Monday, March 7, 2011

Fuzzies, Friends, Havaianas and a little Chinchilly

So after weeks of searching, Shannon got a dog on Saturday. How adorable is my little fur-baby nephew? I'm so in love and I haven't even met him yet. But you better believe Aunt Ashley stocked up on toys yesterday for this little love before I see him next month!

O'Malley Krieger
 How was everyone's weekends? Mine was beautiful. I spent it with friends celebrating new jobs and Lacey signing her residency (she's moving to Kentucky in happy for her but so sad she's leaving). :( We went to Kevin Rathbun Steak in Inman. It was awesome! And very fancy....there were lots of forks involved.

Went to my newest gym...Concourse Athletic Club. This place is awesome! Multiple stories, shi-shi locker rooms and an indoor track which I am loving! Ran 7 miles and it was 10,000 shades more awesome than running on a treadmill (not to mention a lot less sweatier!)...Plus I'v heard celebrities work out here all the time. How cool would it be to jog next to Diddy?

A little Essie Chinchilly and Times Square Tangerine Cream mani/pedi. I think I'd be way more obsessed with this color if three of my 10 toes weren't bruised from running,(I really don't know why I told you guys that - so gross!)

Other things that made my weekend perfection:

This pair of Havaianas

Versa Tanning......Girlfriend is TAN ya'll (at least for a week)

What did you do this weekend?
Busy week at work ahead but I love it. I'm learning so much and becoming massively obsessed with Excel and PowerPoint!


Rissy said...

I may be behind in noticing this, but I am loving the new header!

that dog is pretty darn cute, and reminds me how badly I need my own furry friend.

I am actually glad you shared about your bruised toes because I have them too! And oh how I miss the indoor track the Ohio State gym had... which is weird since I haven't been there in 6 years. Great things are easy to miss!
And when you meet Diddy please be awkward and gushy! haha


Ashley said...

Love the new header! Super cute! Awe, the puppy is too darn cute! I want one. Yay, for joining the gym and I think if you happened to bump into any celebrities you must take some pictures. LOL.

Michelle said...

I agree with Carissa! LOVE THE NEW HEADER!!

Your dog is soooo cute!

Love all the pictures you included. I love Essie and those colors and I cannot wait for warmer weather to break out my Havaianas! Love them!

Caroline at Her Own Eden said...

Okay so I have totally slacked on reading your blog the past couple weeks but I'm going to catch up today! I hope everything has been going well for you and I'm glad this weekend was filled with good friends, food and fun :)

Caroline at Her Own Eden said...

anddd PS I love your new header! I'm guessing from the comments already posted it's new so I'm glad I got to see the unveiling! :)

Fit With Flash said...

oh snap! your friend is moving to KY?! when and which city?

jayme said...

lovely new header, dearest! it's so 3d-ish and rad, i'm diggin it.

umm, lacey moving to kentucky?! does that mean a visit is in store! i die. lit-er-a-lly, i die if the answer is yes!

i'm lovin myself some spray tan too, so healthy and glowing!

Michaela said...

I heart your new header (: ALSO I love those nail colors!!!

Sam W. said...

i'm so obsessed with excel - ridiculousness :)

yay for fun, pretty gyms!

Jamie said...

What a nice gym!

I love the Chinchilly nail pretty!

jessica // union shore said...

love the nail colors! and that pup is adorable!!

Shannon said...

O'Malley can't wait to meet you!

You definitely need to bring that Time Square polish with you when you come home next month, so I can 'borrow' it:)

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

the puppy is SO SO cute.
i love the grey nail polish too :)
happy monday! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

My weekend was a bit of debauchery with looots of sleeping in and relaxing! hehe =)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new header! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Megan said...

Love your new header!! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! If you ever get to run next to Taylor Swift, you better call me up!! : )

Kristen said...

can i tell you how incredibly jealous i am of your indoor track!? that is the best thing ever! and love those nail polish colors :)