Friday, August 5, 2011

All American Girl

I was watching the Millionaire Matchmaker last night because, duh, it's an amazing show. 

But as I was watching, I noticed a trend. Two of the three guys "looking for love" said they wanted an "All-American Girl." 

Well technically the first guy said (and I quote) "I want an All-American know, like a Jessica Alba type." 
This guy is clearly single because he has zero grasp on reality. 

I had to laugh because he ended up with  a brunette girl who sported an arm grody! haha

The second guy ended up with a bubbly blonde and opened with this line "Wow! You're really pretty. I saw your're a lot prettier in person." She somehow took that as a compliment.#dense 

The last guy showcased isn't even worth discussing. In his interview he said he cheated on his girlfriend of 6 years because a "yes" came along and he couldn't promise he wouldn't cheat again. Major douche. He deserves to be a eunuch.

But all this got me thinking, just what is an "All-American-Girl?" 

I guess when I hear that term, the image that flashes through my mind is an athletic brunette with a splash of freckles and unassuming femininity. She has a deep love for baseball, cowboy boots and probably a few hometown beauty pageants in her past. 

But clearly from watching MM, "All American Girl" means different things to different people.

What defines an "All American Girl" to you? 
Are you an All American Girl? 

All American or not....I think we can all agree that Fridays are amazing.
Happy Weekend Doll Faces! 



Aimee said...

Friday's are amazing! Have a great weekend!!

Rorie said...

Uhm yep awesome questions and I am pretty much with you!! I see a girly yet tough girl who loves baseball. Actually I think of the movie All American League.

Jess said...

To me, an all-american girl is as low maintenance as they come. She's a girl that loves her family, is proud of where she came from and represents it well. She loves baseball and football. She can be a princess or a tomboy on any given day. She's got brown hair and wears little-to-no makeup and on the weekends, you can find her relaxing at home.

Have a lovely weekend. XO

amber lynn said...

yeah, i totally agree. i think a lot of guys have a skewed idea of what an "all american" girl is. i think what they were looking for was somebody that was "hot." I think it would be hard to truly define the term though, because all of america is very different, especially depending on which region you are from!

have a good weekend ash!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

o! i didn't realize that show was back on...its one of my favorites. i think all-american girls are down to earth (well at least i'd like to think so!) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Marian said...

Bahahahaha...I can't believe that guy said all-american and jessica alba in the same know, cause we all wake up and look like that

happy friday

Ashley said...

All American Girls are hard to come by these days. I think girls want to be more like celebrities, who are not all American, in my opinion. I like girls/friends that are themselves and are happy with what God gave them!!! :)

Laura said...

Love that show! Those guys are all ridiculous! Like the one who said he didn't want "the model/actress-type" and picked exactly that! Good thing Patti sets them straight! She's got balls!

Ashley said...

love that show too, cant wait for the new season!

Shannon said...

I've always considered an all american girl as someone who was naturally pretty (vs makeup and style) and a girl that guys want to hang out with.

....or Jessica Alba. ;)

jayme said...

i've been obsessed with the MM marathon they have goin on lately. love it.

youuuu are an all american girl! duh face!

have an amazing weekend!! XO

Lindsey said...

Love Patti Stanger and the MM. Def some major dbags on that show. All-american = I have no idea. a girl from a small town who has blonde hair and dresses like she just stepped out of a ralph lauren catalog? That's what comes to mind. Definitely freckles though!

And dur, Fridays are amazing. I have a semi-fuzzy head from one too many skinny girl margs last night. FML.

p.s. loved your questions for me and Beth. Thanks boo!

TGIF mother trucker.

Maggie said...

Ha! I haven't watched the show, but love this post. And I think that the "all American girl" will vary in some aspects; which sports (if any) that she loves, how well she can cook, etc. But she's gotta have a good head on her shoulders and naturually beautiful inside and out.

How cheesy am I? But that's my opinion! :)

Holly said...

I love that video and the song!! I think All-American girls are the ones who are just comfortable with everything and anything. Ones who basically can go from taking a jog to getting dressed up for a date, or maybe even going for a hike and then having a bonfire...very low maintenance but likes to have fun! Thanks to media, though, this image has gotten way too distorted and I can see why guys want the "Jessica Alba" type girl. Oh well. Happy Friday!

Alex Byer said...

First: Good choice in TV watching. By far, one of the better shows out there. If only for the major freakouts by Patti.
Second: I think an all-American girl is just that. An American girl. It's whatever we want it to be. Girls who are devoted and loving and all things lovely :)

asj said...

seriously. I must be PMSing because that Carrie Underwood video just made me tear up. what is wrong with me?!?! I hate you hormones.

sorry for the rant, anyways I think the image/idea of the "All-American Girl" is constantly changing as our country is but I think I need to start watching that show, I enjoy laughing at d-bags!

Young and Fabulous said...

I think the all-american girl has long brown hair, loves to do physique 57, loves lil wayne, loves running marathons, has a southern or northern accent, and is awesome.

I think that describes you and I. ;-) Which is prob why all the men flock to us. Or...just the creepshows!

I think guys have SUCH a weird idea of what an American Girl is. I mean, I knew a guy in college who would ONLY date girls less than 120 pounds and she also had to be interested in hunting. Like...those have to be the 2 most RANDOM things..and he said that type of girl would be so "down to earth"..yeah ok buddy!

this post is starting to make me think about American Girl Dolls. I had Felicity, Molly, and Kirsten..who did you have!? haha

love this post lovey! Have a splendid weekend!


Seashells and Southern Belles said...

bahhahah. I am going to bring you an arm cuff to wear for when we got out in Charaleston!!!

Sam W. said...

umm, yes: burnette, sporty, loves to laugh, loves Jesus. so basically you and me, duh.

Katie said...

LOL I was watching the millionaire matchmaker last night too...for the 78437478 time. I LOVE IT. new season wooohoooooo.

I think you are the definition of the all american girl. just sayin'..

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

when i think of an all american girl, i think of good ole Samantha. ;)

Ashley said...

love that show and i'd have to say you seem like an all american least what i would think one would be like. ;)

Tiffany said...

Great blog! Love this question....I'm going to have to think on it and may do a blog about this myself! :)


My-cliffnotes said...

Yeah arm cuffs are really awful. You're hilarious and I love reading your posts! Have a great weekend!

Megan said...

I actually watched MM last night for the first time!! I was absolutely loving stayed up until 2 am watching it!!

Jackie said...

I've been watching a lot of Millionaire Matchmaker this week too... seems like its been on more often. I absolutely love Patti, she is hysterical and never fails to put those irrational men in their place!! YOU GO PATTI ;]

I'm a new follower & I'm planning on adding your button to my blog asap! I'm so excited to find an Atlanta girl... I'm moving there when I finish my undergrad degree in Graphic Design this May!!
I'm so excited bc I haven't lived anywhere but NC in the last 17 years!

check me out @

Michelle said...

I love Patti! She is awesome and so funny! Love MM!

Rebecca said...

I just found you blog and I love it so much and just followed!
I agree men are delusional about the all american girl haha they picture megan fox or something!