Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sometimes I only have Nonsense

As a Public Relations major who spent endless hours in english classes learning how to write everything from an obituary to a fictional story to a marketing plan, I am ashamed to post this as a legit entry.....Sorry teachers, this girl was short on time and long on sleeplessness. So today all I have is nonsense ....which basically boils down to random thoughts from the week which generally make it to Twitter where all my lucky followers get to suffer through enjoy.

-As I was headed out to go grocery shopping on Saturday (my life is so exhilarating, I know) I threw on a newly-purchased pair of jorts.– (legit ones) and I realized they had a button fly. Seirously, how did I miss this when I purchased them. Welcome back into my life 1990!

-I think I’m too friendly. If there’s a loner at the pool, guess who he decides to come up and talk to? I’m totally going to work on my unfriendliness. I got trapped in the world’s most boring conversation on Sunday with a man who had voluminous amounts of armpit hair. Hey rando, armpit sweaters aren’t cool!

I really wanted to post a picture of a nice "armpit sweater" but will be forever scarred if you google image "armpit hair' - seirously don't do it. some things just can't unsee.

-The mall is prejudice against tall people - well at least the express is. I went there last weekend to buy dress pants and, naturally, I wear "tall" pants (that's really awkward to write) and the sales girl tells me they only carry "regulars" and "shorts" in the store - you have to order "talls" online. Seriously?! I think that's total crap - why should tall people be punished with shipping costs just for being tall? Total crap I tell you.

-I'm secretly scared I'm going to get kicked off the blogosphere. Almost every blog I read is written by someone who is always sharing amazeball recipes or has an Etsy store. I think we're all well-familiar with the fact that this chica doesn't cook. I burned my hand on the oven making a piece of cinnamon toast three weeks ago...seriously, it's dangerous to my well-being. And trust me, no one wants anything that I would "make." I feel pre-sorry for my children as I'm pretty sure I'll have to google what the heck you make with popsicle sticks, pom poms and pipe cleaners. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the "keeper of the blogs" doesn't find mine!

-Since our offices are nationwide, we tend to have a LOT of conference calls and while we wait for the organizer to join, the conference system plays classical music. It takes me back to piano days when I used to be able to bust out some Bethoven, Lizt and Bach at any given moment (Bach was my favorite....he had such angry, rivetting music). It makes me sad that my level of playing these days is probably a pointer finger play out of heart and soul. Why do we never forget how to play heart and soul?! Whenever the music starts to play on the phone, I feel both cultured and sad all at the same time.

Bach was such a stud! What girl doesn't like a lacy man-collar not to mention those curls? Grrrr.

Happy Wednesday Loves!

In other way more exciting news - who is 10,000 shades of sad Emily and Brad broke up?! Ugh This girl is for sure!


Abby said...

I feel the same way about my piano days. I took lessons through high school and now I'm not even sure I could master the left hand of heart and soul! sigh...

Shannon said...

AMEN about the tall clothes! At a leggy 5'9" I'm always struggling to find good dress pants. And now maternity pants for talls? Even more ridiculous to find. Let's picket Express or something, shall we?

Sarah said...

I understand your pain about shopping for tall pants. When I find pants that fit I wear them until they fall apart!

Young and Fabulous said...

I will play heart and soul with you. And then we can play ChopSticks! I played flute my entire life and stopped for about 3 years, but was able to pick it back up so I am sure you can pick up piano again!

Jorts are so great! Especially 1990s button gives the men a challenge to take them off ;) haha im a perv

i like your random thoughts but don't like that you prompted me to look up armpit hair..YUCK! hahah


choose to be happy blog said...

I was a Public Relations major too!! at the University of Alabama

AND thank you, I swear people are prejudice against tall, super awesome girls like us. Even when some lines make DRESSES I cant wear them because they are too short. Which is so not nice. Maybe you should talk to the buyers for Express and maybe they can give you some tips on how to be mean? Just a thought.

But in all actuality, I am the same way. I’m “friends” with like a handful of homeless people on the streets of Atlanta. Ok they don’t remember me, but I remember them and every time I see them I buy them McDonalds. It really is an unhealthy habit. But I cant help it!

Unknown said...

I'm a public relations major too and agreed, we write everything, literally everything. And I'll play piano with you!

Sam W. said... the button fly! awesomeness. yay for random posts!

Beth said...

you crack me up girl! and if you EVER get kicked off the blogosphere i'm hunting down whoever did such a horrible thing.

i love your blog and your humor. who cares if you don't post recipes, etsy crap, or shizz about how your baby pooped. that's not what i'm here for!

Megan said...

Did they really break up?? Are you sure?? I don't believe it. I don't WANT to believe it. Please noooooooooooooooooooooooo.

PS: Love your randoms. I always need talls, too.

Stefany said...

Ah I feel the same way about my blog! Sometimes I think "who's really reading this anyway?" haha. But I would definitely vote to keep your blog in! I love all of your witty posts.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you crack me up.
and actually i feel like the mall is prejudice to us SHORT people. :( i always think that tall people get the luck cuz they don't have to worry about finding the right pair of jeans.

hehe - guess the grass is always greener on the other side!

