Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mind Games

You hear it all the time.

Running is mental.

And it is. It really is.
 But somehow I always imagine other runner’s mind games to be so much more glorious than my own. 

My mind games start out fairly rational….and become increasingly pathetic with each mile……

This race is amazing! So many people… much fun!

Look what an amazing, healthy thing you’re doing for your body!

Ok I know it looks like all the people in front of you are climbing a hill but it’s probably just the way the sun is hitting. That cant’ be a hill that big!

HILL! Just take it slow and easy….don’t stop…..because once you stop it’s that much harder to finish!

Just remember the good cause this race is for. You’re running for a good cause.
Pretend this is the Bachelor Pad – if you finish this race you find true love AND win a quarter of a million dollars….AND you’re on TV – don’t’ look like a slacker!

Good Butt Jeans! Good Butt Jeans! Good Butt Jeans!

Imagine that if you win this race you get a $10,000 shopping spree to Nordstrom. What’s a few miles of pain for a fantastic new wardrobe?!

WHAT IF Ryan Reynolds was standing on the sidelines – do you really want to look pathetic and stop in front of him?

You tweeted about this race……now all those followers will know if you slacked off

Sweating is sexy….I’m sure this drenched pony tail and giant man-chest-sweat-stains are looking so hot right now!

Just pretend you’re Rocky Balboa…and this last mile are the stairs…and if you finish you can jump up and down with your fists in the air like the total champion you are!

If you finish you can have cake.

What thoughts do you use to make it through the miles runners?


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

Not gonna lie, I give up. I really need to work on that. but I'm slowly building ... I can't push my back too far too soon. But I'm determined to do a 5K. And I can promise you that I will probably rationalize with myself using all the mind games you listed ... haha.

Ashley said...

running is mental. took me forever to learn that. during the half i ran i just kept thinking how good it would feel to be done and drinking with my other friends running. i'm really slacking on my running since i've moved to pa, but normally while running i'd think about how good i'll look if i just keep it up. get it right, get it tight..ya know ;)

Adelyn said...

I admit. I do tell myself some pretty dumb stuff to finish my run. Like I'll get to a hill and tell myself Orlando Bloom is at the top waiting to give me a highfive...and when he's not, I just tell myself he's at the next one. Or I'll start chanting 'butt. butt. butt. butt. my butt's gonna look great in those jeans.' out loud. Don't you love the looks you get when you go on runs? or is that only this girl?

Beth said...

i am not a runner...i'm barely a brisk walker. #legit my mind games when/if i run would be totally pathetic.

Lindsey said...

well I don't run but when I do, I do intervals and that's the only thing that works for me. If I make it through the minute sprint then I get to walk is what gets me through that. Oh and I always make sure I'm watching E! News. I love your mental mind games though, especially Ryan Reynolds. I appreciated that picture!

californiadreamin said...

HAHAHAHAHA, this is hilarious. I soooo do the same things and I do a lot of those similar lines. Like if Jason Statham was running with me, I can't just stop cause he's so hot. Or pretend that if you stop on these last 2 miles, you will have to shave your head and no one thinks you can do it. Yup, mind games are the best. They normally work too. Another favorite is "You can walk after this 1 song" and I usually do that 1 song plus talk myself into doing a slower run/cool down song.

Shug in Boots said...

Oh, bless you, child. I tried running. = nausea, back pain, knee pain, ankle pain. NO, I'm 28, not 68. But seriously, I admire people who commit to running. Me, I'll take my power walking for 45 mins. instead. GO AHEAD ON WIT YA BAD SELF! :)

Lacey in the City said...

I wish I could offer some great fun mind games to this but...I don't run. I've always thought I'd love to be "a runner" but when the reality is that I don't like "running"...well, that makes things tough!

Alex said...

I run a mile and want to die. So I can give you no advice. I am seriously impressed by anyone who can run long distance!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

HA! are we on the same wavelength when it comes to working out?! it is SUCH a mind game for me. my train of thought involves (like that cake - yum!)...biggest loser show (if they can do it, so can i, right?!)...and lots of workoutmusic and a new magazine to distract me!

loved this post!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I loved your mind games...I think mine is a lot
of c'mons!!! And just not wanting to embarrass myself!!

