Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Cube Life

Working in an office is fascinating. One collection of totally different personalities, different work ethics, different lives and family scenarios. Coming from a smaller office I knew all my coworkers intimately - when their kids were graduating from college, their dog's names, favorite color, food allergies. 

Working in a much larger office, I don't even know everyone's names. It's quite a different experience. I find that you learn a lot about a person by their surroundings....namely their cubes. And they're definitely seem to be a few "cube trends."

-The Kid Cube
This is the lady worker who covers every inch of her cube wall space with her child's pictures, drawings and "My Student is on the Honor Role at  Fill In the Blank" stickers. While I admire a little family reminder here and there...there is a thing known as kiddy overload!  We don't want to make the refrigerator door jealous!

-The food hoarder cube
Because one never knows when you could be stuck at work and crave a good bowl of cereal, schoche of salsa and tortillas or a hearty snack of banana chips.

-the abandoned cube
This is the OCD serious worker. The one that only needs a PC, notebook and single pen to survive his or her nine hour work day

-the sticky noted cube 
The employee that needs a sticky note to remind them that lunch is at noon, their never-canceled-wednesday-2pm-meeting is wednesday at 2pm and their grocery list which naturally includes....sticky notes. 

-The "I'm Still Not Over Being Out of College So I'm Making This Cube Look Like My Dorm Room" Cube
Angled pictures stuck to the wall with bubbly neon tacks (.including inappropriate-for-work bar and bikini pics), phi beta alpha gamma wooty sorority magnets and index cards with girly quotes like "I cherish the nights I won't remember with the friends I'll never forget.....and, naturally, a hot pink coozie with feathers for that ice cold work diet coke.

-The I work so much I'm making this cube my home Cube . 
"Candles....lamps....a cozy throw and Keurig brewer.....ahhh just like home - if only my cat were here....."

What's your Work Environment Like? 

Sorry I didn't respond to anyone's comments yesterday. My computer was running SO slow for some reason....seriously, I was about to plug in my orange gun and bust out a rousing game of duck hunt.


Taryn said...

I think I'm a mixture between "food hoarder" because I often have to work late and I get seriously hungry and the "OCD" as my office is relatively sparse....BUT it is generally a mess so I suppose it doesn't really fit me ;)


Jess said...

At my job, we don't have cubes (YET - it's in the works), but we have shared offices. I share my office with one of the design engineers who has like 4 monitors and stacks of crap everywhere. I am a research engineer, so I have books and notebooks piled behind me (neatly, I have a touch of OCD)and my iPod dock, a couple of pictures, and some small nicknacks given to me by visiting Japanese engineers (I work at a Japanese company in Pennsylvania).

Diana Mieczan said...

I love those trends. I work from home and I have a little office corner with a desk, lamp, tons of mags and photos. Have a lovely Thursday, sweetie

V said...

Hahaha...this is hilarious! I work with scientists, so we all have posters and print outs with diagrams of molecules, cells, and chemical's about as nerdy as you can get :)

megan said...

hahaha you are friggin hilarious. i try to keep my desk tidy and the only personal things i have on my desk are a pic of cameron & i (not lovey dovey though), a pic of brady & the 2011 USC football schedule. :)

Ashley said...

This post made me laugh. TOO funny! My cube mostly consists of picture frames to remind me that there is life outside this tiny little cubicle lol. Thanks for the cute post! Have a great day!

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

You come up with the greatest posts! I def am a food hoarder (I have the drawer) and I have a bulletin board full of sports tickets, schedules, and cut outs of newspaper articles, haha

Meghan said...

Since I'm a teacher, we don't really have cubes, but I try to make my classroom "homey" with pictures, lamps, etc. I also love to feature the work of my students as well. And I always keep food handy. Maybe I am a combo of all of them?

Katie said...

I'm most definitely a food hoarder. NO denial there. Something about the fact that when 3pm hits I can go in my drawer and pick out multiple options from my stash makes me happy..and makes my stomach happy that I'm not eating the leftover 1,000 calorie cake in the lunch room. Woo hoo!!

Young and Fabulous said...

dying over "we dont want to make the fridge door jealous" lol

this post is amazing and SO SO true. I saw a food hoarder and not over college cube at my old job lol it's amazing what you can learn about people JUST from their cube!

The worst? When people have bowls in their cube from last week's breakfast that have hardened oatmeal/food in them and are too lazy to go bring it to the kitchen!

ashley you are so observant. but thats why we are meant to be!! haha


Rissy said...

bahahaha I was really hoping that those were actual pictures from your office... then I realized that'd be a really good way to a. piss off people you probably don't really know or b. get fired.

I ALWAYS have almonds in my purse. But seeing as it is that I have little stimulation some days at my internship, all I require is my phone to my right, coffee to my left, and a speedy internet connection.


choose to be happy blog said...

oh my gosh this is HILARIOUS! my office is smaller so of course i know everyone and their life stories. unfortuantely... i... am worried that i am the post it girl you mentioned. post its complete me. and i dont think i could remember to do parts of my job without them!!! ps take a pic of your cubbie i want to see!

Shannon said...

Not gonna lie - I totally have a snack drawer in my office. It keeps me away from that evil (yet delicious) vending machine. :)

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

haha i LOVE this. and it's SO true. so at my last office i was definitely the food hoarder and i had my cube decorated with a few things. now i have a part time job and im more of the OCC person. i bring my laptop into work, i have a cup of pens and a calendar. that's it. but i like it :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

natasha {schue love} said...

These are so funny! Mine is just clutter everywhere!

Michelle said...

HAHA I love this! I don't have a cube but my corner of my classroom where my desk is I have pictures and all my books and office supples. Not really too fun! But I decorated it! :)

A Little Bit of This & That

Ashley said...

omg, ash! i love this post! if anyone works in an office with cubes we def can all relate to this post! i have one picture at my desk of my family (no trashy pics here) lol. Of course I have my Yankee calender too! LOL :)

jayme said...

you can't forget about the "cross cube" with all regligious things ALLL over it! that is my next-cube neighbor and EVERYTHING has a cross or bible verse or something! don't get me wrong, i give god the glory but shoooo weee! her's is intense!


DaisyJo said...

So I was browsing Twitter for tweets with the word BLOG and I found your blog. And it's super cute. And you're a Christian---score! haha Pleased to find you.

Happy blogging.

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

My cube was always a mess.. my office even messier.. and now that i'm working from my couch for another month maybe... well... hot messay mess! oh dear! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Tiffany said...

Oh no....I'm just realizing that I need to re-do my office! I'm totally the: food hoarder, sticky notes, college dorm and home all combined.'s almost as bad as it sounds!


Megan said...

Hahaha! This is hilarious! Since I don't work at an office, I loved reading this. I would probably be the "not over college" girl...and still decorate with hot pink and sparkles.