Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emily...the Bachelor Variety

Two weeks into the bachelor someone told me that it had been leaked Brad picked Chantal....I was mega dissapointed.

I've been a fan of Emily since I read her story in US weekly before this season even started. For those of you who don't know her story.....she lost her high school sweetheart in a plane crash and found out a week after that she was pregnant. And if that wasn't enough to make you be intrigued by her, she has the sweetest personality. And even though I'm hair prejudice and normally root for the brunettes, Emily was the one girl on the show I really related to. So every Monday night I donned my "Team Emily" gear and crossed my fingers Brad wouldn't be seduced by crazy Michelle!

Emily's one of those people that I feel would be a best friend if we happened to meet in "real life." On one episode, Emily said "I'm not shy, I'm private." I couldn't agree more with this.....says the girl with a blog, I know.....but, I am intensly private about personal things. But shy, definitely not.

Another reason why I want to be besties with Emily? Her amazing fashion outlined below:

This girl and I must be soul sisters because i ADORE bangles and so does she. I am rarely without a wristful and I especially love ones that don't match. Thanks to the Possessionista for id-ing so many of Emily's (and contributing to the delinquincy of my bank account.)

I'm a recent fan of blush. I never used to wear blush but now I'm obsessed with it. Emily wears a lot of it (a lot of makeup in general which I, too, am extremely guilty of) but I love her peachy-coral shades. I'm almost positive it's one of the cheekily-named blushes from NARS.

Though I do love to try out new colors, my staple nail polish is baby pink. I already snagged a bottle of Essie's Fiji after seeing Emily's nails and recently picked up a poppier shade of Essie's Muchi Muchi which I'm currently sporting. It's fabulous!

Black & Blue
I got teased at my old job all the time for wearing lots of black and this fall I've been so fascinated by this same shade of blue Emily was seen sporting on so many episodes....I basically die for her wardrobe!

So dear Emily though we're not real-life best friends, I'm so excited for you and the new love you've found
(and please don't let all these nasty break up rumors be true...I will be so sad).

Were you all rooting for Emily? Or were you a Chantal fan?

(Yes, I am cheesily including this song with this post .....because I love it! Love me through it. )

And one more thing....I asked all my Twitter friends to please play the bachelor soundtrack when I get engaged as I'm sure it will make the moment 10,000 times more romantic!

Happy Wednesday! Do something spontaneous today friends!


megan said...

From day one I was a huge fan of hers! If I could have her wardrobe I would die happy. I read the Reality Steve spoiler when he originally said Chantal was going to win and was super bummed. When the Train song came on at the end of the proposal, I lost it. Cameron looked at me like I was ca-razy.

Sandy a la Mode said...

i actually didn't watch this season but it's funny b/c one of my college roommates was on the first season with brad and she didn't dig him.

Beth said...

i didn't really watch the bachelor that much this season, but when i heard about emily i would watch here and there. she was definitely my fave. i want to look like her when i grow-up. so glad she won. i hope her and brad can stick it out.

Beau&Lindee said...

i'm with you on everything you said. i think emily is adorable & i hope they stay together!

Michelle said...

I thought Chantel and Brad had better chemisty. But I did love Emily too. I thought she was very sweet and beautiful. I always love her outfits. Don't worry, I'll remember to play Train for you ;)

Sam {} said...

so i didn't really follow the bachelor this season (shameful, i know), but from everything i've heard, emily is amazing. i love her nail polish and outfit choices - adorable girl!

amber said...

i was so glad he picked emily!! although i liked both girls, i thought emily was the best one for him. i hope they are able to work through things and stay together!!

Rissy said...

you have twitter?! Ok must follow you...

This whole post was great... because it was so honest! I love that you and Emily are so similar even though she just doesn't know it yet.

Two days ago my mother goes "You should contact Emily. You guys have similar stories"

I said nothing

She then says "You think I'm kidding. I'm not"

Oh dear lord Mom


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i didn't watch this season but seemed like everyone was freaking out about it!

and im with you, i normally always root for the brunettes over blondes. hehe.

Anonymous said...

I loved Emily from the start. You could tell that he liked her from the beginning. I agree with everything that you said. I loved the ring he gave her too. It was perfect!

Lindsey said...

Ummm are WE sole sisters? I just posted that song on my post because I was so obsessed with it after it aired. And yesterday I even googled "Emily Maynard blush" because her cheeks always look so amazing! Basically, I just want to be HER! She's so perfect and I love everything she has worn especially that blue.

