Thursday, September 29, 2011

Under the Radar

This is what it looks like inside my head right now…..specifically right above my right eyebrow.

As much as I hate to admit it, my god-like immune system is currently being compromised. ;)

Or at least there’s been a lot of these going around for some reason.

And after I distinctly forbid my body to get sick yesterday, it did it anyway. Is this what  it’s like having a rebel child? It came all shock and awe style too. I felt fine all day, came home and ran and even went to bed feeling fine.

It’s when I woke up that I realized everything was not 100%… know how it is….. you realize that somewhere between the hours of 1am and 5:30am you’ve been breathing solely through your mouth for survival. You wonder if somehow you’ve been beaten up in your sleep or alternatively gone out partying and just don’t remember. And when you open your mouth to say something, you look around because surely that man-voice did not just come from your lady throat.

Naturally I had five meetings yesterday and ZERO cold medicine….I worked the day off halls lozenges I believe to be circa 2003.
Halls Defense Vitamin C Drops Watermelon

I’m keeping my illness under the radar at work because I can’t be sent home labeled as contagious. I have major clients in town next week and about 5 ba-million things to do.

I’ve Juno-styled some OJ and have my drug store goods and 5,000-count Kleenex box hiding away in my bag!
Tumblr_l2dk91wlvw1qzg2h8o1_500_large your wheaties kids!


Angel said...

get better SOON! :)
i absolutely hate being sick because i miss school haha. and then i miss everything and have to catch up.

Rissy said...

hahahah the Juno reference cracked me up... that movie is awesome.

I was sick last week and definitely did not completely follow doctor's orders... a week and a half later I don't feel awesome... be cafreful lady!


Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Hope you are feeling better!

P!nky said...

Hope you feel better sweet girl!!! Rest rest rest, water water water, ice cream...wait no bueno if you are sick.

Think happy thoughts, I'm sending feel good wishes your way!


Shannon said...

feel better. now. (i'm demanding it)

Suzie Q said...

I totally get the need to stay at work... I got married earlier this year and basically took all my vacation time for that and a trip to see Husband's parents for Christmas... so unless I want to cut our Christmas vacation short flu or not I'm in the office....

My co-workers are loving me!

Katie said...

FEEL BETTER TOOTS! Do you take your daily vitamins? lol Also, pretty sure that is my husband as a child in that spiderman costume.

Sarah said...

hope you feel better girl!!! being sick is no fun :( xoxo

Major Gal said...

you are too hilarious for me. i love it. feel better pal.

megan said...

oh no! didn't know you were feeling like poo this morning when we chatted! hope you start to feel better ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, I am just getting over a cold - I hate being sick. I did enjoy your post, but I hope you feel better very, very soon!!

genelle said...

Aw feel better!!

Thank goodness it's almost the weekend and you have full rights to remain planted on the couch watching reruns.

Young and Fabulous said...

LOL Juno

best line ever in this post

i hope you feel better!

I wish either
A) i knew when people were going to get sick so I could send them a sicky care package in the mail

B) the mail didnt suck and actually went to someone in a day if i pay for 1 day shipping

but regardless i hope you feel better snookums and if you wanna, just breathe all over your building so everyone gets sick..maybe theyll shut down your office? ;-)


She Speaks said...

Oh no! Bronchitis snuck up on me hardcore about a month ago. Fingers crossed that you bet better SO soon!

My-cliffnotes said...

I hope you l better!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh No, being sick is the worst!!!!! Hope you are feeling better very soon.

Katie said...

LOL! So I'm totally allowed to laugh at this because I'm feeling the exact same way. Ugh, it's been exactly 8 days and its not going away! Hope you are feeling better!