Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things that Inspire

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit"
- Aristotle

I love this quote. My job is awesome (don't know if I've mentioned that 5,000 times or not) but it is. I've been so inspired by my boss and coworkers. I've never been around a group of people that excel so much at what they do. They have complete confidence in what they do. They don't make mistakes.

And since I (admittedly) have a little bit of a "drive for perfection" in me....I adore this. I'm tackling lots of new things in this position....namely math and excel. You know when you're sitting in college calculus thinking "I'm going into public relations....I'll NEVER have to use this stuff?" Well kick that little devil off your shoulder because she is wrong....I do some serious math all day long!

And I'm becoming obsessed with Excel. I spent about an hour last weekend at the Barnes and Noble reading up on pivot tables and waterfall charts...I definitely looked out of place in my aisle crowded with thick-framed glasses and phones filled with physics apps....but it was well-spent time.

So oddly, today, I'm inspired by excel sheets and coworkers.....well...and maybe a few pretty things too.

My beautiful friend Jordan who just got married. I cannot begin to envision a more stunning bride! And she is easily one of the sweetest/coolest people I've ever know.


I adore, it's up there with my love for excel, running and online shopping.

I've seen so many awesome posts and pictures lately.
 What's inspiring you?


Jamie said...

Great post!

Your friend was a beautiful bride!

Chelsea said...

I love that quote by Aristotle!! One of my many daily inspirations.. Cool post!

~k said...

My brain hurts just reading the word physics. ahaha! So great that you love your job! Great photos.

megan said...

It's always a good thing to love your job, glad that you do!

Jordan looked so pretty! :)

Beth said...

when i was in college, we were required to take a Media Buying class. i HATED it. now that's what i do for a living. and i use math...but it's nothing that a calculator can't handle. oh and we use excel like nobody's business. BUT...i don't love my job as much as you love yours. but that's awesome you love yours as much as you do. my daddy always tells me "make sure you love your job, b/c you'll be doing it for the rest of your life."

p.s. love all the pretty dress pictures!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw your friend looks stunning!
love all those pictures of dresses too!

Young and Fabulous said...

so glad you love your job!! :) And that photo of the pink dress is FIIIIERRRCE! woo!

Happy Thursday miss mathematician! :)


Ashley said...

Hi Ash! Love that quote! You are truly a go-getter tpye of person! I'm sure your company is very happy to have you! Thats awesome you are really liking your job - thats always important to do something you actually enjoy doing! And, your friend, Jordan was a beautiful bride! Love the fun pictures are the bottom! Have a great day love!

Oh, and thank you for you're comment on my new header! :)

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a great quote and I love those photos. Its always so great to love what you do! Well done, darling
Happy Thursday

david-and-emily said...

love those wedding dresses! It makes me want to go back and do it all always post such lovely pictures :)

Jennifer said...

Ohmygosh those dresses are GORGEOUS! I want to get married like 5 more times so I can wear 5 more awesome dresses! <3

I adore that quote too =)

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

lisa elizabeth said...

It's funny the things you actually use in the real world. I always tell co-workers that my job description is NOT to have a job description cause I never know what I'm going to be doing.

Love, love, love your blog...I found it through my sister stephanie-and-such.

jayme said...

so if i move to atlanta, may i please work with you guys since i despise my job?!

also, that 7th picture, with that tower in the background is the most badass picture i've ever seen. totally obsessed.

...since i'm going to paris in may, maybe i could find that exact same dress and take the exact same picture. what do you think??

Sam {} said...

your friend is stunning!! what a gorgeous picture/dress/girl.

i'm so happy you love excel. we should be friends in real life and nerd it up!!

Michelle said...

Your friend was absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day! I love all of the dresses!

Katie said...

Such a great post!

Megan said...

I'm so glad that you love your job! That's a blessing!! Love your beautiful pictures, especially that pink dress!! : )