Shannon said...

what's running?

Katie said...

It is so mental!! I nonstop think about good looking celebrities and how I want to have a hot bod. Sometimes I will picture hot male celebs that are behind me and since I don't want to look like a slacker, I HAVE to keep going or they will think I'm a wuss. Silly things like that. :)

Tabitha Lynn said...

I think pretty much along those lines when running. Sunday I'm running a 10k, then in 8 weeks a half. Mind-fu@@ here we come!

Suzie Q said...

I totally do this too! Or I tell myself "what goes up must come down... I will have a downhill!" Or, just one more hill and you're home....

I wrote about running this morning too... but not quite the same. I don't know where in Atlanta you live, but if you're in Buckhead watch out for the Terminus building in the morning!

Young and Fabulous said...

i read in a magazine that if you start to get tired, just keep pushing and the tiredness will end. Is this true? BECAUSE...i tried that once and literally looked like i had just had 10 hours of sex and couldnt breathe/speak/walk

these mind games are SO TRUE! when i atttempt running im always telling myself "this is good for you...keep going...dont worry im sure your hair looks like a poodle but its fine...etc etc"

i cant relate because im not a pro runner, my zumba class when i start to get tired when we are doing insane pushups, im like "ok i know a bunch of guys always stare in the window of our class, they dont want to see a floppy mc flopperson flopping on the ground so get your ASS UP"

all about the self-motivation baby :-)

now i need to learn to run


Meggo said...

this is the best thing ever. i guess i will have to get some new running shoes with this type of inspiration.

Magan said...

I always think about those people on the biggest looser! If they can do it surely I can push myself to do it! I'm running my first half-marathon on Sunday hopefully I can convince myself to make it through! : )

Major Gal said...

i have to get back to it. i used to say, "don't stop until this song ends" or "i'm not stopping until i get to the next street." Now, i have to pump myself just to get out the front's fall in Toronto. Rainy. Dreary. I'm miserable today.

Married...with a Pup said...

So I need to find something to think about because I'm NOT a runner! In fact, I need some motivation to start working out. I've never been a fan....maybe if we schedule a vacation I'll finally have some motivation!

Steph said...

The hardest part of running for me is just getting started. Once I get going, I'm good. But I need to be outside and have something to look at. I just cannot run on a treadmill!
Love your blog! Now following :)
xo Steph

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, I totally give up. You know, those two times that I have actually attempted to run. Haha. Not even a chocolate cake all to myself can encourage me to finish!!

Angel said...

love this, especially since i've been super consistent and ran every day for the past week (excluding friday and saturday)! i finally made it to 30 min last night - so proud of my little accomplishment!
but the ryan reynolds one totally appeals to me. and imagining various outfits i could wear.. prior to the run. :)

kelcy ☼ said...

I love the tip about not stopping in front of Ryan Reynolds. However, if he was actually on the sidelines, I'm sure I would definitely stop running and just stare. looking man ever.

Julip Made said...

Typically it is "My God I hope Odin {my pup} is finally tired after this" or "Please let this burn enough calories to eat that cupcake later" among others!

She Speaks said...

Let's see...though alot of my shorter runs can be completely mental- I was never challenged more than last year running my Full marathon.

1. You are in your own city- people you know are looking at you. You've been talking about this for 7 months. Move.Your.butt.

2. It really doesn't hurt that bad. You have two good legs- be thankful and move it.

3. This has to be good to reduce cellulite...nothing else works, so pick up your knees.

4. Chocolate milk is waiting for you. (Seriously the best recovery drink).

5. You are going to be so proud of yourself. Everyone is going to ask you about it...and there is no way you are going to say "Oh, I stopped."

6. Channing Tatum would be disappointed.

7. In real life husband would be sad to see you walking. You are strong!

Want me to keep going? All of those things truly happen during 26long miles...but don't forget the months of training. Running is ALL mind games. Keep it up girlie. After all, Ryan Reynolds would shake his head if he saw you give up.