Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 Things

I had "wacky mackey" for dinner Tuesday night....which is basically a fancy name for multi-colored rotini. But I think it was really an unconscious celebration of my much-longed-for guest post on the
Mrs. Mackey:
Adores all things pink
Is married to a fireman #hot (and i'm not talking about the fire!) 
and homegirl is hilarious #youneedtoknowher

So you can find me here today!

P.S. - Several of you guys asked me where my pink/purple skirt was from yesterday (and since it's possible it might take me 9 years to respond to all my emails) I thought it would be fastest to leave a note here. It's from......drum roll......J Crew.....last year. Ebay is your friend.



Aimee said...

I am a follower of Mackey Madness and read your guest post and I had to come follow you too. I am also a runner and I love finding other runners in blog world. I look forward to reading more from you and discovering some tips and tricks from your running experiences!

Rissy said...

well I read the guest post, but now I must go see this famous skirt!

Young and Fabulous said...

i JUUUST commented and let me just say i loved it.

rachel zoe is preggo right now right? or did she have the baby? it could be your possible sister/brother since you were the first lovechild ;)


Sam {} said...

epic post, chica!! loved reading it this morning :)

Jamie said...

Loved your post over there!

LaynahRose said...

New follower, via mackey guest post <3 yayyy

Jenn said...

woot woot! on my wayyy! <3

Megan said...

Thanks so much for guest posting, love! And for your fabulous words over here. You are THE best!! : )

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

New to your blog and love it!