Kayla said...

Yeah, apparently my source was not completely accurate! Sorry! But I'm very glad! It seems like she is more fun loving than the camera gave her credit for from what she said during The Final Rose. And yes, we will have that song playing during every event for your wedding!

a life of color said...

I am a huge Emily fan!!! I have loved her sense the beginning. I really hope they stay together!!

Katie said...

hahaha yess! loving the nail polish on both our blogs today :) I love Emily, but she needs to stop being so hard on Brad! He is head over heels for her. I hope this isn't just a cop out for her!

jayme said...

where do i begin? i'm a new lover of blush as well. and as for bangles. oh bangles. my arms now hate me when i'm not wearing multiple bangles, precisely mismatched bangles.

also, um, that picture of her nails is absolutely hilarious. its SO close up and perfect that i think it's really funny. where did you even find that?

as for the blue and black... KENTUCKY WILDCATS are blue and white so i have a tendency to wear a TON of blue too. including my outfit today! whoaaa, it's almost like i read your mind today.

should i not admit that i secretly listened to trains "marry me" last night while i muted glee, making me the gayest musical loving loser in the world... and should i mention that i couldn't see much since my eyes were SO dilated that they were making me dizzy.

ok, i need to learn how to stop writing in the comments section. they're called COMMENTS, not NOVELS.

please don't forget about me tomorrow as i'm in my eye surgery so i can see what the world ACTUALLY looks like sans contacts and glasses.


Mimi said...

I couldnt agree more. Her style, her poise, her classiness, totally shines through ALL THE TIME. I was rooting for her too! I hope he's legit and really treats her well;)

Aesthetic Lounge

Diana Mieczan said...

I didnt watch this season but she sounds like a great girl:) Have a fantastic day, darling

Ps: I’m hosting a cool Loop GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

{av} said...

I am SO happy she was his pick--though I'm crossing fingers and toes they stay together! Loved her style too...and after seeing the Fiji on your fingers {and hers}, I bought it and love it too! yay! happy Wednesday! xoxo {av}

Fit With Flash said...

I loved her. But I'm really glad she went with a more natural color for the After The Rose. I wasn't lovin' the Barbie blonde she was sportin' on the show. I hope they make. I love them together. : )

Julip Made said...

New to your blog and loving it and this recap! I was definitely a team Emily. Who could not root for the Bachelor's own "Mother Teresa". I also youtubed the Train song as soon as the finale ended.

Happy Hump Day!
~ Julie

meme-and-he said...

I love emily too! (duh. great name). her style is adorable, and I WANT her hair!! I wonder if she does it herself....I am basically her biggest fan.

things that sparkle said...

Happy to have found your blog, just in time to see this Emily obsession post. Couldnt agree more. And currently have Fiji on my nails. Cannot wait to try Muchi Muchi!

Leah said...

Emily was by far my favorite, but I still don't think Brad is good enough for her. I loved every single thing she wore on the show. And Marry Me is one of my favorites! Where was that song when I got married?

Kelsey said...

i remember watching The View where Joy said "yeah Emily will probably become the next Bachelorette" so it made me think that they already knew something i didn't and that Chantal i was shocked when Emily was chosen by Brad. i hope they can work it out...only time shall tell.


natasha {schue love} said...

I just love you! She's a doll and I love her new hair color! I so hope they stay together...we'll see!

Mrs. Mama said...

LOVED emily. Well, still do.... but i was upset with her after the rose ceremony. I'm over it now. But I do so hope and pray they work out, I have always loved them together. We will have to wait and see!

this free bird said...

I liked her the whole way through, but at the finale she freaked me out. I thought she was overdoing it more than a little when he seems so sincerely smitten with her.

That being said she has had a tough go of it. I hope they're okay and he doesn't turn out to be a womanizer. I loved his mom's reaction to her. It was so very touching. I wish she'd move closer to him and give it a chance. I think with the support of his family around it would make it a lot easier for her to trust b/c they clearly love her, too.

okay that was a book of a comment!


everyone calls me bon bon said...

NARS Orgasm Blush is where it's at. Just throwing that out there. Cheekily-named for sure, but so good! xoxo

Megan said...

I really hope they make it. I think that she is just adorable. She definitely deserves true love.

Kelly said...

She is absolutely adorable. I didn't see the after the rose, but I heard it was uncomfortable. I still love her though!