Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkard and Awesome Thursday

I'm linky-linking up with Sydney for today's post!

-Walking into the gas station after a 12-mile run, dripping with sweat, purchasing 2 trash can size bottles of gatorade and having the gas station attendant ask if I was "headed to the gym?" Geez - I hope I don't look that gross going to the gym!

-Getting locked out of your work suite at 8pm and having to take an elevator of shame ride down to your concierge to track down the person with the master fob-things.
-Saying goodbye to someone and then realizing you're walking the exact same way so there's that whole uneasy tension - should we talk? should I act like I don't know they're behind me?

-Trying to key into your apartment before you realize you're on the wrong floor altogether (per Jayme's suggestion....I'm looking to move to an assisted living home because my new apartment is presently kicking my rear!)

 -Moving...I currently belong to three gyms and have two health insurance plans.
-Random facebook messages from someone that says "We will be in Atlanta this afternoon. Call us if you want to eat dinner together. Love you." do you mis-message someone on Facebook?! And more importantly, should you message them back and point out the obvious?

-My Draft posts....maybe I'll share some day the nearly dozens of monthly posts I don't post....but I kind of want you all to come back so I doubt it ;)
Countdowns: 17 days 'til the 1/2 marathon (yikes! starting to freak out), 22 days'til I get to see Kristin, 36 days 'til I get to see my family and 40ish days 'til I get to see Kayla!

-The panoramic view from my cube! It' s the real deal hollyfield up in this piece. Play on playa.

-Knowing your concierge....see awkward number 2

-My proximity to the mall...For the first time in my life if I have a fashion emergency I am closer to the mall than I am to the Target.

-When people say "good morning" or "good night" in the elevator.

-When couples hold hands...melts my heart.
-Emily's one-on-one date. If a guy picked me up for a date on an elephant....I think I'd marry him right there!

Clearly my life seems to be equal parts awkward and awesome....I guess that's a healthy balance. Happy almost weekend my loves!


Mrs. Mama said...

enyes yes yes. agree with everything. ESPECIALLY emily's date!

love them together!

Ashley said...

LMAO - love this random post! You are a nut, Ash! Yay for the 1/2 marathon coming up! Awesome :)

Virginia Belle said...

I love this post! I loved Emily's date and the outfit she wore. Good luck with your training these last few weeks! My 1/2 is 23 days away, yikes!

Beth said...

you crack me up!

i think we were seperated at birth b/c this is something i would say...
"Play on playa."

Sam {} said...

love it!! you are totally going to rock that half. go girl :)

The Southland Life said...

Hysterical!!! I've definitely said goodbye and then the person and I start walking the same direction - it makes me cringe. Yay for those shoes and your half maration - I wish I could run farther than a mile - YOu rock!

Young and Fabulous said...

hahah I love everything about this post but I cant stop thinking about the fact that you RAN 12 miles. like RAN!?! I run and get winded so easily..props to you girl for running 12 miles..thats intense! Well I guess since you are training for a marathon which is what, 26 miles? crazyness!

I hate that akwardness of saying bye to someone and then going the same way!


jayme said...

what an awesomely awkward post! i couldn't agree more with the walking in the same direction one, so awkward and perfect!

that's awesome your half marathon is so close but you're totally going to kick its ass, kinda like your apartment is kicking yours!! see, total karma.

ohhh happy thursday lady!

Megan said...

Hahaha...this post just cracked me up!! You and moving are definitely not bff! I loved Emily's date! She deserves it...she's adorable!

Jennifer said...

elephant date! awesome! mall proximity? SUPER awesome!

Happy Thursday doll!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Chelsea said...

Haha, this post is AWESOMELY random :)
i love the story about the lady and the gas station.