Friday, April 15, 2011

The Neighbor

So do you remember that SATC episode where Miranda moves into the apartment where the lady had died.....and no one knew she was dead for a month....and then her cat ate her?

Well, I have this neighbor across the hall and I haven't seen her in like a month. And within the past two weeks her door has become jammed with 3 UPS slips, a mail parcel slip and no less than 35 chinese take out menus.

I've become very intrigued with this dissapearing neighbor and have come up with three possible scenarios:

#1 She's a hoarder and she's just bought a complete passle of other people's stuff off Craigslist but she can't make it out her door because there's too many boxes and bags of trash in her way.

#2 She's a recluse and she's just ordered huge palletes of ramen noodles but she can't bring herself to leave her apartment and go to the office and pick them up.

#3 She really did die right after she placed all those orders and her cat is eating her. I really hope this is not the case because if so our hallway is about to STAAANK. Well and that would be sad.

But in all seriousness, I'm really tempted to take the UPS slips and she if she ordered anything good. Who thinks this is a brilliant idea? I need someone to give me permission to act on my bad behavior. Just one 'yes''s all I'm asking for. ;)

Who's EXCITED it's FRIDAY besides ME?!!


Beth said...

that IS crazy. i would be worried too. the neighbors that live across from me have been here longer than i have but i have yet to actually see one of them. well, i have...but that was like one 4 years! wtf?

i would totally look at the UPS slips. i did that one time to my neighbors shizz to find out her name so i could stalk her ass on facebook and hopefully find out why her kids make so much damn noise. didn't work.

Katie said...

J & I always make up stories for our crazy neighbors {like the ridiculous pothead on the first floor who disappeared for 2 weeks...} I would totally look at the UPS slips! I may or may not have done it before... :D

Young and Fabulous said...

omg I remember that episode..creepy

I agree with Beth...I'd creep her UPS slips and stalk her..I am giving you full permission to do so!

or maybe she just has mad dudes coming in and out and she is too ashamed to admit she is the complex whore and doesnt want anyone to see her

I am intrigued by this Ashley! you best keep us posted! :)


Sam {} said...

YES. and report back :)

happy weekend, girlfriend!

Lindsey Leigh said...

I do remember that episode! That is seriously.... INSANE. Wonder what is up? Please, please, PUHLEASE keep us updated because until then... I will be dying of curiosity.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

hahaha - i'd be freaked out for sure, too!!! keep us posted. ;)

happy friday, ashley!!

Tatiana said...

That would be so freaky if she was dead! And sad!
I'm sure the ups slips have some type of chinese food ordered from China. So if you're into Chinese food, go ahead and look at them.

Stephanie and Such said...

That episode was so creepy! Haha.

I dare you to take the slips... I am so curious to know!

SO my answer? YES.

Suze said...

I'm dying laughing because i can see you doing this and highly recommend you go be nosy and check the ups slips out girl and figure out what the ladys DL is ;)

Lindsey said...

ok I would be concerned too, that's scary. Maybe she's on vacation and will be back any day now?

The best part of this post was teh cat in the window.

Michelle said...

That's scary! I would be worried too! Keep us posted!

Julip Made said...

Creepy, but funny. First question is, does she have a cat?

I would definitely look at the slips, just to see where from, but no taking. The Boy's mom sent us an Omaha Steaks package last year and someone pilfered if from our door. This girl was angry because girl lovess her steak.

Rissy said...

do it. I mean obviously if she's dead she won't care... oops that was heartless.
Remember how Miranda choked on Chinese food and thought she was going to die alone????

oh and back to this lady... clearly she met prince charming at a coffee shop on her way to work... they ran away together, and she will be back, married, and tan in 2 weeks.


Annie said...

well now you have me curious! i want to know what is up with her!!
check out the slips and keep us updated ;)

Megan said...

Okay, she probably tripped over all her hoarding stuff and broke her hip. She might be laying there suffering. In HER best interest, you MUST read the UPS slips and see what is going on. : )

Jenna said...

Hmmm - I would also definitely suspect that her cat is in the process of eating her at this very moment... that is creepy!

I would take a look at the UPS slips, see if there's anything good and then phone the police to come investigate the whole situation!


Meghan said...

I hope she's ok! We had a similar situation with a neighbor - turns out, he moved out!

Ana* said...

Hmmm I hope she's not dead... maybe you can call your landlord and ask if anything is wrong

christine donee said...

um, this is easy.


and then tell me all about it.

Nicole said...

New follower here, number 201, oh yea!!! I remember that episode of SATC. I really hope that's not the case with your neighbor across the hall!! I say "yes" to looking at the UPS slips!!! Let us know what you find if you do look at them!

natasha {schue love} said...

I hope she's ok...for her sake and your nose's sake! Wonder if there is anyone you can contact about it?? Let us know what the outcome is!