Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I fought the smoke detector and the smoke detector won

Oooh Look - it's the devil. Hiding in the form of a smoke detector.

I Walked into my apartment at 12:30a on Saturday and heard a loud, random beeping......Of course my initial reaction was to look for cameras and bombs in the vents. (Thanks dad....you've trained me well.) Once I walked through the apartment going through all the closets and the shower (yikes the shower is the WORST!) and eliminated the fact of sniper threat...I realized it was the smoke detector just a mere meh 500 feet up the wall. Um, the tallest thing I currently own is a footstool.

So being the determined woman I am, I stood tiptoe on that dang footstool with my arms fully stretched to barely reach it....all the while going numb from the lack of blood flow and yanked that dang energizer from the smoke detector's grip. I sat down all accomplished on the couch only to hear...........


Riddle me this....how the freak does a smoke detector work without a battery? And if it can work without a battery - why is there a battery even in there???

I tried everything. Pulling. Pushing. I may or may not have thrown pillows at it multiple times....I had ceiling fall in my eyes and serious battle wounds were incurred (and by serious battle wounds I mean I scraped my elbow....band-aids were involved - this counts!)

I'm not gonna lie....I'm a very mellow person but I had a serious girly melt-down moment over this dang alarm.

Olivia sent me this video which pretty much sums up the acitivites that went down that night.

I called the office on Sunday to aks them to come fix it but they said that maintenance only comes in on the weekends for emergencies. Really?! I think something going "beep beep" in my apartment every 10 seconds is an emergency! They didn't think so.

So far I have lived here three weeks and this was my fifth call to office maintenance. I really think they're beginning to love me in there.

Anyone else had a Phoebe/Ashley moment?!


The Neal's said...

HAHAHA! My IMMEDIATE thought while reading this was Phoebe freaking out at her smoke detector on Friends! Hope you got it figured out and didn't discover any bombs or cameras along the way!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

hahahaha - oh my goodness! things like this would happen to me and my old roommate at our old place. so glad you have a blog to update us on all your crazy apt. experiences! hehe.

Fit With Flash said...

When I was first reading this, I thought about Phoebe! Love the part where the guy knocks on the door, calls out "Phoebe" and she yells back, "Smoke Detector?" lol

~k said...

My apt. manager lady always ask me "Have you baked anything lately?" because of one time when I had a baking incident. Too long of a story to get into, but yeah smoke detectors can be so annoying.


Beth said...

ugh! smoke detectors are the worst! unless they are warning you of a potential fatal situation of course.

the same thing happened with this guy i was seeing. he ripped it from the wall, still beeping, took battery out, still beeping, shoved it in a drawer, probably still beeped but couldn't hear it. :)

Yours Truly said...

HAHAH! So awesome.
I would love to hear how/why your dad trained you to look in the vents!!


Jillian said...

haha omggg. i can totally imagine this scene. smoke detectors can be the devil...ive defiantly broken one or two trying to make them shut up. ah well! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

this totally happened to me in college! we tried everything: golf clubs, screaming, crying, stamping, etc. turns out it was wired through the house to the electrical system. ugh!!

Anonymous said...

I HATE when this happens. Smoke detectors do not know how to shut up. I've had a melt down over mine once upon a time too. You're not along ;)

Anonymous said...

Haaa, wow you are really having a great time in your new APT, huh?

jayme said...

i have acouple things to say...

1. you need to live in an assisted living home because you may or may not be incapable of doing it all on your own...

2. when i was a senior in college, mine went off every 28 seconds for 6 days straight and by the 2nd day, i was borderline in need of a straight jacket.

3. now that i think about it, i'd rather have to sit and listen to that every 28 seconds than be at work.

4. seriously though, your new apartment is kicking your ass.

5. you used to be my favorite blogger ever but now that you've mentioned friends, you're my favorite person ever.

well played woman, well played.

Jennifer said...

oh nooooo not you too! This totally happened in my last rental! I almost bashed the thing in with a broom... if the broom had been long enough to even reach it! pooooor thing! I feel your pain! =(

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Megan said...

Hahahaha...oh my gosh, you poor thing!! I feel so bad for you and all these mishaps, but you definitely keep me entertained! That is weird that it works without a battery.