Friday, October 21, 2011

Sometimes I am Ridiculous

Let me set the scene for you

Saturday a few weekends ago

Me, laying like a professional slothy mcsloth in my yoga pants and tank on the couch

Watching E! News

When the segment about the November issue of Elle Magazine comes on

(mind you this is October still)

and they show Jennifer Aniston as one of the 5 cover girls and casually mention that the orange dress she is wearing is a jersey-knit dress from Calvin Klein

I decide I'm in love with the dress and, in turn, I need it....I mean it's orange....and I need to state the obvious?

So I get on the Calvin Klein Website and find


So I decide to do the next logical thing....

I call Calvin Klein

and the convo went a little like this

"Hello Calvin Klein Customer Service. This is Davon - how can I help you?"

How I imagine Davon to look like. He had a little Fa-Lare if ya know what I mean ;)

"Hi Davon. I was just watching E! News and they were showing the cover of next month's Elle Magazine. And Jennifer Aniston is one of the cover girls. And she's wearing this AAAA-mazing orange jersey-knit dress and Giuliana Rancic said it was by Calvin Klein.

And well, I went on the Website and couldn't find it. Can you tell me when this might be available for purchase?"

It was then I realized that this guy probably fields questions like "where is my package?" and "how do I return something?" not "Where Can I find this celebrity dress?"

So I added

"I mean....if that's even like a realistic question."

But I underestimated Davon. He did me right.

He gave me the number to my regional Calvin Klein....who happens to work the extremely accommodating hours of 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Since I'm usually chained to my desk at work from 8am to 630pm I have not had a chance to call.

But if I show up on this blog wearing an orange jersey knit dress......well, we'll all know who was successful in her Saturday afternoon slothing...won't we?

Have you ever had a ridiculous moment?


Adelyn said...

LOVE that dress! I started drooling all over the remote when I was watching. But not really. Well kind of. But yes. It's a really amazing dress.

Diana Mieczan said...

It really is an amazing dress, sweetie. Have a great weekend, Muah

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Haha... that's great. I didn't watch it, but I'm dying to see if you got it!

maggie_rane said...

Did you really write an entire post about a dress and not post a picture of it???

Thanks for the past 15 min I've spent not working in pursuit of images of that dress! -and ultimately have not found!!!!

Unknown said...

You are determined! Hope you find your dress :)

So shay said...

Lmao! That picture is freakin' perfect! :) :) :)

I can't wait to see you in this dress. I know you are going to ROCK it because you're smokin' hot!

Beth said...

oh davon. he's sounds like a nice little fella. and yes, it's fall...but orange? really? orange is for clemson tiger fans. ;)

Suzie Q said...

Beth has a point... As a Gamecock I'm very surprised at your NEED for an orange dress. However, as a fellow person that looks pretty rad in purple AND in orange (separately, mind you)I can totally understand.

P!nky said...

That dress sounds beautiful and hey YOU'RE young and fancy free go get it girl!!!

I mean I may or may not have bought 6 of the OPI Muppet's Nail Polish! ;)

Young and Fabulous said...

first, professional slothy mcsloth...i think this should be a new job! I will apply :-)

i think you are beeeyond amazing for doing this!!! Da-VONNN (im saying this in a very sha-bang voice because I imagine by his flare he was .... flamboyant?) plus the name is just fabulous haha

i hope to god you get this dress because that would go down in one of the best blog stories ever! possessionista would be PROUD!


Whit said...

Love this! Can't wait to see if you find the dress!

My-cliffnotes said...

Totally not ridiculous and now I must see that dress. Is it November yet?

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you are ridiculous but is that a bad thing! i love it - and i can't wait to see an outfit post of you rocking that dress out. ;)

Sam W. said...

i think you are just resourceful :)

i hope you find it!! have a super weekend friend :)

Alex said...

I am impressed by your dedication to finding this dress!!

megan said...

hahaha you crack me up. i need to see this dress!

natasha {schue love} said...

Ohhh I hope you find it! I want to see what it looks like...especially if you're wearing it! :)

Unknown said...

um YA, like every five minutes. unfortunately.

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

I think you & I would get along well in real life...I have done this many times before. Mostly it was me seeing something online, & then tracking it down, using legit key words/google, LIFESAVER! I hope you find your CK dress. Do you know if its CK Jeans, or CK Collection, like runway stuff? I am trying to track down pair of Ray Bans right now...We need something else to occupy our times. Have wonderful Sunday Miss A!