Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Craves - Part Two

When I went to date a document the other day and realized that we are nearing the MIDDLE of july, I think I heard my heart weep. Yes I know we still have months of muggy humidity and sweat-inducing temperatures ahead of us but the sheer thought of trading my bikinis in for sweaters, sandals for boots or skirts for leggings fills me with dread.…….which brings me to the point of this post: beauty items and a few other things I can't live without this  summer. 

Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Re constructor
Yes, I am one of those girls who straightens her hair every day.....if I didn't you might be asking if my daddy was Richard Simmons
Which is why I love this product. It helps protect against all the damage I inflict every day. And Kourtney Kardashian uses it. And it smells like coconut heaven. Are you sold yet?

The Underbraid
Spotted this on Cupcakes & Cashmere (one of my FAVS) and have been loving it since. Subtle yet GLAM
Photo property of Cupcakes & Cashmere

Nars Bronzer & Blush
I popped into the Sephora about a month ago by chance and somehow walked out with Laguna Bronzer and some cheekily named blush (ya'll know the one!). And I'm so glad I did....Drug store mascara and eye shadows you can totally get by with...but finding the perfect bronzer is like finding leftover pizza in your fridge or realizing that episode of Teen Mom 2 is a new one.

  Giuliana and Bill
This is my Summer TV Obsession! I cannot wait. I die for Gules wardrobe and I pretty much want to marry Bill....except for that law against polygamy....unless you're a sister wife on TLC....then that law  doesn't apply.

I'm fairly certain there will be a part three as I love this season and all that goes with it. 
What are your summer craves?

Oh, and if you follow me on Twitter and read all my tweets yesterday that consisted of lip gloss and the ginger ale going down....and then coming back up, I do apologize. ;)


Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I love that cheekily named blush too! It's amazing.. and I need to get some of that hair savior! My hair probbaly screams every time it sees the straightener headed for it... which is a lot...

Jess said...

I don't straighten my hair, but my hair is crazy dry and damaged. I start work at 6AM, leave my house at like 5:15, so I use my car's heater to "dry" my hair. Hey, I'm inventive. :) I'll have to try that hair stuff. Where do you find it?

I can't reply to your tweets on twitter because you don't follow me and I have my tweets protected ... if you're interested, I'm @prettyphysicist :)

Ashley said...

I know what you mean about summer being half over :( I am not ready for any kind of cold weather what-so-ever...

Where can you find Joico? I may have to go out and buy it :)

jayme said...

this is what i picked up from this post:


2. umm, that picture of bill and g is freaking hilarious. look at his foot in the water and her positioning. i live for them. seriously, love.

3. ahhh it's good to be back!!


Blair said...

That "cheekily named blush" has been a staple in my make-up bag for years! Loves. It. Also, I crave (winter/spring/summer/fall) Urban Decay's EyePotion primer in Eden and Diorshow Mascara. Can't live without either!

You know what else I love? This blog. It's terrific and always brings a smile to my face!

Rissy said...

I wish I had read your tweets yesterday... alas twitter will not work at work bleh.

I may need to look into getting that Joico stuff because I straighten daily as well... what's the price? and why doesn't my bestie's grandpa work for Joico anymore?! dang it


Stephanie and Such said...

"Unless you're a sister wife on TLC!" hahaha.

Giuliana and Bill are my favorite couple, they are hilarious. Hope that girl gets prego soon, poor thing! (Yes, I am that emotionally attached)

Oh and Nars. Yes, yes yes. I finally got their blush. LOVE.

Lindsey said...

omg, i love Guil and Bill! Like if I can't marry his twin or Jason Hoppy's twin, then I'm not getting married! They are so my favorite celeb hubs. G&B came to Dallas this winter for their financial seminar and we were literalyl 2nd row, my BFF liz got to ask a question and it was sooo amazing. Like hello ... Guil and Bill are talking to you! I blogged about it:

Not to mention they were as nice and friendly and down to earth as they seem on TV. Oh, and HILARIOUS! So I can't wait for the new season too is the moral of this story.

And I love that underbraid idea, I need to do that.

All right, THE END.

Katie said...

I've used the Joico stuff and it's WONDERFUL! Your hair is beautiful so I'd def buy it again bc um I want your hair. ok bye :)

Molly said...

yes, yes, and yes. same story with my hair. except lately i haven't been straightening for work. god knows how much these people are judging me for the unruly mane.

i LOVE giuliana and bill!

Chelsea said...

Okay, so everywhere I go I hear about the Nars bronzer in Laguna. I'm beginning to think that it's really just that great and I need to splurge and try it! Hmmm. SO true what you said about finding out that the episode of Teen Mom is a new one! It just makes my day! Love it :)

choose to be happy blog said...

1. i dont do winter.
nope. no thank you

and seriously. i wrote down all of the above because i am going to buy it. thank the good heavens tomorrow is pay day for Chelsea Coleen.

bronzer= must. but an even bigger must= hair protector!!!! so happy you wrote about this. now please write more about how you keep your hair, long, thick and fab, because i want to have some just like yoursss

ps you might think my daddy was richard simmons to if i didnt blow dry! so while blow drying is a must, i try to only straighten it on the weekends when i actually do something. like meet up with blog crushes and stuff like that.

choose to be happy blog said...

and teen mom= one of my favs. ugh guilty pleasure

Sam W. said...

off to buy the kourtney/ashley approved hair stuff!!

my must-haves are non-greasy sunscreen and my new cute target water bottle!!

Lauren said...

Love Teen Mom! Gotta love Gary haha :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

It's crazy how quickly the summer has gone by so far! I haven't even to the beach once this year. I have to get on that STAT!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

Underbraid? whaaaat!? ok I'm down. if you say its awesome i'll do it =) haha

love ya!

Young and Fabulous said...

underbraid- awesome! love that so so so cuuuuute!

ok i am in love with guiliana and bill. i dont care if people think she looks like an alien..shes gawwwgeous! and love her clothes, and her lifestyle, and how she calls bill "rancic"

im also a sucker for buying products that celebs use...its gotta be good then right!? though i wont buy those heinous sketcher shape-ups that kim kardashian wears, even if she looks hot as shit wearing them!