Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember When

....When August meant the beginning of fall semester and not the first month of fiscal year

...When a bright paisley bedspread made you think of dorm rooms instead of nurseries 

...When Wednesday’s meant chicken fingers and curly fries in the cafeteria instead of two more days of work 

...When 5pm meant time to wake up from your nap instead of time to go home

...When “dressing up for a presentation” meant no jeans or rainbows instead of pencil skirts and peeptoes

...When a  “night out” meant seeing 300 of your friends instead of dinner and a movie 

...When being a “genius” was classified as arranging your schedule with no Friday classes instead of developing the “next big thing.”

...When Success was measured in letters instead of $ 

...When Bad clothes days could be fixed with a walk next door 

...When showering required shoes 

...When a good day of shopping meant something with sequins came home with you instead of something “practical” 

...When attendance to participate in your day was optional instead of mandatory 

...When date night meant eating somewhere where 5 other people weren’t seated at the end of your table 

...When going to bed early meant making it under the sheets before a new day started

...When your phone range more at the hours of 3am than 3pm 

My alma mater’s campus opened back up this weekend, ready to start the fall semester. And I have to admit I’m just a tinge jealous of all the students flooding the campus. Ahhh college was the life right? Though there’s a time for everything….including growing up…..sometimes I think it would be nice to go back and relive those mostly carefree days!

Where did you go to college? 
What was your favorite thing about college?


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

Wow, I think your post just made me depressed, missing college. I graduated 5 years ago and I've been in the "real world" for 5 years. I'd give anything to go back to sleeping in, etc.

I went to Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. My favorite thing about college was all of the friends that were always around. I've kept in touch with some, but since we've all moved on to our adult lives, it's hard. I miss my physics nerds and living with my best friend (I'm living with another best friend now, but it's different - I can't steal his clothes - well, I can, but they're WAY too big)

Marian said...

Went to a small college in Maryland...basically in the middle of nowhere. I actually love back-to-school shopping and starting fresh with all my classes. Decorating my room, meeting up with friends who I didn't see over the summer, the back-to-school parties...and sporting events!!

megan said...

Oh college. I do miss it sometimes (mostly football games and 5 points) but I wouldn't change my life now! Go Cocks! :) Do you plan on going to any games this year??

Whitney said...

I went to a small private school in Kentucky. I lived at home, since I lived within walking distance. I had fun, but I'm so glad to be living on my own away from my hometown.

Crispin said...

Oh my gosh...... your post just said everything I was thinking the other day. We have a 4 month old, so new, new parents.... and geeez what i wuldn't give for one more day of college... haha maybe two :) A game day AND a recovery day!

Stephanie said... Freedom without financial responsibility. Love this post! I'd love to go back for just a with the girls, go to our favorite bars until the wee hours, eat at our favorite places.....I'll even go to class and take a test!

Ashley said...

loved this post! you were dead on with so many things I did in college ... although I do miss college, I like my life now and like being in my "mid 20s" ...except for the fact that I will be turning 27 this year and that freaks me out!
the thing I miss about college the most would probably be being able to go to class at 8am and then go right back to sleep after I get home or watch a million episodes of dawsons creek .. or whatever was on when I got home. I miss the freedom of the option of going to class or ..not to go to class ..o those were the days..

Greer's Gossip said...

Oooohh, how I miss those days. I went to Clemson. Go tigers! :)

Why is that no matter how long it has been you always miss college days? Maybe it's the no responsibility thing. My sister says it's because you lived in a bubble for 4 years not worried about anything but where you were going that night and what you were going to wear. That's what I miss.

Beth said...

love this post. i miss CFW...i used to skip class just so i could get in the line early. and skipping class was usually done on Friday's or in the afternoons hoping that you didn't miss a pop quiz.

as my dad always says "enjoy college now b/c soon you'll be going to school for 40 years with no cuts."

Superficial Sanctuary said...

this was SUCH great post! so, so true...and made me even more jealous to not be going back! haha

Shannon said...

Your post hit home. I definitely can relate.

But I think that I'm ok with college being over. Maybe because I'm my own person with my own career and finances.

Or maybe because I finally lost that freshman 15. ;)

Oh, I'm doing a giveaway on my blog. Stop by and win!

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

ahhh these are so good. and make me so nostalgic... wow, I miss college. But we are going to party it up like we are in colelge this weekend!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

so weird, i was just thinking to write a post on the same topic - ha! i've been missing college a lot lately - and i think it's because it's that time of the year again. good times!

Ashton said...

CHICKEN FINGER WEDNESDAY in the GMP! I want that for lunch now. Thanks! I will settle for Groucho's on King Street rather than Harden Street. I miss Columbia at times like this when everyone is moving in. I wish I moved into South Tower this past Saturday. And was sitting in the first-year reading experience on Monday rather than starting my third year of law school.

Can we have a blogger meet-up at a Carolina game? Let's talk about it this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you.

