Monday, August 29, 2011

Back Up

So as most of you know by now, technology and me are not exactly bffs. If something plugs in, it hates me. Fact.

My old computer died and after attempting to have it revived, we sadly had to say goodbye. Thankfully all my old pics and documents were able to be saved…Whew….I mean, I wouldn’t want to lose all those years of pictures of me in gaucho pants!  #sexy

I headed to Best Buy where I usually hover in the cd and movie sections.  
But this trip was different…..this trip was one all about macs vs. pc's, rams, and gigabytes and i3 and i5 and about 10,000 other words that sound really important….but that I had no clue what they do.

The laptop section was packed! Do this many people buy laptops on a daily basis? If so – Best Buy is making bank!!! I talked with a Swedish woman about screen size and something called RW Drives. And then a very knowledgeable looking man went around picking up, looking underneath and putting down laptops. I figured this was a good exercise, so I did it too…..and then one of the blue-shirted Best Buy employees found me.

And I realized my first major problem right away – only 1 out of 7 people that work at Best Buy actually speak English. Now, I’m all for equality in the workplace…yadda yadda. ….however, when I’m fairly clueless about what I need, it would help if at least one of us in the conversation was in the know. My shopping experience started off like this:

Me: “Hey, my computer crashed recently so I’m in the market for a new one…are there any standout models or any you would recommend?”
Salesperson: “Yeah, it’s good.”

After we both agreed that yes, computers are good, I tried again.

Me: “All models pretty much come with a wireless card these days right?”
Salesperson : “We have internet for $45 a month. You want sign up?”

It was about five minutes of this that I finally realized…..I was on my own. And by “on my own” I clearly mean I called my dad.

I walked Daddy Krieger through the two options I had narrowed down to and we went through the specs together……during which “Salesperson” would appear out of nowhere occasionally and say “this a goooood model!”

Salesperson #2 soon found me and told me that the model I was eyeing did not have enough memory for more than 8 HD “home movies”….Thanks for the info Salesperson #2. I don’t know what you think I do for a living but I promise it does not involve filming my own HD “home movies.”
 (I kow how much this grieves the world.)

After spending an hour in there, I chose my new computer…..when they informed me that they were out of that model and didn’t know when they’d have a new one. Facepalm.

Thus ended my waste of time trip to Best Buy.

....and in case you were story ended at another Best Buy with a new comptuer so I can get back to this:

I know ya'll are beyond excited!

...and I'm beyond excited to catch up on yours!

VMA's Post to come....need to wrap my mind around all of it first!


SKB said...

So which one did you go with? I saw the pic but wasn't sure what it was. I so understand your frustration. My question is to me a laptop is a HUGE investment. Wouldn't you think they would want there best customer service/sales people in that department? You have more patience than me!!!

Rissy said...

I'll just tell you now that my feelings about the VMAs are as follows.. "so worth it!"

I would have been SOOO lost in Best Buy looking for a computer. How you made a decision, I do not know. Here is how I got my laptop... my brother did all kinds of research then I said "I want the exact same one as him." hehe

LOVE that OC pic... used it myself ; )

Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

Welcome back! I missed you!

I let hubby make all my computer decisions - after all, it's what he does for a living.

I disagree with Rissy on the VMAs however ... I was thoroughly disappointed and spent most of the night wondering WTF was up with Gaga ...

Angel Glover said...

ahhh what a horrible best buy experience! it would drive me crazy to finally pick something then find out they don't have it. but im so glad you're back on! :)

Abby said...

Glad you finally got it all worked out with a new computer. THat can be SO frustrating! I was on the phone with some nice, but completely non-English speaking technical support people for hours last week as they helped me set up my wireless router and roku, respectively.

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

hahaha gauchos!!!

annahita said...

aaah that sucks, glad you were able to go to another Best Buy and pick one up!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

You never cease to crack me up! Sorry for that annoying's too funny because just last night we were all talking about how frustrating "Press 5 for English" and other similar experiences can be, ugh! Glad you found a computer though!

Shannon said...

Hahahaha - I just recently got a new laptop from Best Buy and had a very similar outcome. That's when I brought my husband with me who knew everything from processors to RAM to ...another computer word.

Beth {Shug in Boots} said...

This post reminds me of the feelings I have when calling Blue Cross Blue Shield, various pharmacies, various doctor's offices to deal with my diabetes supplies and meds and getting transferred 8 million times and having to start over at the beginning every tiiiiime because no one updates my account. Anyway, hope you got something you love! Good luck with it! :)

Nikki said...

So what did you go with? I think I'm going to have to break down and buy a new one myself soon.

Alex said...

I had almost forgotten about gaucho pants until now...thanks.

Hooray for a new computer though!

Anonymous said...

What an ordeal!! Hope you're back to normal now with your perfect laptop :)

Nuha said...

you are so cute! congrats on your new computer my love :) i can never go to best buy with my husband because its torturous! what's so fun about turning up the volume on speakers?

p.s. throwing a giveaway today, check it out girl!

Megan said...

How awful!! Haha. We had to go buy hubby a new laptop not to long ago and we had an amazing Best Buy guy!! Thank goodness. We had no clue what we were looking for!!

Chelsea Coleen said...

Haha you make me laugh. but with you. always with you. I agree with the salesman, computers are good. He sold me on that idea. He should get a raise! Congrats on the new computer, I need one myself actually. Although I don’t know if I am ready to give up having to have the power cord plugged into my laptop at all times (if it comes out for one second it shuts off), it’s a really tough decision.

I cant wait for you to talk about the vmas. I have a lot to say as well. where to even begin? Lil wayne loved his performance (well the first half, when I wasn’t scared for my life) and beyonce and jayz. I mean really??? I squealed with happiness.

Sam {} said...

welcome back to internet land!! you have been missed :)

Young and Fabulous said...

hahaha im cracking up over your computer fiasco. especially picking them up and turning them over. YOU are amazing!!

Best Buy people are so weird. I went in one day just to look and somehow came across the touch screen computer. I was touching it and nothing was moving. Sure enough, I was touching the NON-touch screen one...which was right next to the TOUCH screen one. 2 workers were standing behind me laughing so I walked away and looked at the Sims computer game #fail!

glad you have a new one!! But i am dissapointed that you didnt buy the HD movie one. I was hoping you'd have a "day in the life" blog post an carry your computer around filming yourself all day long. DANG! ;-)


Julip Made said...

I feel like this describes pretty much every trip I've ever had to Best Buy. Glad you are "plugged" in again!

Kris said...

I had a similar Best Buy experience this weekend, you are not alone my friend! Anyway I think we have the same computer, I love it and I'm sure you will too! Um and your desk, super cute!!!

jayme said...

So what'd you go with?! Congrats on the new comp... Can't wait to make home videos with you in #paradise ... Whoa, that sounded a lot creepier than intended. :)

Chelsea said...

Ahhh what a nightmare! What did you end up getting? My computer is going to crash any day now and I'll be headed over to Best Buy as well!

She Speaks said...

OMG, this was so true! Loved the post.