supposed to – so I was left with tasteless pasta and potentially raw quiche.

-That I get to go trick-or-treating , celebrate halloween in an adult fashion with my ATL blog bestie Chelsea and her main lova-squeeze Stone.
aren't they adorbs?!
New Places. If the world is your oyster, I’m convinced Atlanta is the half shell. SO many amazing places to go! Friday night my girlfriends and I went to Prohibition – a little known lounge with a secret code. You get into a London-style telephone booth, enter your code and then the back of the phone booth opens up into the lounge. Stinkin’ cool? You betcha. Saturday night, Jocelyn and I hit up JCT Kitchen’s rooftop bar – perfect place to chat for hours!

Versatile Blogger Award from Kristina (I tried to comment but blogger is dumb & wouldnt let me). But THANKS!
Pretty Rambles...

Tuesday= Girls' Night Granted I have only made said "girl's night" 2 out of the 6 times we've met due to work but when I get to go I love it!

What's making you happy today loves?


Stephanie said...

Hands down. Coolest bar ever!

I would go JUST to know the secret code. I'm mosey like that... ;)

Xo have a great day!

jayme said...

it makes me happy (but also insanely jealous and a little sad and depressed and unfair and makes me want to cross my arms and pout and go back to sleep) but it makes me happy that you get to spend halloween with our other halves of chels and stone! that's so so so so awesome! xxxooooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo plus i love that you just said booze hound. that's solid.

Young and Fabulous said...

that bar=AWESOME! I wanna go!

I remember when i had to get a new license and walked around with a piece of paper license. A guy actually laughed when I showed him at a restaurant when I ordered a drink

im with ya on the non-relaxing cooking! I hate how in shows/magazines they show everyone so happy to be slaving over a hot stove. NO THANKS!! I think you should try the quiche again! bethennys stuff is soo good!

lets have a girls night pleease


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

I definitely need to visit you so that I can teach you how to cook. :)

I can't believe Georgia's licenses. The PA DMV prints the real copies out immediately. The plastic is still warm when they hand it to you. (Oh, and they let you re-take your photo as many times as you want)


megan said...

Ashley! Miracle Whip?? Really? If you're going to use mayo, you need some Duke's, girlfriend.

Alex said...

This secret lounge via a phone booth sounds pretty magical.

Just a Jersey Girl said...

The lounge sounds like fun!

Ashley said...

haha LOVE NINI ... is that how you spell her name!? I dont know, but shes awesome!

Chelsea Coleen said...

OMG i am obsessed with you! i did NOT expect to see my face on here. and i SO loved it.

PS emailing you today. I saved it to my drafts yesterday oooooopsie!!

you make me happy. and you are normal which is a defining trait i look for in a new bff

Katie said...

You and Chelsea are meeting up...so much fun. YOU are like, so, popular. ha ha :) but I mean it.


Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

that bar sounds incredible! what an awesome idea. so cooking is only relaxing if you have the time to enjoy it and vaguely know what you are doing beforehand. otherwise it can get a little hectic :)

Ashley said...

haha. ash, you are too funny! cooking def takes a lil patience...one of my bestie's and my mom taught me how to cook, but I'm def still learning! i so love ATL! need to go back sooon!!! :)

Michelle said...

You crack me up! We need a girls night and drivers license photos are the worst!

Abby said...

I totally agree about the fb sports posts...LAME! haha

Jocelyn said...

I totally agree! Cooking is SO stressful and I hate all the clean up. I will just stick to ordering in :)

I had lots of fun with you on Saturday! It's amazing how we can talk about clothes and reality tv for HOURS!!!! :) We still need to get a photo together. I can't believe we don't have one after all these years!!

Tabitha Lynn said...

Haha I had a paper ID for 20 days I just got the real one, one day before the paper one expired.

You make me want to revisit Atlanta.

Maybe someday!

Aimee said...

You sound like me in the kitchen but kudos for trying!