Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I did last weekend

Sounds like the title of a school report no?! ha! Well this past weekend was a busy one.
It started Saturday with a run. I had been DYING to go running but was never able to make it after work. Plus I just received these fantastic patellar supports. Yes I now look like the 86 year old I always claim to be. (Don’t worry, I left my support hose at home) When I run a lot I feel it in my knees and since I don’t want to give up running (or walking for that matter) decided to try them out. I was pleased to find they actually helped. 

So while my knees felt great I was discouraged after my run. Ya’ll running in the city is VERY different than running in a beachy town …..for a number of reasons:
1.)    The traffic. It’s super hard to maintain a good mileage/time ratio when you are stopping at a crosswalk every 20 feet for a full light rotation. Not to mention it is totally awkward hanging out at the cross walk knowing all those eyes are staring at you (I know this because I always stare at the cross-walkers hoping they’ll entertain me).
2.)    You feel like you should look somewhat cute or at least presentable and absolutely no “I’m-about-to-die-hard-breathing” since approximately 900 cars will be passing you on this run
3.)    The hills. Mother of Pearl. When I lived in South Carolina I ran around a huge pond and it was all flat land. I never realized how hilly Atlanta was until I ran in it but holy hamstrings – this is no flat beach land!

I spent the rest of Saturday by the pool sans patellar supports. I think little in this life is more relaxing or enjoyable than laying by the pool with a juicy magazine and an ipod.

Saturday night we headed to a graduation party for my friend Lacey. My original plan was to grab dinner with a girlfriend which is why I’m sporting this lovely poodle hair (ha – and you all totally thought I still owned a crimper but no… no, don’t be too jealous girls – that is au natural!) 
Holy SHINE!.....this is what happens in the South - isn't it lovely? Please also love that I am the only one looking at my camera.

Sunday THREE of my best friends graduated medical college. (clearly i only associated with smart people. ha i kid, i kid). But seriously -  they’re all DOCTORS now! Crazy! Sunday was spent celebrating them and their accomplishments. 

What did you do this weekend?!


megan said...

LOVING that last dress! And I think your hair is cute crimpy! :) As you already know, I worked worked worked and then I finally got to lounge by the pool on Sunday.

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I agree with Megan, I love that blue dress! and nothing motivates me to keep running and not look like I'm dying more than when I know tons of people are driving by and watching me, haha

choose to be happy blog said...

my hair obsession wont go away. not fair. !!!!!

Chelsea said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend :)

Your thoughts on city vs. country? SO TRUE.

Sam W. said...

congrats to your doctor friends!! i cried like a baby during the ceremony for B yesterday...just thinking about all the work they put in. it amazes me!

Young and Fabulous said...

can you train me to run? I literally need to learn how..I'm such a deadbeat when it comes to running lol

totally awkward when running outside and you know people are staring..i feeeel ya on that haha

dont feel too bad. Kurt has to wear Orthotics because he has weird flat hes like a 90 y/o man lol

your hair looks fab and you look fab too :)


Kayla said...

I love the "beachy" hair look! I also love the photo of you and Rina. You look so great!

Unknown said...

What a nice and refreshing weekend!! I also hate the cross walks..awful! My weekend was all work, no play :( but this coming weekend I am going to have a weekend like yours!

Val said...

You are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear that those supports worked for you! I have bad knees also, but I love running and keep trying to find the perfect shoe, but I'll have to try those supports out! glad you had a great weekend. xo

Unknown said...

1. I want..wait scratch that...NEED to be as tan as you
2. Haha "Mother of Pearl!" I hate hills too. Where I either go up or down, there is no in between. Unless I want to drive to go running. Eh, no thanks.
3. Running in front of traffic sucks, but keeps me running!
4. And running, leads to feeling good, which leads you to the pool. SO JEALOUS!

Angel said...

well that sucks that you have to stop at crosswalks and stoplights. and i stare, too. especially here where they're tourists with fanny packs and pointing at every little thing downtown going "ahh! so gorgeous! let's buy a second home here."

i love your dress and your hair in your group picture! i didn't know it was that crimpy - i love it! i think you should wear it like that sometimes.

Fit With Flash said...

yay for graduating and laying by the pool! : )

p.s. try running on the grass/dirt next to the sidewalk (if there is any) it'll soften the impact. might feel better.

Rissy said...

wow you really were friends with some smarties.
Do you think you still want to be friends? ; )

I think your natural hair texture looks awesome... no joke... I'd rock it.

Atlanta has diet sundrop... so clearly I'd brave the less than perfect outdoor running space.


Katie said...

love the dress! I worked my booty off all weekend...can't wait for some pool time soon! {as soon as the weather takes a serious chill pill and stops pseudo-tornadoing around here!}

Rach said...

Oh girl, I hear ya on the shine... gotta love the South. ;)

I am SO excited about some serious pool time this weekend (family vacay)... love it!

Nuha said...

crazy woman, your hair looks good!! And that picture of the pool is killing me...I need to go swimming ASAP!

Michaela said...

How fun! I love your natural hair. I'd die to go swimming and lay by the pool right about now!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

OOOH, I love your top and dress!! And man, now, I feel like I need to get running!

Megan and Justin said...

love your blog!!

Jessi said...

I love your dress.

Cute blog! ♥

Megan said...

My face always always shines. And not in a good "the shine project" way. Haha.

Love you granny! : )

Michelle said...

I love your hair natural! It looks great! Your dress is so cute! You always look great! I think you need to motivate me to run!