Fit With Flash said...

i went back to EKU to help train the gym staff last year during freshman move-in week. was SOOO jealous. would love to be back, but maybe just for a weekend of fun... i don't miss being broke, writing papers, cramming for tests, or grocery shopping at wal-mart. : ) great post lady and thanks for the bday message!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

oh wow! loved this post.. I have been thinking about all those crazy things a lot lately too since all the college kids are back in town. It's crazy to think just how much changes once you are in the "real" world. Can't we just go back to college forever and not have to worry about our jobs and big girl responsibilities??

MRS said...

Oh Nostalgia! I totally didn't appreciate all those things about college when I had them. I confess. . . riding by campus the other day, I thought about how much fun it would be to sneak into a huge lecture class. You think we're too old to blend in??

annahita said...

loved this post. so true! I love the wednesday chicken finger reference too, gotta love the russel house! :)

Alex said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets nostalgic over college every August [slash let's be honest, pretty much every other day]. I went to Texas A&M, and it was, as you said, the best.time.ever. I feel warm and fuzzy every time I think about the time I spent there. Oh college, you were good to me.

Molly said...

Do I ever miss college! I went to Miami (of Ohio) and it was your stereotypical college town. We lived uptown with our favorite bar literally in the backyard AND had a roomie bartender! I'd kill to go back for a carefree weekend with the girls!

Brianna said...

girly, you totally hit it on the nose! I just graduated and I'm so sad I'm not going back in the fall! So funny how we miss it now!
I went to USC too... but on the other side of the country ;) I went to Southern California... and I miss it so much!

jayme said...

ashley, are you serious? i can't see the screen because i'm crying so hard.

ok, not really but ugh! i miss college so bad!

i clearly went to UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY (#gocats) and it was amazing. except i guess i'm happy now because i have my blogging friends & my john & money (not really though) haha.

this post was right on point though, per usual, little lady. ps - it feels good to be back. :)

Britt said...

I went to GA State which was more of a commuter school. The best part about college was living in Virginia Highlands with my best friend. Oh the memories! I love my life but wouldn't mind going back and doing it all over again:)

Tiffany said...

LOVE this!! I went to school at Oklahoma State and I promise you that I'm crazy jealous of the kids setting foot on campus this week. I'd go back in a heartbeat! Loved every minute of it!


Sam {} said...

aww, i miss those days!! i went to texas a&m (gig em ags) and i miss living with the most fun roommates ever! seriously, those were some awesome years that i will always treasure :)

Sam @ fitness food & faith

Brunette & Blessed said...

This post really makes me miss college! I loved walking across campus in fall. I just discovered your follower

Anonymous said...

I'd love to go back and get out of the "real world"!! Where do I sign up?? :)

Tabitha Lynn said...

Love the pics!!

So true too, I went to WSU, Washington State University!


Tabitha Lynn said...

PS I added your button to my blog! Thank you!!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, perfect post! This seriously made me miss my college days! The one about the bedspread totally made me go "oh my gosh, that's so true!" So weird.

Anonymous said...

ahhh I LOVED this post and loved everything about college. If only we could relive the days of classes, naps and long fun nights with best friends :)

Young and Fabulous said...

this is AWESOME.

i totally remember when my highschool had spicy chicken sandwiches on tuesdays and it was THE BEST THING ever! oh the little things

and i really miss shopping in my roommmates/hallmates closets..that was the best! oh man now i miss college. lets send eachother pics of our closets and just have traveling clothes like in sisterhood of the traveling pants!

i went to college in east bum f*ck New Hampshire but I wouldn't change it a BIT! we had to drive about 30 mins to the closet bars/clubs, and i think the best part about it was just being with friends alllll the time! I seriously miss always having someone to talk to, drink with, watch trashy tv with...WAH can we go back?!?!


Lindsey said...

OMG! All these remember whens were sooooo perfect and true. I went to Texas Tech ... GUNS UP BIATCH! And I loved every second of it! Minus hangovers. And I don't think I could pick a favorite, just all the fun times spent with my now besites. I miss college, but I don't miss tests!

Beth {Shug in Boots} said...

Man. This post made me sad. Know what I'm doing tonight? Cleaning the disaster that I live in while drinking riesling. Yes, I know it's Friday. Annnnd? I sooo miss those days. Mostly the sense that there was never a moment when there wasn't something to do. Some friend had a plan, or there was always somebody else's town to go to when we weren't out and about in Raleigh. How the weeknights weren't really any different to us than weekend nights. "Adulthood" is such a downer. I want to revolt! I went to NC State - at least I still attend football games in my red cowboy boots! ;)

rinniez said...

oh this post is about my life!
im in my third year of university in canberra, australia.
loving the life, living the dream!!!

LongIslandTeacher said...

I get depressed every year! I was a freshman 7 years ago and that is absolutely crazy. Its sad I have withdrawals lol! I went to school in Albany, NY at the time where it was the number one party school in the nation. It was like its own little never never land.

jaimie michelle said...

I loved college and miss it so much! I went to the UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA (GO GATORS!) and the next best thing is that football season starts soon!

Such a great post!