Sarah said...

I thankfully have not experienced the pain of having to shop for long pants. My issue is the other way around as I am only 5'2". It's sad that I get mistaken for a student walking around middle schools I sometimes teach at. Speaking of teaching, there are several area in your post that need editing lol. I'm just giving you a hard time. :) If you need cooking and baking lessons I would be more than happy to share recipes and tips. My mom passed down her excellent culinary skills to all of her daughters and I can say (in a non-arrogant way, of course) that I am a good cook. Just ask Tryston and your Aunt Robin. One of Tryston's favorites is my roast chicken stuffed with fresh thyme and a Grey Poupon mustard pan jus I make on the side. Tryston also loves my homemade beef and vegetable soup that I simmer all day, homemade spaghetti sauce, baked garlic chicken and potatoes, homemade mashed potatoes, homemade mustard potato salad (he doesn't like potato salad, but it's the bomb), cinnamon crumb cake, among other dishes and baked goods. He even asks me to cook hot dogs for him because he says I cook them better than anyone else haha. Next time I see you we should cook something together. I would love to help you out and then you can help me shop since you have incredible fashion taste :).

Suze said...

Goodness girl you got a lot going on! i absolutely do not like the button fly, makes everything so much complicating at times. I so understand the whole too friendly thing but God gave you that gift so keep being you and just keep your head down and act like your texting to keep the sketch people away ha! you won't get kicked off blogosphere for no recipes, no etsy etc , i dont and i love your blog. as far as piano days, oh how i miss them! i can play some but i'm no bach for a long shot ha ha. have a great rest of your day!

Angel said...

i always enjoy your random thoughts.... even if they are boring repeats of what i see on my twitter feed. ;) happy wednesday and we should have a cooking-piano party this weekend haha. and i think the world loves "normal" average height people. cause its pretty clear that "short" sizes are not short enough (theres a minor possibility that that only applies to me though)... and, well tall pants/jeans.. im sure you lucky highschool-basketball-stars/teen models have just as many problems.. i pity you. deeply. so i hope you find a place that sell pants for the abnormally tall of atlanta. ;)

Unknown said...

Although I am not tall, women come into Nordys all the time asking for long/tall length. I feel super bad because we don't offer different lengths! But I will say citizens are the longest. And they are the cutest. Oh and the most expensive haha.

And I feel you girl for the friendliness thing. Sometimes I need to not be so dang nice!!

Girl, you are totally not getting kicked out!! IF anyone it will be ME! My life is so boring. Sometimes I struggle what to even blog about! How are some girls so perfect and on top of life? Blows my mind.

You're awesome!

Lindsey said...

BARF, I hate armpit hair even on men. It makes me gag and I'm getting sick just thinking about it as I type this. *SHIVER*

I am a freak magnent too, it sucks but sure does keep life interesting.

I swear Express carries talls ... not that i would know because I'm only 5'4" but my cousin is tall and she bought work pants at Christmas there and got talls! So booo yah... it must just be select stores that done. That's very strange.

Happy Hump Day gurl!

Katie said...

I may have thrown up in my mouth a little about the armpit sweater. so. gross. I feel like that kind of stuff should be against the law. Tame your pits, dude.

Jenna said...

Don't worry - I'm the most uncrafty person you'll ever meet... ever. It would be some sort of cruel joke if I ever tried to make something for someone!

And I didn't even know how to cook an egg until about a year ago!


angie on maui said...

Hello! I'm new to your blog and after reading this very first post, I knew I'd be following. :) I love your sense of humor, the sarcasm, the's all good!

I've been perusing the blogosphere for running blogs and aspire to someday run a full marathon. I'm slowly getting back into the running scene after fracturing my foot 6-days before the Maui Marathon (booooooo). I'm looking forward to following along on your blog, your running adventures, your recipes and whatever you sell in your Etsy shop.

Oh wait. Forget that last part. ;)

Good to meet ya - have a great week!


natasha {schue love} said...

Did they really break up?! Say it isn't so!!!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Hehehe, I think it's okay to have a scatterbrained day every now and then! Too funny about the friendly, thing, I'm the same way!

Rissy said...

dude. My posts are pretty much always like this.

but you are random in a good way. The one person in the world I hate writes a blog... and when I read it, it's so random I become convinced she needs meds.

You can differentiate between the classical composers... I can not. Ashley-1 Carissa-0
I wear "regulars." You wear "talls." Carissa-1 Ashley-0
You probably still weigh less than me even though you are a "tall." Ashley wins with 2!


Unknown said...

I wish i had the issue for tall pants! I am 5'4 and i have to get all my pants hemmed :( so feel lucky because long legs are beautiful legs!!!


Molly said...

I hear ya on finding pants that fit properly. It's impossible. I get a lot of my work pants at the Banana outlet, which now (thankfully) carries tall sizes!