Thursday, May 26, 2011

Uppers and Downers

...Similar to What I Love Wednesday...only there's thing I don't love too- oh, and it's not Wednesday. 


-The premiere of the bachelorette. I'm fairly certain lions and gazelles are cuddling together under the stars, Britney Spears has decided to stop kissing women at every awards show and Taylor Swift and Kanye West are planning a vacation together....all is well in the world again.

-Work email convos with Jana and Erica for the past two weeks. AND the fact that they use the word "creepy" just as much as I do. I think it's like the #2 word in my vocab. It's a good thing we all live in different states - one office couldn't handle this much coolness. 

-Biebs and Selena's kiss at the Billboard Awards. This is like cuteness on steroids.

-Sitting on the couch in sweat pants with cold PF Changs Lo Mein leftovers out of the container at 10pm on a Sunday watching reality TV. (I totally looked as hot as that sounds). 

-Rold Gold Honey Mustard Flavored Pretzels. Mother of Pearl - best find ever. I have added these to my current pickles and ice cream obsession....who doesn't like a good crunch.


-The fact that 86.4% of my "uppers" are about food. #closetfatty #getalife 

-Losing Blog Followers - I lost four in one day over the weekend. ONE DAY! Seriously? I know it's not about numbers but is this a mean joke? Where'd all the hate come from?!

My Bad Dream to Good Dream Ratio - I seriously procrastinate going to bed at night because I tend to have really bad dreams....for real, where are all the roses and lollipops and Orlando Bloom dreams?  

-The Twitter Over Capacity Whale - Naturally I only get this when I have something intensely clever to post.

-Going back and reading your own blog posts. It's just embarrassing....horrifying really. I swear I really did go to school and learn how to spell and use punctuation.

Ok go....what's making your Thursday?!


Jenna said...

Love leftover PF Changs - or any chinese food basically - it's SO good... and do not at all feel guilty about your reality tv obsession, I openly tell people about mine.

That is super weird about losing four followers... what the heck? Oh well who needs them anyways, there are still a ton of us who looove reading your hilarious posts!


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

bahhaha o boy. most of my uppers are food-related too. ah well. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Lynzy said...

Awww Chinese food, it can change your whole outlook ;) I am a huge fan of pad thai recently, totally obsessed. Who cares about the followers that left, you don't need 'em ;)

xo Lynzy

Rissy said...

well the lions and gazelles cuddling and kanye and t swift going on vacay together basically made my day. So thank you for that!

oh and this post made me giggle a lot so also thanks for that.

p.s. I just tweeted (thank God there was no whale) that I couldn't read blogs this morning. You're so special


Young and Fabulous said...

haha! our 2 week emails HAVE been pretty amazing!

I looved selena's dress I think she is so adorable..and I'm jealous that they are chillin in Hawaii at 17/18 years old while when I was that age, I had to practically beg my parents to let me go overnight for prom.

I hate that twitter whale. So annoying.

And yeah I pretty much haven’t read many old blog posts…I am a little scared to see what I wrote..even though I’ve only been blogging 8 months! Haha


Shannon said...

I lost a blog follower this week too, and I'm not nearly as popular as you are, so this was a big hit. What did we do?

Maybe we need to talk about different things? People like it when I talk about poop. And that's why I blogged about poop yesterday.

(And yes to those pretzels. I imagine that's what crack must be like!)

Lindsey said...

Sitting on the couch in sweat pants with cold PF Changs Lo Mein leftovers out of the container at 10pm on a Sunday watching reality TV. -ummm sounds like my ideal evening. #fattytimes2

I loved this post. Really, I love all your posts, but once again I related to all of these. I lost a blog follower on Monday I was like WTF DUDE? What did I do to you? 4?? I'd cry. I LOVEEEEEE that quote. If I die, tell my followers I love them. bahahaha

all righty, I'm outie. Peace Love and Booze.

choose to be happy blog said...

oh my gosh, STOP IT! justin and selena kiss? ahh they are so adorable. i want to be selena. i have always loved her... yes i watched her show on the disney show. stop judging me!!!!

Seashells and Southern Belles said...

hahaha wellll my reply back to you while ago is about a creeper, so I def used the word a lot! and now I am craving honey mustard pretzels...ahhh

Abby said...

Ha, it is always so random to lose blog followers. It's like "what did I do?" haha

I am loving my yogurt covered pretzels. YUM!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

hahah - great post!! so many highs here that i agree with. and like always, your writing is awesome. i seriously LOL when i read your posts!

natasha {schue love} said...

I LOVE Bach! Just so happy it's back on!!! And wtf with losing followers!! It's always so sad when that happens! :( But you're fabulous and so is your blog!

Major Gal said...

i love pretzels. last night i ate the sandwich i made for lunch midnight. it was delish, but MAN was i thirsty when i woke up!

Diana Mieczan said...

Oh yum..I have to try those honey mustard flavored pretzels.Kisses, darling
Happy Thursday

Nuha said...

oh no! sorry to hear about your followers...but knowing you and your amazing personality you will get a ton more :)

Sam W. said...

must buy those pretzels! i am SUCH a snacking machine.

Julie said...

My uppers are always food related...for example this weekend, Breadmaking workshop, so I can support my carb addiction inhouse. Bachelorette makes the list too, although I don't love Ashley yet, but maybe the show will change that. Don't take the follower thing personally, you are adorable and hilarious so keep it up!

Julie said...

This post was hilarious! The majority of my uppers are related to food (and tv). There's no shame in a simple life, right?!

Tiffany said...

Okay, I so feel you on losing followers! WTH? Drives me crazy!!


megan said...

It makes me really sad when I lose a follower, too! I'm surprised I haven't lost any this past week or so because of my lack of posts! Those pretzels are AMAZING..but pickles are still my #1. :)

Megan said...

I always get sad when I lose followers, too! It happens to all of us though!!

I think uppers have to be food related. What else is there to be happy about?? ; )

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

The kiss with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is adorable!!!

Michelle said...

HAHA cuteness on steroids! If blog followers unfollow, it's definitely their loss!!! I love food too except not so much lately! HAHA I cut out a lot in my diet. I need to run like you :)