Friday, June 24, 2011

It's Currently....

I totally theifed this off someone's blog and I have no idea whose it was....if it was yours....sorry....and claim your credit!!!

1. Current guilty pleasure: Pinkberry

2. Current color: Apricot

3. Current playlist: Rolling in the Deep, E.T., Super Bass, Uncharted.

4. Current read: In Touch Weekly

5. Current drink: Vitamin Water

6. Current food: Olives

7. Current favorite show: Audrina

8. Current wish list: A tummy that actually liked food without getting nauseous.

9. Current needs: Sleep and a massage

10. Current triumphs: Finishing Hunger Games & making it all the way through the hour long Physique 57 workout

11. Current bane of my existence: See number 8

12. Current celebrity crush: Ryan Reynolds.....this never changes

13. Current indulgence: NARS bronzer & blush

14. Current blessing: Blog friends, family & work

15. Current outfit: Skinny black jeans, apricot ruffled racerback tank, gold gladiator sandals and an armful of bangles 

16. Current excitement: The Weekend 

17. Current mood: Sleepy (it's eeeeaaarrly)

18. Current link: It's All the Rage

Happy Friday! Vlog will be up Monday!!


Jess said...

I am SO with you on #8. I've got an ulcer and acid reflux, so anything that I eat upsets my stomach. AND to top it off, I LOVE Mexican food and other spicy foods, so I usually suffer through the pain. I can barely eat anything without feeling sick, so I feel your pain.

Your blog brightens my day. You post around the same time I get to work in the morning, so its one of the first things I read in the morning. :o)


Marian said...

I'm always craving pinkberry!

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

anotherrr thing we have in common! Love for Adele and NARS blush.. I have Orgasm on right now (that sounds a little weird...) but I want to get their new coral color!

Rissy said...

well this post was a blog stalkers dream! I now know exactly what you are wearing and eating hahaha

I still want to see what that Physique 57 what not is about...


Young and Fabulous said...

I love Nars and Pinkberry and In Touch Weekly

I've yet to watch Audrina! GRR I keep forgetting...must check On Demand right now!

Hope you feel okay snookums!

Oh and totalllly creeped your job''s website via your link and there's one in Boston!!


Something Old, Something New said...

your current playlist is exactly like mine right now - some great summer songs out there!

Jet said...

Excited for your vlog! I really need to check out that Physique 57. That's the ballet inspired workout, no? Do you have to actually go somewhere to take the class or is this like a P90X that I can have on DVD? xo-Jet

Abby said...

I am SO EXCITED it's Friday! Yay weekends! Can't wait for your vlog!

Lindsey said...

I'm ALWAYS sleepy! BOO.

Michelle said...

I love pinkberry! And your outfit sounds cute!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i really need to try pinkberery. and your current playlist is identical to mine. love it!

Katie said...

LOL AUDRINA! What is wrong with us? I need to have a Reality TV intervention.